Hayes, Darren - The Siren's Call Lyrics

Tie me up against the mast and shield the sunlight from my eyes
I no longer can resist the haunting of her cries
They call me from the jagged rock
It was the sweetest melody
Like gold and honey dripping from the fingertips of God
I feel the wind against my face from the flapping of her wings
I feel the black and silky tenderness all choking me

But I can almost taste happiness
It's such a long way off
But I can almost feel your embrace
Above the siren's call

Now it's not beautiful or pure
But it exists beyond the shore
It struggles to be heard above the screeching of her call
Beneath my feet a rumbling
A hundred demons clambering
They chase away my harmony and make love afraid to call
They grow forever restless and as our ship sets out to sea
No they will not be silenced
Never for you or me

But I can almost taste happiness
It's such a long way off
But I can almost feel your embrace
Above the siren's call

And I've seen a hint of it
This happiness
This bliss
Just knowing it exists I know that I must try
And I've caught a glimpse of it
One moment just one kiss
From the corner of my eye
Of better days gone by

But I can almost taste happiness
But I can almost feel your embrace

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Hayes, Darren The Siren's Call Comments
  1. Jason Todd

    Oooof, I got CHILLS. So beautiful...

  2. Laura B

    Came here to be sung to sleep!

  3. Rhonda Johnson

    I love this song. Again, he sounds
    Great and Sexy. "Voice of Gold"
    Best Singer in the World, to me and all of Darren's fans

  4. Rhonda Johnson

    Beautiful Song! Darren, I love you
    singing it

  5. Rhonda Johnson

    I'm in love with him
    I don't want him to know

  6. Di Bn

    Love is but a dream...

  7. Rhonda Johnson

    Darren Hayes absolutely Awesome! 100%

  8. User User


  9. Zeledo Music

    very nice

  10. Robbie Louis

    This song is so moving and incredible!

  11. Margot Schmidt


  12. Patrick Neaverth

    Darren.. How can u Not be vegan after this? You're the best singer on earth....but I'm not ok with you Eating animals!!!0

  13. Miss You

    Monsieur Daren, vous nous faites un extase des oreilles 🤔😋❤

  14. Margot Schmidt


  15. Margot Schmidt

    Wunderschöner Song,wie alle Songs von Darren,seine Stimme ist grandios und ihn entdecke ich erst 2018 bei YouTube und ich habe seine Songs gespeichert und höre sie hoch und runter,ich bin längst keine zwanzig mehr,egal Darren ist super!!!🤗

  16. C G

    Those are not sirens!!!SIRENS ARE Mer maid shaped creatures!!!

  17. C G

    2:14 those are naiads 😑

  18. Yvonne Turner


    Lori Sener

    Yvonne Turner wish I could find the kind love he has found!

    Yvonne Turner


  19. Jackie Manning

    An amazing song, sung by a beautiful man, with an amazing voice

  20. Iris Edmondson

    wow this song is so beautiful you can just see yourself on a boat in the middle of the sea playing this song .well done Darren Hayes.

  21. Yvonne Turner


  22. Lori Sener

    Great lyrics! Published on my birthday!

  23. Eva Volpones

    traduzione in italiano

    Legami contro l'albero e proteggimi la luce dai miei occhi
    Perché non posso più resistere al tormento delle sue grida
    Mi chiamano dalla roccia frastagliata
    Era la melodia più dolce
    Come l'oro e il miele che gocciolano dalla punta delle dita di Dio
    Sento il vento contro il mio viso dallo sbattere delle ali
    Sento la tenerezza nera e setosa che mi soffoca

    Ma posso quasi assaporare la felicità
    È molto lontano
    Ma posso quasi sentire il tuo abbraccio
    Sopra la chiamata della sirena

    Ora non è bello o puro
    Ma esiste oltre la riva
    Fa fatica ad essere ascoltato al di sopra dello stridore della sua chiamata
    Sotto i miei piedi un brontolio
    Cento demoni che si arrampicano
    Scacciano la mia armonia e fanno impaurire l'amore per chiamare
    Crescono per sempre irrequieti e mentre la nostra nave parte per il mare no
    Non saranno messi a tacere
    Mai per te o per me

    Ma posso quasi assaporare la felicità
    È molto lontano
    Ma posso quasi sentire il tuo abbraccio
    Sopra la chiamata della sirena

    E ho visto un suggerimento
    Questa felicità
    Questa beatitudine
    Solo sapendo che esiste, so che devo provare
    E l'ho intravisto
    Un momento solo un bacio
    Con la coda dell'occhio
    Di giorni migliori passati

    Ma posso quasi assaporare la felicità
    Ma posso quasi sentirti abbracciare

  24. p s

    Χαίρομαι που το ανέβασε Ελληνίδα.Ένας καλλιτέχνης που αδικήθηκε από τα ελληνικά ραδιόφωνα.Έχουν μείνει στο insatiable κ στο to the moon and back..


    Να είσαι καλά.

  25. Domy Virgilio

    A Gold voice on earth

  26. Domy Virgilio

    Una voz de oro en la tierra

  27. Maria Andersena

    I can almost feel happiness. 😊

  28. Dinozinho Ph

    amor da minha vida, darren hayes...

  29. Marco G.

    Darren Hayes, + + + + + + + + + + + + + . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  30. Dana Foisor Letea

    <3 <3 <3

  31. hartrose33

    This song brings tears to my eyes each time I hear it. This reminds me of infertility /motherhood. after 6 years of trying and 2 losses we were blessed with our daughter. 18 years later we are still trying to give her a sibling. After 4 more losses and 2 failed adoptions with the mothers both changing their minds after giving birth I still have the calling to have another child. I am 46 in Sept and I can't give up. It is a long heartbreaking journey but I also know the joy and bliss of being a mother and that is what still drives me.

  32. Raven3485

    absolutely in love with this song

  33. 黎恩慈


  34. Jon Bromfield

    I just love this album. I live by the coast and the songs just embrace Everything that's good about the sea

    Roxanne Hernandez

    Jon Bromfield yup me to so much I hear it all the time 😚😚 I hope he make a new album this year😔❤ I miss his singing 😢😭😔❤❤❤❤

  35. None noone

    is it just me or does his voice just calm my most stressful days into such a beautiful bliss?

    Simi Cccc

    Andy, I'm sure it's not only you who feels like this... his angelic voice made this world better and the days happier for thousands of fans worldwide !

    Rhonda Johnson

    It also calms me. I love his music.

  36. Marie Sloan

    One word amazing seen him in concert for the 4 th time I love hin to bits true artist x

  37. Christi Foster

    Love this song, darren has the voice of an angel. Never get sick of listening to his music. It seems like yesterday when i went to see him concert

    Ash F

    +Christi Foster I've seen him five times with my mum. All except the last time were amazing!

  38. kimi pcueva

    Este hombre es el mejor!

  39. Andrea Bernal Peña

    Arte hecha música, Amo este hombre....... 

  40. alan muir

    Mind blowing track!

  41. peanutbutterjelle

    What a nice song.

  42. stillyoung

    Breathtaking & amazing..., thank you!!!


    your´re welcome

  43. ashley marian

    Thank you for posting this. Darren Hayes is my favorite. Ever. And this song is so gorgeous.

  44. Lady Moriarty

    Perfection. Art in words.

  45. Isabella Favilli

    From the lyrics to the music, this is truly one mesmerizing piece of art.

  46. NikiLaokratia

    Lucky you!

  47. Myriam Brown

    Will never forget the time I seen Darren Hayes live in 2011, the joy, love and memories, He will always remain in my heart forever!