Hayley Westenra - Abide With Me Lyrics

Abide with me; fast falls the eventide;
The darkness deepens; Lord with me abide.
When other helpers fail and comforts flee,
Help of the helpless, O abide with me.

Swift to its close ebbs out life's little day;
Earth's joys grow dim; its glories pass away;
Change and decay in all around I see;
O Thou who changest not, abide with me.

Hold Thou Thy cross before my closing eyes;
Shine through the gloom and point me to the skies.
Heaven's morning breaks, and earth's vain shadows flee;
In life, in death, O Lord, abide with me.

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Hayley Westenra Abide With Me Comments
  1. SuperJacobe

    Love this

  2. SuperJacobe

    Why are we Patriotic,to a government that is not patriotic to its people.?

  3. Starlit Sky

    I love that hymn, and I think that girl sang it well.

  4. Johnny Mauchline

    Don't ever sing for these English bastards

  5. Johnny Mauchline


  6. Paula Hassi-Puttock

    I stand in silence listening to this

  7. Prasanna Panditharatne

    GREAT & LOVELY !!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Francis Ralte

    Her smile at the end..

  9. Nancy Davis

    Thanks for sharing; very beautiful-both the music and Hayley Westernra! Talented singer.

  10. Robert Gabuna

    My younger brother, Daniel, passed away so sudden. To compose myself, Abide With Me, is the first Hymn that I listened to.
    The Lord abides...

    Martin Putt

    Really sorry for your loss. It is especially hard when it's sudden like that

  11. James J

    What a beautiful Angels singing. God bless and keep you in good health.

  12. 주상희

    Abide With Me.

  13. Elgiva Suna

    Wonderful and really touching

  14. Michael Hoover

    How wonderful that people can sing this beautiful hymn at a sporting event and see so many folks joining along.

  15. Robert Gabuna

    Thank you, O, LORD, for this annointed voice.
    O, Holy Spirit, may there will be more hymn singing of this kind.
    O, Christ Jesus, let me abide with You.

  16. Gregg Hall

    Best version of this hymn I have heard.

  17. corinthian

    The best rendition of this great hymn , at a cup final , that I've ever heard , and I've heard quite a few !

  18. Heimz Heims

    I think the hymne itself is great and that she has a nice voice, but the vibrato kind of destroys the beauty of that masterpiece

  19. John Sanders

    Great Britains own Lovely Kiwi! (OK NZ, only borrowed!)

  20. Hugh Lee

    This is my favourite hymn and I love Hayley a lot! However, it sounds fit in a funeral or in a time of sadness, and what’s it to do with a match?

  21. Eduardo Macedo

    It's such a great hymn, and a very pleasent performance. I just feel a little bit sad that people just sang along at the 'abide with me' line. Maybe only elder peolple should know the whole lyricis. I feel sad becouse if we were back in time a hundred years ago, maybe all the stadium would sing altogether in one voice! England was once a world-providing country of servants of Christ, I feel sad that today we cannot say the same. But may God bless that we will see new believers in our Lord and God Jesus Christ. May the gospel be preached again in all England

  22. James James

    Excellent singing.

  23. Tom Ryan

    A fabulous talent , long may it continue.

  24. floydglenn

    Yes - agreed with most others here - and there is really nothing like this hymn. It has, at a more mature level, a beckoning quality - a healing type of posture to it.

  25. Волчонок Озлобленный


  26. Christian Orr

    Such a beautiful singer, Hayley Westenra is, in terms of both physical appearance and singing voice. Damn near impossible to not tear up when listening to her sing.

  27. Frank earnest

    she gives me a hard on every time.. brings tears to my balls!

  28. Gerry Hagen

    May Trump allow this is the USA

  29. joe smith

    I love the class way she ends her songs. Usually a little smile and thank you

  30. DieFlabbergast

    If you thought THAT was a fine rendition, listen to THIS! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5VahCOHEEyY

  31. aidan walsh

    A truly superb rendition of a beautiful song.  An outstanding and very emotional performance by Hayley. Well done!!

  32. Šta reći? Koju posluku porat?


  33. Warren Knight

    Still a truly stunning singer, possibly be the best singer in time in history, all natural and no bullshit required.

  34. Tarzee Says:

    Hello, I am a refugee from Somalia and I would like to come to the Tedford, UK, to live off your benefits. I hear that the Nordic Lands give good money to those who are unemployed. I have a big family of 11(with my 2 wives) & I would like to bring with me my cousin Ibrahim and my Uncle Omar (and their families). In honor of the UK, (my future homeland) I am going to name my next son Mustafa. One thing thou, make your females wear a hijab and a niqab to respect ALLAH.

  35. joe smith

    I can only imagine what it would be like to live with Haley and listen to her singing around the house. I love this young woman

  36. gary cheyne

    Scottish minister wrote that bravo

  37. Race Bannon

    Such a beautiful voice and such a beautiful young woman.

  38. Shona Le Roux

    A very emotional song.💚💚💚💚💚

  39. Shona Le Roux

    I used to sing this song in the Catholic Chuch they used to call me out of class when I was in Santa Maria Convent to sing in the church when someone passed away. I remember it like yesterday.💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  40. Scott Martindale

    Hayley -

  41. Mario Brizuela

    I love so much Hakey Wentenra shi brougth my life again

  42. Johannes Cremer

    Schitterend mooi gezongen

  43. Maverick Samson

    Her voice is incredible ❤️

  44. TRUSTin WWJD

    Praise the almighty LORD GOD CHRIST JESUS for HIS will be done, , , ,Wonderful & awesome singing to praise the LORD GOD CHRIST JESUS !

  45. Steve DL

    We grew up listening to music. It was Ace, Fantastic, Fab, and Top of the Pops...
    None of us described it as beautiful.But here it is. `Remember Him that will abide with you.

  46. andrew k

    Who Is she?so gorgeous

  47. Naman Kumar

    She got both beautiful voice and face.

  48. JiminyPopapill

    ....oh that voice...

  49. Scottish&British


  50. Roseleen Masih

    hymns and sports.

  51. Roseleen Masih


  52. Ken Booker

    A good song at my funeral .

  53. Calvary Crusader

    Our Lord Jesus Christ is a wonder!!!

  54. tacfoley

    I've been very scathing in the past, likening Miss Westernra to a 'bathroom soprano', however my mind is now changed somewhat.

  55. Zelba Zee

    Wish the hooligans in the background would just LISTEN!

  56. joe smith

    Haley always has a smile at the end and usually says thank you to the audience. What a class act!

  57. Noah Einstein

    what's so great about this old hymn at the Rugby playoff is that the Brits are one of the least religious country's on the planet. They love old drinking songs, patriotic hymns -- and even old church hymns -- because it's all good fun and crowd roar. Americans haven't evolved enough to pull this off.

  58. Latchford Giants Amateur Rugby League Club

    Having been to the challenge cup final on many occasions and there that day as my home town of warrington being there it was a beautyful a moment as it sounds on here. Though I do miss the whole community singing before hand. Having played as a schoolboy in 87, it is a day you must experience and with Abide with me sang so beautyful that great roar at its end that could wake the dead and the teams entering the field, then of course there is 80 mins of rugby to come :)

  59. Robert Gabuna

    annointed voice...

  60. indigo marshmallow

    this always gets me in tears. i love this. I'd love this song to be played at my funeral. this makes me go 'I LOVE YOU GOD' In life, in death, O Lord, abide with me❤ peace ❤

  61. godwin jacob

    What function is this

  62. Ken Booker

    She's a lovely singer I would like her to sing this at my funeral .i have been following her for many years

  63. dave gregory

    Lovely song, lovely Girl.

  64. John Sauerbrun

    They need to bring Hayley to sing Abide With Me, as well as the national anthem, prior to the Super Bowl. As it stands, we have pathetic singers who louse up the latter every year. As for the former, this godless country needs a re-intro to Christ in the worst way, and what better way to do so than have Hayley sing this fine hymn...

  65. Jordan__ Roadhouse

    I was at this game supporting the Giants :)

    Priam Zhunepluas


  66. yabastardya

    She is gorgeous and has the voice of an angel,beautiful anthem...respect from New Zealand

  67. John Sauerbrun

    If you want the best, you get the best, and the Cup did. So why do they not invite Hayley back every year? For that matter, someone ring the FA and have them ask her to sing their final as well. Let her have it. Nobody can touch her. She's Manchester United to Yeovil Town...

  68. Edward Smith

    Her smile at the conclusion of the song is just great!

  69. Miguel MIguel

    It´s amazing. This is a traditional religious hymn, wich is often sung at burials, as the lyrics deal with the proximity of death.  However, it is sung here before a sporting event, and is sung with full  respect by all attendees. Moving, really. Greetings from Buenos Aires.

  70. rebecca Ryan

    why on earth do they play such a beautiful Hymn for a rugby match this is not what the Hymn is for,,,such a beautiful voice

  71. Jerry Aschermann

    Great singer....not sure if she has come to the US..... Been following her since she was little girl......we do not get good music like Hayley in the US

  72. CosmicVantage

    Beautiful, emotion-stirring rendition.

  73. kts68

    That, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, is how you do it!

  74. Julian A

    This beautiful Hymn, like most hymns have all but been done away with in church services. Sad.

  75. Corey Hostetler

    I'm simply amazed they're actually singing a gospel song at a event like this in Europe. I guess there's still some hope. Being from the USA it just always seemed much Europe is so anti Christian.

    Máire Daly

    I gotta say, I find it depressing the way many American Christians write Europe off. Our church may be small, but it's by no means dead, or dying. Because of our history it now has less 'social adherents' and thus, genuine authentic and discerning spirituality. We could argue about the different denominations etc, and I don't want to go down that rabbit hole, but less say 'born again' from Anglican, mainline protestant, to emerging church etc.


    British and Christian

  76. Andy Horlock


  77. Ed King

    A favorite hymn by my favorite songstress. What could be better?

  78. homerunhitters


    Caroline Andrews



    @Šta reći? Koju posluku porat? Aw baby. You ok hun?


    @Greg Brunnhuber Only in the US mate.


    You can sing it in sports stadiums in America as well, people just don't. Unless, of course, sporting events became state sponsored events without me knowing.

  79. Genie Meadows

    Sadly singing to a bunch of braindead bozos. Lovely singing though Hayley.

  80. Heinz Wyss

    wow, diese unglaublich schöne stimme, wir hören sie täglich

  81. Emmanuel Omuederiaye


  82. joe smith

    Haley. You are amazing!

    Such beauty and natural talent.

    An Angel amongst us.

    Alexander Reid


    Come thou fount of every blessing

  83. Bayo AO

    Beautiful hymn rendered by someone who did it justice. This is one of the songs that I will have sung Ashton I pass on.

  84. Brian Morris

    beautiful enough said


    es un angel, señal de que Dios nos ama y nos envia este, en un rostro bellisimo, una voz celestial y un hermoso cuerpo, gracias Hayley, eres un poema de amor, es imposible no amarte

  86. 陳昇照

    超級好好聽 ^_^

  87. lebroy

    One day, Hayley will actually annunciate a consonant

  88. Chris Winter

    Gorgeous voice.

  89. Edd25164605

    chills !

  90. Mark Jones

    sung well by Hayley Westenra, I believe she is a Christian(?). As usual, most in the crowd not interested tho :-(


    Because most of the crowd are uncultured notherners.

    Butterflyfly away emoji

    Mark Jones This is a Mormon song

    Michael M

    a Christian Hymm written in 1847 by Anglican Henry Francis Lyle. You can't imply that it's a "mormon" song.

    Mark Jones

    yes that could be it

    Mark Jones

    @Michael M
    yes agreed

  91. Gavin Ford

    What a gem. She truly is superb!

  92. madhouse5213

    luv u hayley NZ represent !

  93. John Terrell

    Haunting and beautiful. So sad.

  94. Peter Black

    My grandmothers funeral - my first and I still get tears

    Bacon Axolotl

    you poor thing

  95. Jack Avery

    Hayley's Voice is precious.

  96. lmh92

    The incredible power of religion !

    Biblical Theology

    @louismarie92 Correction, the power of God!


    excuse me


    Joshi you are excused


    Hah! When was the last time 85% of that crowd were in a church? It is a beautiful tune, but the words do not resonate anymore with the vast majority of British people - in particular the English.

    Frogler King

    @DieFlabbergast You are wrongfully assuming Christianity has something to do with going to a church...

  97. Andy Adams

    Oh, this is just so lovely to hear in this, the dark night of secularism! And yes, as owwald wellman also posted about this song, I too want to burst in tears at the sound.