Haynes, Warren - The Real Thing Lyrics

He wore a song around his neck
Like some medal of honor
He carried his wisdom like a knife
An empty pocket was a temporary chain
Knowing you've got it coming
Ain't no crime

Every blue note that rolled off his tongue
You could feel his soul twisting right in two
Nobody knew where he came from
Ah but everybody knew, everybody knew

He was the real thing
No doubt about it
The kind that you remember when they're gone
The real thing
Put here for a reason
We knew someday the whole world
Was going to know his name
He was the real thing

She whispered in his ear, and he heard the thunder
Singing 'bout a world he never knew
Head spinning round, he began to wonder
Was he made to love her, or born to sing the blues

He searched inside him for an answer
But all he found was a troubled mind
He left her somewhere on the blue highway
Oh it wasn't just another love that he left behind

It was the real thing
No doubt about it
The kind that you remember when it's gone
The real thing
Not like passion's fire
But a burning, smoldering, eternal flame
It was the real thing

And sometimes at night he longs for her whisper
But he hides from the dawn, 'cause he always wakes to find her gone

In some broken down dressing room in some major city
The thunder plays an old familiar tune
He spies a face of a distant angel
Outside, beneath the halo moon

Finger on the trigger, needle in the vein
One more bullet, it might be your last ride
This is ain't no no-show, this ain't no nervous breakdown
And it sure as hell ain't the time to let the fool decide

This is the real thing
No doubt about it
Who cares if they love you and you're gone
This is the real thing
So you were put here for a reason
But what gives you the right to quit when you're tired
Anyway boy, this ain't no game
This is the real thing

He wore a song around his neck
Like some medal of honor
He carried his wisdom like a knife

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Haynes, Warren The Real Thing Comments
  1. Leonardo Mirenda

    This is crazy... he wrote such an amazing song and never released it other than putting it in a live album (live at Bonnaroo). I hope this will have the full Mule treatment someday
    edit: I found out he did a full band studio version with Phil Lesh and friends on the album "There and Back Again"... It's pretty great, check it out!!!

  2. Kenneth Cherry

    Got to see him sing this by himself acoustic in cincy. It was after a breakup with a girl. Goosebumps to say the least

  3. carl tucker jr

    still think your one best my friend

  4. Chase Carter

    Rest easy pigpen.

  5. carl tucker jr

    bet you did not see this coming my heart is behind you brother ! = MARRY CHRISTMAS !

  6. Justin Green

    In the early 2000’s this was always in his acoustic solo shows and it was fucking brilliant every time. I love Warren and always will. Have since 92.

  7. Carl tucker jr.

    i have i ever said i love too .

  8. Kenny Cherry

    I do not know of a more of a beutifully writen and sung song. I was privelaged enough to hear Warren at it by himself and the only thing I can say is goosebumbs.

  9. bill smith

    Goddamn I love this song

  10. Saul Cardoza

    Truly Grateful for Warren Haynes & his POWERFUL MUSIC... 😊🖒

  11. Mulehead

    This song was about Woody. RIP Woodman. You were definitely the real thing.

    Justin Green

    Mulehead I think it was about Woody but there are elements of someone else in there too. Always loved hearing this at WH’s early 2000’s solo acoustic show.

  12. greg chee

    I have listened to this hundreds of times. Im still amazed and astonished. Been listening to bands for 50 years. Warren Haynes, you truly are the real thing! I love ya man.

  13. Gringo Bandito

    Butch Trucks was the real thing.

    Leonardo Mirenda

    and gregg allman for that matter.. sad days man

  14. Carl tucker jr.

    u think that was nice / it is a real thing ! hugs!

  15. Carl tucker jr.


  16. Anna H

    Thank you Warren !!!

  17. Stuart Glynn

    thanks Warren

  18. Linda Ann

    thank you so much for making that song it is beautiful I could listen to it everyday the real thing thank you for the bottom of my heart

  19. JeffBlazer74

    Goes down like fine, smooth Southern whiskey.

  20. Nate Cassou

    My God...


    yo catch this..... friggin' awesome warren... get it son

  22. coolchickalive

    Thank you for posting the lyrics to this amazing song. I'm sorry, but I noticed a couple of errors you might want to correct.
    Paragraph two: 'twisting right in TWO' not into.
    Paragraph six: 'not like passion's FIRE' not fine.
    Anyway, thank you for posting. :)


    Thanks for catching that! We just corrected it.

    Crush Everything

    Amoeba - Nitpicking here, but the first verse should also say ‘like a knife”, as it does in the last. Also, perhaps “This ain’t no no-show” is more accurate. Nice post! Thank you!!.



  24. Peter Kruse

    Fantastic songwriter, performer. This song hits my soul like thunder. Only 18.971 views. Really?! Come on! Warren is the real thing!

  25. Martha Joyner

    Use that sweet smile of yours honey Brian & I love U

  26. Jo H

    Holy! WOW!

  27. Nathan Batten

    Awesome Intimate Perfomance!

  28. Jimi Bagadonuts

    This is the real thing

  29. Austin Moore


  30. Bill Szabo

    My favorite singer and one of my all time favorite guitarists.

  31. Valérie Auteure de textes pour chansons

    Cette chanson est une pure merveille !!!

  32. Ellen Chaffee

    marry me warren!!!!! <3

  33. streetknight2

    I agree completely. Warren Haynes, Myles Kennedy, and Dug Pinnick of King's X all "move" me lol

  34. MrFireboot

    I want to be Warren Haynes.

  35. Mynrkeys

    Thank you:)

  36. annanika73

    Warren takes you on a journey each and every time his music are beautiful notes of expression God I love the man!

  37. Jonathan Shaffer

    Unbelievable. I will see Warren Haynes anytime, anywhere, for any reason. Period. Simply the best.

  38. Landextrois

    Wow, a beautiful song. I feel great listening to it.

  39. Venancio Portalatin

    Warren Haynes is so freakin amazing!