Hayley Westenra - Danny Boy Lyrics

Oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling
From glen to glen, and down the mountain side
The summer's gone, and all the flowers are dying
'Tis you, 'tis you must go and I must bide.
But come ye back when summer's in the meadow
Or when the valley's hushed and white with snow
And I'll be here in sunshine or in shadow
Oh Danny boy, oh Danny boy, I love you so.

And if you come, when all the flowers are dying
And I am dead, as dead I well may be
You'll come and find the place where I am lying
And kneel and say an "Ave" there for me.

But I will hear, tho' soft you tread above me
And all my dreams will warm and sweeter be
If you'll not fail to tell me that you love me
I'll simply sleep in peace until you come to me.

I'll simply sleep in peace until you come to me.

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Hayley Westenra Danny Boy Comments
  1. Elize Nel

    A song you can listen to more than once ! Hayey sings it beautiful !!

  2. Matthew Kim

    Beautiful everything

  3. steve hall

    Without a doubt the most pure voice I have ever heard !!!  Beautiful !!!

  4. john uhr-henry

    A wonderful voice,Many thanks Hayley for a wonderful performance.

  5. mark mccurry

    i love Deanna Durbin's version, but this is right up there, i'm glad that i don't have to choose

  6. baron munchausen

    The pictures and song are more beautiful than any other words.

  7. Allissa Edwards

    I'm on my older brother's laptop and I'm getting some really good sound quality on here. =)

  8. cme2bleve

    Haley Westenra is a national treasure, but I have to admit I still prefer Maev's Celtic Woman's performance.

  9. White Irish Giant

    She makes me want to go home...but I can't.

  10. Christine Smith

    I just came back from Northern Ireland and I think some of these shots are taken there. The whole Island is breathtaking and you should definitely visit. The people are lovely too!

  11. Phil Dyer

    I would assume it's Ireland.

  12. boogerwhopper

    Would someone be able to tell me what beautiful parts of the world I'm looking at? Forgive my lack of knowledge but I don't know and just fell in love with the place(s) I just saw...
    Thank you!

  13. Augusto Ramón Ruiz Díaz Rolón

    Maravillosa melodía y maravillosa interpretación de la extraordinaria Hayley !!!!

  14. Anne Mason

    Her voice is so perfect! I love her :)



  16. aces high

    so so so BEAUTIFUL.xxx.

  17. Gary Hieronymus

    I love this young ladies voice and virtually all her performances, so glad to hear her sing a great version of Danny Boy. I saw one where unbelieveable she slaughered it. This makes up for that. Thanks for putting this up, great job Haley, get them girl.

  18. Alan Pat

    Try Josef Locke.

  19. John Gr

    beautiful voice

  20. klapash

    fantastic song! dinamo zagreb fans sang it when they boycotted the matches for a year because they argued with the club staff mafia. search "zajedno za dinamo"
    croatia loves ireland <3

  21. John Sauerbrun

    Indeed, and indeed again. There are voices, and there's Hayley's voice, above the rest. You can't quantify how beautiful it is... just hear, listen, and she'll bring any song alive...

  22. Antonpreis

    Beautifully sung, without embellishments. Dreamy stuff.

  23. Honeybob1

    Durham is one of my favorite singers. Deanna Durbin's version is exquisite. But the best of all is Jackie Evancho's. IMHO.

  24. Patrick Smyth

    Everything about this is just beautiful from her voice to the Scenes in Ireland and,of course she is just beautiful and I could quite easily fall in love with her...

  25. hedwegg

    A Jamieson Smile: Hayley's "Crystal-Clear" Version of "Danny Boy."
    None clearer and endearing.

    With loving eyes & heart,

    Jamieson (Peter)
    Please refer to Judith's (Durham) "1964" Danny Boy" Version that complements Hayley's.
    Peter J. Steele
    CEO & Director of Creative Intelligence,

  26. Danielboye66

    Thank you Hayley, thank you very much.

  27. Rachel Sinclair

    as half scott this song holds a place in my heart but i cry everytime i hear this beautiful song

  28. Caileigh Loughran

    Ireland Is Such A Beautiful Place.... :)

    P.S. Im Sorta Only Sayin This Cuz I Live In Ireland!! <3

  29. 4 Eyed Animation

    @noglider she can sing can't she

  30. Maria C

    @Richpete001 Spell her name right if you love her.

  31. bekindunlimited

    i like this girl ..a quite angelic tone nice very nice indeed

  32. Len

    Sorry.........but it has to be sung by a man !! Dont attack me for the Mother and son bit.........Thats a different song.

  33. IreneLDS

    @Sqid101 but of course they are of Ireland

  34. Samuel Yap

    I have heard Sarah Brightman, Sissel and now Hayley. It is hard to say which one has a purer and more angelic voice. Sarah has more power and vibrato, but Sissel is purer, and Hayley is plainly angelic. But I enjoy these pure voices all the same. Thank God for such gifts...

  35. BigAlCavan

    Louise Florence singing O Danny Boy at a benefit concert for Cystic Fibrosis, Ballinagh, Co. Cavan on 30th March 2011


  36. Ypw Young

    Very good!

  37. MsAnimechik

    i got a sansa clip+ for christmas this year, and danny boy was pre loaded on it. It was sund by a guy, and i thought it was ok i guess. I looked up Hayley westerena- pokarekare ana on youtube and saw this on the side bar. So much better that the version i have!!!

  38. Lintu

    *sob* So beautiful..

  39. margiepeace08

    @TheMusicoftheNightxx That's a little silly, the tune is from Ireland although the lyrics aren't...

  40. Raymond LaBay

    I grew up with this song it was a family favorite.This song is like a visit from a angle whoes visits are few and far between.Take care ADonovan43

  41. WJE37FCSM

    Hayley uses her lean voice to great advantage with this song. I think it very hard to sing and she makes it sound easy. She is a very intelligent singer, possibly one of the best young singers alive today though I prefer a thicker color in the voice and less reverberation from the recording. Don't get me wrong, this is a great rendition of that song.

  42. Lizzy Greenhalgh

    did you know that if you go to ireland they will never play this song in a bar or something because it was written by an englishmen who never went to ireland.

  43. Sqid101

    @noglider If you are listening through your computer speakers, I suggest you try using a good pair of earphones or different speakers to see if you get a different effect.I have had the same sort of problem on some computers and so have other people. This problem seems to occur with certain sopranos (don't ask me why exactly). To be eligible for the British Classical charts an album must not have any "background Synthesization".

  44. sastri0918

    This is a voice to remember .

  45. Alan Beckler

    So beautifully sung, so clear and and such wonderful pictures. I have heard many renditions, yet I would say this is my favorite now.

  46. andy beks

    I have definitely fallen in love with her voice

  47. Yusoff Thaimas

    The song is an Irish lullaby that's why there are pictures of Ireland.

  48. vernon jeys

    Hayley has a voice like an angel. She has one of the most wonderful voices I have ever heard. She is also fantastically beautiful.

  49. Jayy2323

    next year, this is my solo && ensmable song, already practicing. :)

  50. E.Graham

    Her voice is stunning. It's so crystal clear. It just echos and resonates... like an angel's. :) Beautiful.

  51. aces high

    just awesome BABE.x

  52. EternalLove


  53. qetuoa13579

    breath taking cant beleive I never new of her befor! all I can say is waw Iv not heard one thing she has sung Iv not liked or not adorde!

  54. BobAcoustic

    From whence comes the lines you quote? I've never heard them in the song Danny Boy.

  55. Astavy08

    crystal clear beautiful voice....and i love this song

  56. P Au


  57. TheCashmere

    Thank you for posting this.

    Long live Ireland

  58. Cori Sam

    What a joy tolisten to her sing; what a joy to watch the video. THANK YOU!

  59. LuthienofOssiriand

    If I could have just one song played at my funeral, it will be this.

  60. bdboydean

    This is a beautiful video. What an appropriate mixture of voice and song. Thank you for the video and thank you Hayley Westenra.

  61. Anshi Jay

    Very few people in this world are blessed with a angelic voice like Hayley! She is wonderful!

  62. Stilla

    This is sooooo pretty. we're singing this in my school choir

  63. LuthienofOssiriand

    If I could play one song at my funeral, this would be it...

  64. drguffey

    Lovely voice. Try Eva Cassidy's version too.

  65. LuthienofOssiriand

    I like them both. Meav had a nicer style of emotion, and Hayley has a sweet voice. I love their version of "Last Rose of Summer" together.

  66. LuthienofOssiriand

    One day, I'll see thee again, and tell thee that I love thee, and kiss thy lips, and hold thee close to my heart.
    My Danny Boy.

  67. Jim Cross

    She looks better too!! we played this at my Fathers funeral, his name was Dan!

  68. Nick Dijkstra

    Then you have to listen to the version of Marc-Marie Huibregts. He's a dutch comedian but he can sing very high and beautiful as well. You have to listen to his version.

  69. Sqid101

    I seem to have remove a post by mistake. The pictures in the video are of Ireland, not New Zealand.

  70. Thylacina

    This song never fails to bring tears to my eyes every time I hear it, and I don't think I've ever heard a more beautiful version of it :)

  71. haleygrace1

    She has an amazing voice and this is a great song!

  72. Renee Ashworth

    This song , especially now, is healing to those who have lost love ones in this war. I love this song, and so did my cousin, God rest his soul. He was lost to us back in Afghanistan on May 1, along with 2 other US soldiers. I sang this song on his grave, like he told me to do, before he was deploid. It rained nonstop for a week, then almost instantly, the rain disappered and the sun came out. I know it was Jimmy saying thanks.

  73. Sqid101

    I suppose that is what you meant anyway.


    BTC 141, why not dedicate it to ALL men lost in Afghanistan, why the hell do we get mixed up in everybody else's mess, we do not need to kiss our loved ones goodbye and having to kiss their lifeless bodies wiating to be buried WHY?. Gordon Brown the British Prime minister said he speaks for everybody..HE DOES NOT SPEAK FOR ME. Bring the boys home and let them get on with it I Love Haley and I am in her fan club and seen her live she is a spirit among all singers. God Bless her

  75. Sqid101

    Oh Gawd. She is singing what are the usual lyrics. There are a number of versions though, none of which are more "right" or "wrong" than any other. One early version used to have a women's name rather than "Danny Boy", for example.

  76. Liam Foley

    After hearing a 1,001 renditions of this song Hayley Westenra breaths new life into this classic song. What truly beautifully haunting version of this song.

  77. Christian Metatron

    I dedicate this song to all the Canadian soldiers killed on the battle field in Afghanistan.

    May God have mercy on your soul

  78. Sqid101

    These are the standard lyrics as posted on the Internet and elsewhere... I don't know what you mean.

  79. silv3rXrav3n

    What the heck is up with the lyrics!?!?

  80. Useful Music

    The poor old arranger never gets any credit. Danny Boy is difficult to arrange: too many altered harmonies and and counter melodies and you take away from the charm of the original tune; stick to 'plain' harmony and no added melodic figuration and nothing special is added. This version is beautifully done. Congratulations anonymous arranger.

  81. Alex Hill

    com' on over, 1st pic was of Custom House Square in Belfast with other pics of City Hall ,St Annes Cathedral and Queens University - its not all slums and 'Peace Walls'

  82. katemcgizzle25

    this really makes me proud to be irish. :]]

  83. strongbadian4747

    Best version I've ever heard. Period. Brilliant arrangement.

  84. Leirix61

    think scarborough fairs (if you mean this by Rose Marie ;) ) is the same quality

    this girl knows how to sing :)

  85. Nick Darby

    Very Good - but Rose Marie is better!

  86. Emma Cullen

    Wooooo Ireland :D

  87. sover86

    my mother was born in belfast and has been back on holiday its a beautiful place i cant wait to go myself one day...

  88. Sqid101

    From Ireland.

  89. Leirix61

    i read it in the text comments to Eva Cassidys version

  90. Sqid101

    Is that for sure? That could have helped her put some feeling into it.

  91. Leirix61

    she can't sing like Eva Cassidy. Eva Cassidy knew, that she would die, when she recorded her version

  92. annie h

    so beautiful!

  93. KTCutUp

    Pretty voice... but she's no Eva Cassidy

  94. cjgardnerhomes

    I though only Americans could go on that?! She never had to go on one of those shows, because she made her own way to the world stage. She is beautiful at singing. Go kiwi!

  95. Kestaa

    This makes me want to go back home to Ireland so bad...

  96. Sqid101

    That is a popular theory, but it is also thought that the author deliberately left it general so as to not limit the songs market. In its early history "Eli Dear" was sometimes substituted for "Danny Boy" when the song was sung by men. So we can all make what we like of it.

  97. Sqid101

    It is a beautiful haunting melody, but the lyrics sung here were written by an English lawyer, who had set them to a different tune. But his song was a flop and he put his lyrics to this melody known as the Londonderry Air when sent a copy by his sister-in-law. The origin of the Londonderry Air is a mystery. It may have even come from Scotland or Australian composer Percy Grainger, according to some theories. Do a Google and you'll find he many theories.

  98. alanhatch

    The best, most pure voice since Karen Carpenter