Headie One - Introduction Lyrics

Hargo production
Hargo production
Hargo production

What can I say?
Caught him live on the mains and I couldn't let him go, so I got him down bait
Any waps on sale, man cop them, now I got options, dots or the tre
When it's beef, man grab it and fill it but I ain't chopping no steak
Bro just asked if I got it, must've been rhetorically, kiss my teeth, obviously
If you see me with the Gucci bag, that's more than a pocket rocket on me
I got bro like he got me, so a problem with him, that's a problem with me
If I get the drop then it's peak, no Pick 'n Mix like we shopping for sweets

[Headie One:]
You ain't ever took so much L's that you ain't made no profit in weeks
Still spend change, stay copping these sweets, we got more than Quality Street
Still pull up on a opp block, they don't wanna know what we got in this Jeep
Last time must've thought it was banter on me, so two got-got in a week
My bro telling me I got too much to lose, he don't want me to glide no more
All of them peddle bikes shotguns turned into auto sliding doors
Fell in love with this.44 long, that's the only time I wife these hoes
Like two and a blue in a Pyrex bowl, man whip it like Silentó

How many man been chased, caught, cheffed, shot, bloodied?
Bare Ribena on the opp block, spill mans juice then the whole place flooded
Like the bottom of my shoes are red and these ones ain't even studded
Get man down and forget about it, RV don't like to hold grudges
When shh got away I was gutted cah all he does is give verbal
Two shanks and a red bandana like Raphael in Ninja Turtles
Ching, splash, poke a man, try do that nigga like Squirtle
Govs put me on basic and took my TV, felt like my cell got burgled

[Headie One:]
They act like they don't know how black blade taste, they know
Them 9 boys love to start singing, they do it like Beyoncé sung Halo
I spent most of my life in the bando, opp block, feds came when I ain't home
Still gotta make sure there's no evidence on this phone
I don't know nuttin' 'bout weave, I'm tryna put inches in his dome
Them man don't score, they just hit the post, them man shit, they're internet trolls
Put my Rambo through grub and opps, did it on both
Got nicked for intent to supply and I still went and did it on soch'

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Headie One Introduction Comments
  1. Unknown

    Whats the Instrumental?

  2. Syrup


  3. Firell Parker

    "How many man been chased caught cheffed shot blooded loads" yes rv

  4. Taiwo Babatunde

    Still got to make sure theres no evidence on this phone.

  5. Mzino

    Original instrumental?

  6. k Kwabs

    The instrumental id for this pls

  7. max power


  8. Joshua Winslow

    Whippin like silento 🔥


    “My bro tellin me I got too much to lose he don’t want me to glide no more “🔥

  10. wayne Marsh

    Aiiiyyyyy.. been waiting a long time still. 😊🔥🌊❄🌬 elements

  11. Tobz

    One of the hardest on the EP

  12. kieran finch

    Beyoncé song halo 🤮🤮

    Firell Parker

    Cold innit

  13. Grimey

    ching, splash, poke a man, tryna do that nigga like squirtle. jheeeeeeze

  14. chaddwick25

    that moment when RV has to say "get it " so the double entendre doesn't go over peoples heads

  15. Samuari C

    Yeah yeah like if your here before 100k

  16. Prince armauni

    Here before it blow

  17. Mdo