HEALTH - Tabloid Sores Lyrics

Clear light pure perfect
Clear white source problems

Clear light pure process
Clear white source problems

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HEALTH Tabloid Sores Comments
  1. HUNKS Sketch Comedy

    This live version is everything.

  2. Cameron Richter


  3. xec tilus

    John standing there just making that sound at the end kills me

  4. ReanimatorHW

    thanks odd dicks

  5. Skorrow

    That very first chord... damn...

  6. Ryan Wichlin

    I wonder what pedals he used to get that sound. Sounds like a power surge

    Gh Ik

    Boss Ps-5, 2 octaves up

  7. Noah King

    Is Keanu Reeves playing the bass?

  8. Genevieve Kuzak

    lol I love the asian guy, he gets so into it and always talks the most in interviews, hes probably always like "HELL YEAH IM IN A BAND"

  9. OlderWaiter

    this is the music of the apocalypse.

  10. zolenors

    so spirituals.....i'm enlightened

  11. Jeff Sutherland

    @lavinus why? you get that sound out of anything using the right effects.

  12. James Lavin

    That is an insane sound to get out of a rickenbacker,

  13. 6Balf9

    @JollyJunkie rickenbacker isnt it?

  14. Chris St.Hilaire

    their on drugs O_O

  15. AntonOortmann

    @JollyJunkie It's a rickenbacker..

  16. StickManga

    @elanmak thank you

  17. StickManga

    how does he get that sound out of his bass?


    i assume alot of pedals

  18. wahwalrus

    im loving that rickenbacker bass!!!

  19. Teuwo

    great great great

  20. Blake Andrews

    Wow, I have to see these guys live.