Headie One - GMD Lyrics

I told bro I'm itchin to ride, he said "yo, just take it easy"
I'll take that risk like CB, put man all over the TV
Still anyting shh get shh, dem man don't wanna see me
Make food disappear Houdini, now I got keys to the beamer like Beenie
Jeepers Creepers, Freddie and Jason through your speakers
Get round there in tracky and slides then run man down in their sneakers
Grim reapers, bet you don't resurrect like Jesus
Jeepers creepers, get rid of that yute like foetus

One for the money, two in the dots that's lost
Surprised that the gang's still free, now we still put new fours on the block
Fuck five-o, had me bang up at about six so I couldn't keep my eyes off the clock
Touch road and I took that risk, I sold seven Gs of rock
Eight times out of ten gang got it
Anyting shh get shh
Make man trip, spill, vomit
Shh got shh from the shh
[?] way lil bro, one lock it
Last night won that lat
Blood all over the bonnet
I had the whole block doin up moshpit

Guns, money and drugs
You already know, gang been doin up road
Bad Bs been throwin up Os
How can we be broke? If we rap white like K koke
Next few shows, we're gonna spend that money on smoke

Pochettino, tryna do G money like Nino
Ride man's ting, go light man's skin like he's albino
All black like emo, put 10 in the back, Coutinho
Out here getting paid in full, and I tell girls that my real name's Rico
They try mock me cos RV had a job like H boogie
Didn't come for me and play looksee
GBH showed prints from the crime scene, jury looked at me like "How could he?"
In, Fully, Big, Bully
Opps still chat on the net, I've been there day and night, Kid Cudi

Big man chatty and past the time
Palm of the skeng, when we go past the nine
Shh got chinged in the ride, he ran and couldn't make it past the line
Shh got chinged and snitched, I swear that he's still up in court and cryin
I see man doin a vid, still out tryna flex with ice
You coulda got smoked in your head, but you're like 35
When's the last time man's done a works, that's awkward
Man [?] won't free they're cautious, cus they know gang's all about scorin

Guns, money and drugs
You already know, gang been doin up road
Bad Bs been throwin up Os
How can we be broke? If we rap white like K koke
Next few shows, we're gonna spend that money on smoke

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Headie One GMD Comments
  1. GmD mary lou mgd


  2. kebin igbagiri

    so hard nohomo

  3. iAmRomes

    Any of u mans clocked that headie counted from 1-9 in his first verse🤔 then rv finish with ‘10 in his back coutinho’ 🤢🤢

    MF Kid


  4. MF Kid

    Jeepers creepers //Get rid of that yute like Foetus 🔊

  5. Shirley Winkle


  6. David Ryder

    Best duo.

  7. T L

    Oi g money sticky an the main ones are making a comeback for Woodgreen it’s gonna be a problem ♻️♻️♻️❇️❇️

  8. Arilz _trillzino

    fam this producer aint human my lifee

  9. JW JW

    The baddest in London atm

  10. SBL_JonSnow-YT

    Poshatino tryna do g money like Nino 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  11. Jay Ben

    How he shout out CB when dizz is his boy

    Hassan Khan

    Jay Ben dizz ain’t his boy they’ve just made a few songs together - it’s strictly music lol
    On his Twitter he’s always saying how much he rates CB as an artist aswell

    Jay Ben

    Fair enough, not like dizz aint do a song with A1

  12. Rich Texas

    Jury looked at me like how could he?

  13. C B

    Tryna do G money (w.green) like Nino...

  14. CartyEscada

    get rid of that yute like fetus...... brudda...

  15. Life meral

    fucking savage this is what im talking about this album every track is a Banger

  16. NW 8

    Get round der in trackie and slides and run man down is der sneakers😂

  17. NW 8

    1:11 dat part in the beat was seriouuuus

    MF Kid

    U GET ME!!

    MF Kid

    fam on god

  18. y0Ashy

    Touch Road And I Took That Risk I So Seven Gz OFF Rock!!!!

  19. Drizzle Montana

    Mad mad mad

  20. Tapped yute from Harrow

    best one in the mixtape


    PC Skeng Agree

  21. M Productions___


  22. officialjonz 1

    Headie x RV = Confirmed banger

  23. P.Fundo#YRN

    I can official call this guy rhe fuckin plug!

  24. Too Trill

    THE BEST !!!

  25. Jordan Walker

    3 RV 🔥