Haynes, Warren - I'll Be The One Lyrics

When you're walking down the street
I'll be the one that stares like a statue
You turn the corner
I'll be the one that follows you downtown
When you finally notice me
I'll be the one fumbling with his feelings
Totally oblivious to anything and everything else around

Girl, when we met
I'll be the one that showers you with attention
To win your love
I'll fight until the very end
When you treat me like a fool
I'll be the one that doesn't need redemption
Yeah, drive me away
I'll keep coming back again and again

I'll be the rain if you want me to be
Help you to grow with no guarantee
Even be the clown sad but true
But don't use me up
Or I'll be the one that used to worship you

When silence fills your world
I'll be the one that knows what you're thinking
And when passion burns like fire
I'll be the one bathing in the light
When the curse of darkness falls
I'll be the one who offers a candle
I'll even be the cushion
For things that go crazy in the night

I'll be the rain if you want me to be
Help you to grow with no guarantee
Even be the clown sad but true
But don't use me up
Or I'll be the one that used to worship you

I'll be the rain if you want me to be
Help you to grow with no guarantee
Even be the clown sad but true
But don't use me up
Or I'll be the one that used to worship you

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Haynes, Warren I'll Be The One Comments
  1. Donna Snow


  2. james woods

    Beautiful song. WH your the man.

  3. Sunshine Daydream

    It saddens me to not see that Dead & Company choose John Meyer over Warren Haynes. I think Meyer can jam guitar great no doubt, but with the heart and soul of Warrnen, never happening sorry guys. I loved Haynes in all his works, Love all he's done to help the Allman Brothers he's just a natural fit with those guys, oh well I guess Dead & Company lost out big time.

  4. Dr R Son

    Another brilliant song by Mr Soul... Warren Haynes.... Great Work as usual!!

  5. Channy Caissie

    Luv this song

  6. Dana Ehninger

    Gorgeous song. Absolutely excruciatingly heart warmingly SO! Thank you, Mr. Warren Haynes for it, wow.

  7. carl tucker jr

    <3 that,s real thank you ~!

  8. Wes Bruner

    Great tune by the soul master

  9. Pamela Knowles

    Warren Solid Gold🎶🎤🎶🎶🎶❤❤❤

  10. johnnymusic

    There must be trolls on here.How in the world would anyone dislithis!WTF LOL

  11. Greg Williams

    He'll I remember watching warren playing with David allen Coe many moons ago...

  12. James Reece

    Love warren haynes went to the Christmas jam couple years back probably the best time my Dad and I ever had in Asheville it was the best show ever I need to go back but my dad passed last October so idk if I would up to it, but I know Dad would want me to go have a good time regardless I know he'd be at the show with me in spirit I know he's always with me. That was the first and last show we ever got the chance to see together. Thank u Gov't Mule/Warren Haynes I am thankful it was ur annual Christmas Jam, Untouchable! I miss u dearly everyday dad wish u was here I love u more than I thought u may have known, I'm sorry for that wish we had done much more together towards the end, but it usually was just me and you their for one another and barely/rarely if @ all anyone else at all. I miss u and dad I love u so so so much I hope u know this now if not when u was here. We'll go to another Christmas jam and get rowdy again soon ok. Love , & miss u dad I think of u and how good of a dad/man u are and that we lost wish u were here everyday I will see u again on the next one
    Love, ur greatful,thankful son
    James Dustin Reece!

    eileen broadwell

    Sorry for your loss.Yes he would want you to go.So in his honor get rowdy and he will be looking down on you with a big smile.

  13. yourdoc00

    was ..bear hunting..and knew a few...till a jar and a discussion

  14. yourdoc00

    rule 1..mountain ..folk..differnt

  15. yourdoc00

    ps..dude..got my ass cut..near..google

  16. T Lowe

    The very song that says what you want to say, at least for me it is.😎🤘

  17. Vince van der Perre

    Man, I've downloaded all his albums and after all the years I stilll find some new pearl of songs. first the acoustic
    , then this version. luv this guy

    Mj Pur

    Just had this song dedicated to me...what a wonderment I have💜💜💜

  18. William McCoy


  19. Jennifer Hynes

    awesome song

  20. Toymiko


  21. Carl tucker jr.


  22. Rick Anderson

    allman bros....

  23. Denise Smith

    fantastic singer

  24. Gail Westphal-Saeed

    Adnan, we will do this together................slowly, step by step.


    Bought the "Tales Of Ordinary Madness" cd at a store on the Vegas Strip and drove around the whole Vegoose 2005 weekend listening to this magnificent song!!!

  26. Carl tucker jr.


  27. Marco Mauro

    i love this song..

  28. fatback middlebrooks

    thank you mr.Warren Hayes what a great blues rock and roll keep on rockin in thank you very much music soothes my soul.ur biggest fan fatback middlebrooks

  29. Janice Cruze

    this is my song with my wonderful boyfriend. I love it! An amazing bluesman and writer!

  30. cora J. Bouzane

    Powerful voice! Great!

  31. Karen Verity

    love love love

    frederic pesenti

    salut kaven écoutes seasick steve bises

  32. Marco Mauro

    i love this..song..Warren..iS..GREAT..Guitarist.

  33. Jay

    One of my all time favorites. Love this song and LOVE his fat, tube amp sound. One of the best guitarists ever

  34. Cathy Smith

    From The Love Of My Life!!!!

  35. LanaCole

    wait for me

  36. Tony Loop

    Best band ever never got the respect the deserve


    Tony Loop not a band, solo album

  37. Gregory Bowen Brown

    great song !

  38. Cammy Weber

    I love this song....For love like that does exist cause I found it. Well, no...It found me.... For this is our first song that my husband played for me when we first started talking... He knew Warren from his younger days when he used to be a taper for him. But any ways we where only friends at the time. When my husband and I were split he was there for me to help me through all the hard times. After my divorce... My best friend and I got married and yes he is the best thing that could ever happen to me and my boys...And NO my divorce was not because of my best friend just to clear that up.
    I am happily married to my best friend and my soul mate... I thank God for him every day. So true love is out there and I did not believe people about them finding their "soul mates" until my meet and married mine..

  39. Martha Joyner

    We're so Proud of you honey

    4 Hatchet

    God bless you Martha . Peace .

  40. Jade Cibotti

    Love Warren

  41. Angie Whitehead

    Amen and amen!

  42. Lona Edgington

    Love this song. Does love like that exist?

    nancy redheffer

    I don't think so..

  43. szvs on_

    This song make me good feelin' over one month:) Perfecto!

  44. cahatridge

    Love this song. Think the live version from his Bonnaroo CD is a little better, it's just him and his acoustic on stage.

    But this ain't bad either!

  45. Ross Ritchie

    I took it the wrong way.