HEALTH - Perfect Skin Lyrics

Will there be machines
Keep our insides moving
Will there be buttons to press
Wires to twist
Keep our lips wet
Keep us talking
Keep our eyes lit
Will we draw
Cheated breaths
Soothe our skin
Make us perfect
One thing moves
One stands still

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HEALTH Perfect Skin Comments
  1. Alexander Yubari

    One of the greatest songs of all time.

  2. 名取耕一

    GODFLESH cover?

  3. Incurablederp


    Read Marx

    Incurablederp focus on spiritual matters, your overattention to material has deterred your spiritual ones


    _ _ I am an atheist

  4. _ _iconoclast

    among one of the best performances I've seen live

  5. Abraham Wright

    ugh this song is perfection

  6. AbsyntheGurl


  7. Adhesive Boi

    These guys knew exactly what they were doing.

  8. Andriy Nesterenko

    sounds quite similar to Jesu

    Francis Maria Regalado

    I was thinking just that

  9. MrAnalogCone

    This song does it for me

  10. gnorts

    just saw them live a couple days ago and i fell in love with them the second the began to play. the feelings i've got. man...


    which one?? :D


    @Alexandra Doe Goth Star . i think its a cover. i literally saw them live lastnight 


    Oh my god. There is it. I was searching for it too but i didnt know which cover it was. Of course its Fleetwood mac omg. Thank you so much, i loved this one live


    +Alexandra Doe (J4bles) Actually, Goth Star is a cover of the same track by Pictureplane. But yeah, it heavily samples Fleetwood Mac. :)


    @DiFFtY76 it's more like a. cover from Fleetwood Mac to me, I don't like the Pictureplane version

  11. Some Guy

    I love this shit. Thank you, Eric Wareheim. 

    Read Marx

    Dip Shit somehow it just makes sense he likes this band

  12. lllllllHELLlllllll

    Man, some people can't understand the creative genius of this band. But I'm not ganna bust anyone's balls, you like what you like.

  13. Tank Engine

    This isn't the same health that made the OST for Max Payne 3, is it?

    Harrison Greer

    yes it is. they were incredibly brutal when they started, a totally original kind of fucked up, but they've changed a lot since their noise days. if you're looking for more, try the songs tabloid sores, crimewave, die slow, and we are water.

  14. Just Dale

    They are incredibly diverse. I'd recommend seeing them live, it really helps you "get" it. Check out 'Tears' and their cover 'High Pressure Dave' of you like USA Boys.

  15. Mole Songs

    the only song i like by these guys is USA boys, all the other ones sound like shit. are there any good songs by these guys? usa boys is sick, but idk what else kindadisappointed

  16. Michael Payne

    Alice Glass is dating the lead singer


    no, she isnt

  17. pumpkinsmasher1945

    thanks, that was a good laugh

  18. Hema Cann


  19. Cameron Rousseau


  20. Denny

    valentine 83' sonic youth 81'

  21. Hawdkoah

    Is it just me or am is there a bit of a Swans vibe going on here?

  22. Brandon Smits

    Reminds me more of sonic youth

  23. mark

    they defiantly learned my bloody valentine was a great band :) love this song

  24. AfterAttackTV


  25. ThisIsAChannel

    You should like Die Slow then, but try listening to their other stuff.. It is worth a 2nd listen. (Or 8,000th)

  26. Paul Boyer

    God I love Health so fucking much.

  27. AfterAttackTV

    I agree. Most of the songs don't sound that good to me, but I really enjoy WE ARE WATER and the Max Payne Trailer Music.

  28. MrObidion

    If they only played more interestic music

  29. Vinyl Storm

    nope. pure HEALTH.

  30. J Mason

    thank you so much, that means a lot ;"T

  31. AfterAttackTV

    Well, you are forgiven :'D

  32. J Mason

    a little, i just described in greater detail. sorry

  33. AfterAttackTV

    Isnt that my point...?

  34. J Mason

    wrong, if the music on max payne were by a shit band they would not get popular but if it's by an awesome one like HEALTH then it will be popular only because of how good they are so technically they will make themselves popular by promotion :)

  35. AfterAttackTV

    Max Payne is going to get this band popular.

  36. Andy Honor

    holy fuck I love these guys omg

  37. Rosie Parkinson

    first 30 seconds sounds like throbbing gristle.

  38. D W

    they must be witchs cause im crying

  39. sbryn74

    is this a sample of anything?

  40. ashtraygirl420420

    one of their best songs, for sure!