Hayley Westenra - Sonny Lyrics

Sonny lives on a farm, in a wide open space
Take off your shoes, stay out of the race
Lay down your head, on a soft river bed
Sonny always remembers the words Mamma says

Sonny don't go away, I'm here all alone
Your Daddy's a sailor, never comes home
Nights are so long, silence goes on
I'm feeling so tired and not all that strong

Sonny works on the land, though he's barely a man
There's not much to do but he does what he can
Sits by his window in his room by the stairs
Watching the waves drifting soft on the pier

Many years have rolled on, Sonny's old and alone
His Daddy the sailor, never came home
Sometimes he wonders what his life might have been
But from the grave Mamma still haunts his dreams


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Hayley Westenra Sonny Comments
  1. joe smith

    Haley. You are the bestest.

  2. joe smith

    Haley. Your voice was made for this song. So beautiful. Love you, Haley


    I love her Xmas carols.
    pure voice....

  4. joe smith

    Thank you, Haley. A song about me; to me. You make my day

  5. alejandro del angel perez

    hermosa interpretación, mejor no creo volverla escuchar.

  6. Lynn OBrien

    You have to have Irish heritage to sing Sonny like that . Hayley you are one of our own good on your girl!

    grumpy sod

    Yes! A real Kiwi

  7. Luis Tanimoto

    Hayley Westenra cute. Thank you for beautiful songs.💕

  8. Willow 7

    Listening to Sonny makes me so sad but i love this song a lot

  9. Kenneth Jensen

    Two thumbs down? Really

    Pat Downs

    Bieber fans

    Kenneth Jensen

    He couldn't qualify carrying her sheet music.

  10. Pancho Del Rancho

    oh what a nice voice   , what a nice  song  ,  thanks  Jesus.

    grumpy sod

    Don't youmean "Thank you, Hayley ???

    Patrick Martin

    Pancho Del Rancho thankyou to a fictional fairytale character - rather than the person singing. Great logic lol

  11. boorose666

    Not actually an Irish folk song. It was written by Newfoundlander Ron Hynes in 1976.

  12. Richard Nye

    She needs to come to the Collins Center for the Arts in Orono, ME, USA.

    Björling Singt

    I'm interested in seeing evidence supporting this claim. What could the Collins Center for the Arts in Orono, ME, USA, possibly have for Hayley Westenra that she would need?

  13. Sanae Lambert

    sooooooooooooooooooo beautiful

  14. Capt. C.Lock

    if elves would walk the earth, hailey would be a queen among them

  15. Pat Downs

    Perfect song for Hayley's voice, and she responds with a perfect performance.

  16. Bobby Macleod

    voice from heaven

  17. Daniel Walsh

    i think this may be better than mary blacks version

  18. Sonnenblume171

    Oh its so wonderful. to hear this magical voice of Hayley...
    Great emotions...thank you

  19. Ron Fisher

    beautiful singing of a beautiful song. thank you Hayley!

  20. avenuePad

    I first heard this song in my home town, Inverness, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. An asian girl was sitting waiting outside the laundrymat waiting for her clothes to dry. It was written by the well known Ron Hynes of Newfoundland. When I returned home a male friend of my niece's was sitting in the kitchen playing and singing the very same song. It was my favouite and still is. Hayley moves you to your knees. J White Inverness Cape Breton NS

  21. kinahead

    Hayley sings straight from the heart with so much depth and feeling in this song. Simply brilliant!!

  22. fancy a dream

    I think it's one of her best performances. I LOVE this song so much!
    Hayley, you're the best!

  23. Brian Corcoran

    Sung with great feeling love this song

  24. rynerich

    The blurb says it was broadcast on 1 May 2007 so she would have been 20

  25. iamafakehuman

    'Wonder how old she was during this video. She looks as young 17 or 18. She's just amazing when she sings a classic. This one's another worth listening. like drop everything you're doing and just soak it in. Thanks hwivid.

  26. Adam Newbold

    I love this song, and to hear Hayley do it live is amazing. I love it when she sings songs like this - she's great at classical, but doing other genres like this one is beautiful!

  27. Stephany Kong

    Amazing video. Thanks very much! ;-)