Hayes, Darren - So Bad Lyrics

When you move electricity pulses
And the crowd clears out of your way
When you dance it gets a little explosive
So look out i think i'm headed your way

I'm movin' in fast
Comin' on strong
Baby, youre becoming mt number one

You're so bad (so bad)
Ooh the best I had
Dancin' like you wanna make your daddy mad
You're so bad (so bad)
Ooh the best I had
I'm comin' in fast
comin' on strong
You're dancin' like you wanna prove your mamma wrong

When you talk to me I'm not even listening
its your lips not in the things that you say
When you walk its not about your direction
its a chance to see the way your hips sway

You know, I'm comin'in fast
Comin' on strong
Baby, youre becoming my number one

Youre so bad (so bad)
Ooh, the best i had
Dancin' like you wanna make youre daddy mad
Youre sobad (so bad)
Ooh the best i had
I'm comin in fast
Comin' on strong
Youre dancin like you wanna prove your mamma wrong

I bet you never here no
Bet you get what you want
There's no one who'd dare deny you
And if you feel insecure
If in doubt, if unsure
A mirror will surely remind you
Youre so bad (so bad)

So Bad

You know, your comin in fast
Comim on strong Baby, Youre becoming my number one

Because youre so bad (so bad)
Ooh, the best i had
Dancin' like you wanna make your daddy mad
Youre so bad (so bad)
Ooh, thebest i had
You're comin in fast
Comin' on strong

Youre so bad (so bad)
Ooh, the best i had
Dancin like you wanna makeyour daddy mad
So Bad (so bad)
Ooh, I bet youre glad
Youre comin' in fast
Comin on strong
Youre dancin' like you wanna prove your mamma wrong

So bad
So bad
Youre so bad
Youre so Bad
So bad
So bad so
Youre so bad
So Bad
Youre So bad
So bad
So bad

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Hayes, Darren So Bad Comments
  1. Yulia Shegay

    Darren Hayes is my number One 💜🎵📣

  2. Teflon Wolf

    This is a brilliant song from Darren, like all of them are.

  3. Heather Itfitzyou

    I love this!

  4. Aimee Rutherford

    Your so bad the best I've had coming in fast coming strong... .

  5. Yulia Shegay

    Darren is forever beautiful, heavenly talented and respectful Man. So wonderful song, perfect as solo artist as well x Admire this human since 1998 year.

  6. Heather Itfitzyou

    I can't decide who is more evil, you for making this eyegasm of a video or the eternally sexy sex god in the pictures. He doesn't look at these comments, right? I hope not! I need those pics for my collection! Pweeease share?

  7. Yulia Shegay

    Another Awesome song with so deep lyric. So good song x

    Jamwed Usarov

    hello babe

  8. Yulia Shegay

    Strongest MAN, thank you for your songs xxx

    Jamwed Usarov

    aha babe

  9. Rhonda Johnson

    This song is so erotic and Darren Hayes makes it even more so!!
    Great tune! Great Lyrics!

  10. Robin S.

    2:42-2:47. I just came. Hes so hot 😋

  11. Eva Volpones

    The sound is very good!!

  12. Andrea Patricia Crowley

    Great video has this pop aussie rhytms i love and maaan he's so bad looking so terribly good,honest always,we fans love this guy soooo badly!

  13. MoahGentle

    Where was this song released? Never heard it before.

  14. Lynn Marie Anderson

    You know why I'm back on here being oh so annoying???? This song is one of only a handful out there, that really puts me in a good mood every time I hear it!!!!! Why can't I hear this on the radio instead of the latest sad thing from Adele?????

  15. Lynn Marie Anderson

    Yes, I'm on here again, I keep coming back for more. This is much more preferable than Eminem's So Bad, by the way!

  16. Lynn Marie Anderson

    Still listening to this one. I'm buying it. Darren, you still rock my world:)

  17. Dinozinho Ph

    meu amor, anjo lindo...#2016

  18. Suzanne Dawkins

    first time i heard this song

    Raisa Cherry

    Me too :)

  19. Lynn Marie Anderson

    Darren, your SO good!!! WILL SOME ONE give this guy another hit song???? I don't care if he's gay, I'm addicted!!!

    Raisa Cherry

    I m soo glued to him these days xD his songs are like drug to me now than it was b4 lol.

  20. Lynn Marie Anderson

    Darren, your SO good!!! WILL SOME ONE give this guy another hit song???? I don't care if he's gay, I'm addicted!!!

  21. Mike P

    This song is so BADly annoying my neighbours :D

    Adam.J. Raja

    Mike Hamilton This is Pure SG-POP-SOLO era. It Fits well btwn 'Affirmation & Spin' 2001

  22. Chrys.K.M Warriors of Piathos

    This song is actually so catchy :)

  23. Chrys.K.M Warriors of Piathos

    This is actually so catchy Hahaha

  24. Cindy Muller

    Great song! Thank you Cassey1228!

  25. Wendy S

    This song is on the Beautiful single. Check Ebay.

  26. Camelia Marcu

    i want so bad this song but i cannot get it anywhere. Any idea, please !!!


    +Camelia Marcu if you have an android, you can download the free music app called 'Simple MP3 Pro' from the Play Store. It's there.

  27. Mr. Cairo

    Cant buy it on itunes! Somebody help me out.

    Wendy S

    This song is on the Beautiful single. Check Ebay.

    Mr. Cairo

    Wendy S no luck :(

  28. Wendy S

    This is a great Upload!

  29. FDK974

    It's my own opininon but I think aussie guys are extremely beautiful: TV shows, movies, musics and sports. They are so delicious!
    C'est mon opinion personnelle mais je trouve les "aussies"(termes pour désigner les australiens) extrêmement beaux: séries télé, films, musiques et sports. Ils sont si délicieux!

  30. Maria Ljungström


    lisardo weisert

    I know, he's such a hottie! But that's not the reason I love him; it's his music and poetry I really LOVE!

  31. Jolan Smith

    This song is so good! :)

    Jolan Smith

    Hallgasd meg! Nagyon jó!

    Oscar Andersson

    No it's so bad ;) ...in a good way!

  32. Barbara Hopkins

    love his voice can never get tired of it and love the song.

  33. Ashlee Veneman

    My biggest dream too! It's on my bucket list.

  34. Ashlee Veneman

    Thank you so much! :)

  35. Angel Phillips


  36. Angie K

    Me too I've been a fan since savage garden, he's amazing.

  37. louise lawrence

    i am a fan of darren hayes and i wish he would come to the US to tour i know many people that like him and his music he has an awsome voice my biggest wish is to see him in concert and to meet him i love him so much

  38. evilevie526

    don't think that . i do think darren should have come out with spin, not insaitiable. i remember him saying because of 911 he wanted something more tender. spin was/is the best song off that album.

    saara pesonen

    If I remember right, he was gonna come out with Dirty on that album but 911 changed that.

  39. evilevie526

    oooooooo! love that song! thanks for this.

  40. alonso.va

    I can't find this song ;( .. can you please send the mp3 to me?
    amazing video and pics btw :-)) !

  41. Vedma

    @butterfly153239 Yeah, I agree! I rarely hear his songs here in NYC on the radio, only stuff like "last Christmas" and his Savage Garden days.. but nothing from his solo career. I would also love it...All we can do is spread the word. He deserves more credit than he gets.

  42. Max Myers

    What album is this on ??

  43. Chris Berriman

    What year is this? It's early...

  44. Maggie Graziani

    He's wonderful! Sexi, handsome, great singer! And make me remeber Michael jackson a lot in his voice!!

  45. studiostarlight

    @DarkieDarkside It would be cool if he did like one or two major places in the country here. I mean, it wouldn't really benefit him much to put on these big shows in many venues here just because of the smaller fanbase in the states, but one or two big places, like Chicago, or NYC, or something would be cool. I already drove five hours out of my way to see him, I'll definitely do it again. xD

  46. Vedma

    @SrslyEffnAwsum I know! Well I've heard and read many things, he doesn't really do concerts or anything here because of the low fanbase here... I would definitely go and I know quite a crowd of people who would love him to tour in the US (plus so many fans requesting it on his page), it'll give him publicity and more fans! It would make my life if I ever saw him and listened to his voice live. -sigh- haha

  47. studiostarlight

    @DarkieDarkside It was severely lucky because I didn't even know he was coming, my friend just happened to tell me a few days in advanced and it was like... surprise birthday present! It was cool. He really does need to just come over here and do a few CD signings for his new album. I'm surprised he hasn't been in New York recently even!

  48. Vedma

    @SrslyEffnAwsum You're lucky you set your naked eye on him. LUCKY. I'm from NY and haven't seen him
    ! :/

  49. Vedma

    Gorgeous voice, gorgeous face. Perfect.

  50. Emily San

    fuck youuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    very very very

  51. studiostarlight

    @thenovicenovelist I'm a fan over here in America too, and it's a bummer there isn't a ton of us. I'd really love it if he came over here for a tour. Although I saw him at Border's in Chicago a few years ago for my birthday. Woot. xD

  52. Mina. C.

    I'm a virgin but I swear Darren's voice is auditory sex



  54. Selynne13

    ☀ i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

  55. SeattleMMORPG

    I have this CD in my car and I go home and listen to it on YouTube

  56. thenovicenovelist

    @missxtal I'm an American fan! It's too bad there aren't more of us though. We need to start a Darren revolution here :).

    Robin S.

    thenovicenovelist viva la revolution! I'm so with u lol

  57. NoSleepNever

    I love this song... That is beautiful!

  58. Schultz

    i can't stop listening to this song, i think it has already been 3 hours >.< haha

  59. Will Bryan

    my fave artist - awesome guy!

  60. MsRed37

    I love, love, love Darren Hayes. I always need a drool bucket every time I watch him on YouTube or listen to his songs. He's so gorgeous. Such a raw talent. Can someone please please email me this song? I have no luck finding it. LimeWire is useless. Your help will be greatly appreciated!

  61. Silvia Cortellini

    Unfortunatly he's gay...but he's and always will be my dream, i love him and his songs...

  62. thenovicenovelist

    @Flikica1207 We can dream, right?

  63. Danni Pittman

    I love this guy, he pulled me up on stage at the Manchester Apollo concert :D my claim to fame hehehehe xxxxxxxxxxx

  64. Aaloveth

    He is just so HOT and he has the most beautiful voice !!!!! <3 <3

  65. Anne Li

    Oooh! <3 Have no words!

  66. babybop728

    I love Darren sooo much. This song just makes you want to get up and dance.

    Now he just needs to have a hit in the US so he can come tour here!

  67. mmqpichardo

    this was not on his album. it was released as a b side when he released the spin album

  68. 54spiritedwill54

    i love the song..!

  69. superfinal


  70. kateo2006

    Rasgreen, it's because a lot of the less well known songs are actually b-sides from singles, not from albums. This one was on the Strange Relationship single.

  71. girlinemptyroom

    Did anyone send it you yet?

  72. Jane Thoresen

    I love this song, and your vid is good too! Could you send me the mp3 please? I would really appreciate it.

  73. Amber Asher

    i like this song, but I think you repeat pictures a little too much

  74. Festfolket

    I love this song but don't have it on CD since it is a B-side :-(
    THANKS for posting :-)))

  75. Cheyenne Terry

    Darren should do a special release of his B-sides to his American fans as well as any other previously unreleased tracks not currently available in the US. This would be quite a gift!

  76. kateo2006

    So Bad was a b-side on the Strange Relationship single (2002)

  77. shockvaluecola

    it was a b-side from one of the later singles off spin. i wanna say 1980 me?

  78. Lauren Jones

    I've got this song! :D i got it from the internet ages ago, pretty lucky :D love it to bits! and yeah it was a Spin b-side, not sure what single... it might have been insatiable i think? x

  79. Veronica Bharti

    wow gorgeous song...how do i get this song???
    is it a single 4m spin...it has the spin kinda sound!
    thanx 4 posting this...i wud hav never heard this song if it wrnt 4 u!

  80. XxMakeSomeoneSmilexX

    Love the video you made...good job xx