Hay, Colin - Water Song Lyrics

This boy and girl were lovers
Came from different towns
Now they both live in the same one
See each other round

He saw her at the rose bowl
Just the other day
She showed him what she bought there
And they struggled for what to say

They say we're made mostly of water
So how come we can't find the sea?
They say true love creeps up on you slowly
Oh how blind some people can be

This boy and girl had troubles
Lasted fifteen rounds
Both threw in the towel
No one took the crown

And time it tends to pass us
As we look the other way
Now he sells insurance
And she's in a non-union play

Oh how I wish we were like water
We'd float on down into the sea
If you find true love at your door knocking
Invite her in make her some tea

This boy and girl were lovers
Came from different towns
Now they both live in the same one
See each other round

They say we're made mostly of water
So how come we can't find the sea?
They say true love creeps up on you slowly
Oh how blind some people can be

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Hay, Colin Water Song Comments
  1. David Shepherd

    Simply ..... beautiful.

  2. M Starr

    You are a songwriter's songwriter. Brilliant man xxx

  3. theherbilgerbil2029

    always end up back here @ some point )

  4. Ver Os Bichos

    ele NÃO precisa nem de banda ele é perfeito ele no acústico talvez uma harmônica o cara é bom DEMAIS

  5. Pearse O'Byrne

    I'm a Colin Hay man from now on and forever, while I'm waiting for my real life to begin....

  6. maning04

    typical road trip song.. Its just relaxing.. :)

  7. Joey Lock

    I remember walking home from Sixth Form (College) and everytime it was raining, miserable dark skies, I'd put my headphones in, put this song on and it'd actually make me want to stay in the rain and just rejoice in it, brilliant song.

  8. Oconnoise

    maybe Peter Gabriel - Book of Love ?

  9. John Benn

    Wow,how heavy that is.
    Gee,you must have a wonderful life worrying about all this heavy stuff.
    Amazing sounds & so,so good.

  10. Ursula Bauer

    asking myself
    as im going to see him next mont I couldnt tell what to say to him...oh so excited

  11. Bo Chambers

    truth song music and honesty.......god bless colin hay

  12. vladmira

    Colin Hay has always been a great musician...I wish more of his music would be used in movie soundtracks.

  13. TheOutcome4

    @sseleanor One of my other favorite artist Ray LaMontagne said this about his last record then his label RCA didn't like it. “RCA, [wasn’t] happy at all. I was. And so at that point, it’s really up to you as an artist to draw a line in the sand. You either want to jump through hoops for some guy in a suit at a record label until they’re happy or you just have to believe in yourself and what you’ve done.” He won a Grammy for it.

  14. MrMaximman

    I Haven't Heard a Colin Hay song yet that I didn't imediately fall in love with. Pure Music.

  15. TheJerhico

    I know so many talented musicians like him that don't get the credit the deserve. Why is it that you have to sell out and be superficial to make it mainstream? Thank you for posting this song. I love all his music.

  16. tiktoride

    Almost John Prine like.

  17. pancho carey

    just listen to songs n how calming n easy listing are thses songs i cud listen to thses all days everyday

  18. Tymothy Smith

    @Urthred I totally agree! His other work (with the CH Band, men at work) is good, but Going Somewhere just hits my heart every time. When i was going through a serious depression a year ago i listened to it most everyday, just something about it, about him that touches me (us!).


    Jelly Phish hope all's well now brother

  19. MrWeDSTr

    I´m coming from Germany and searched for an colin hay album in a lot of shop´s and can´t find it, do anyone here know´s an i-net adress where i can get it?

  20. Eduardo Zambrano Romano

    I searched for Men at work one day (they are good), now I'm Colin Hay's fan. This man makes me remind don't know what.

  21. Louis-Charles Clark

    @Furdip no worries!
    This is my newest youtube account as i kept forgetting the password of my otherone and my email address got deleted...haha
    Glad you liked though!

  22. Furdip

    Thanks for posting this song, it is beautifull. I have to get the album!
    Thanks again. Great song.

  23. 1017daddy

    @jimmyjimmyjimmyjames you can get his whole album on itunes f or 9.99 and all his other songs for like $.89 a piece

  24. Brenda Stephens

    I have several of his albums, they're all amazing. He's a wonderful person to meet and chat with as well - I strongly suggest seeing him live if you haven't. To those who have, you all ready know what I'm talking about! Love ya Colin!

  25. tyronelab

    One of the greatest things to come out of watching Scrubs is finding Colin Hay's music.

  26. wileypayote

    ok! enough of the using words like mate, trying to pass urselves off as aussies, when you're probably from Minnesota or somewhere in the midwest.

  27. Steve Coulthard

    Why has nobody uploaded Going Somewhere? Please upload it, it's amazing!

  28. picklepeg1

    I have listened to this guy for years and mate what a genius he really is..

  29. Louis-Charles Clark

    Urthred was my old account, lol. Glad people are enjoying this song!

  30. Robert Head

    Thank you for uploading this. I can't believe how amazing this album is - Maggie, Children on Parade, Don't Wait Up.... This album is sublime.

  31. Justan Otherhumanist

    I hear ya but at least someone can do it for us :)

    Colin Hay just gets better and better

  32. tubehead357

    Colin Hay is still making great music after all these years. A true storyteller!

  33. craigybus1

    Just noticed Waiting For My Real Life To Begin on that album...A moving track that was used in Scrubs, sang by the actual cast.

  34. SnowScorpion


  35. Dalewoodian


  36. stubs

    I am not british but I also agree. Well said. ... lol

  37. frribbib

    im british and i completely agree. Said well.

  38. scrubs615

    AMEN TO YOU GOOD SIR! YOU SPEAK TRUER WORDS THAN.... a truthful person? lol

  39. Michael Betts

    Another American here. Love this song and love this artist. I have for over 20 years now. Be careful with lumping people into categories. Blacks, whites, Americans, South Americans... Treat people as individuals. Which, of course, is what they are, first and foremost.

  40. Brenda Stephens

    I love this album! It's just SOOOOOOO 'Colin'...there's no other way to explain it! Every song is a masterpiece!

  41. reints74

    Me too.
    You're right. If a person believes that top 40 performers like (name the pop star) produce great music, it's wrong for me to judge their taste. My Bad. It's also great that we're not forced to listen to that and have our own music to enjoy. The diversity really is what makes music so good.

  42. scott miller

    reints, you are a jackass

  43. reints74

    The point was the Majority of the public (Tend To) get their music from Idol or top 40 radio and miss really awesome music like Lucinda, Colin, and a host of others.
    Since you are aware of these artists, you are not part of that category. I thought it was obvious, because I'm sure you know people who only listen to the pop radio station and watch Idol-type shows, but that was ignorant of me.

  44. reints74

    ....Just like Titanic, my friend

  45. reints74

    I'm a fan of real musicians and songwriters, and Colin is one of the best. It's a shame that Americans tend to get their music from American Idol!!

  46. Malcolm

    heh.. I found him through scrubs aswell.. or technically..

    I had heard and many times listened to Men at Work, and then after a while I see Colin Hay in Scrubs and I thaught he was great.. Just a few weeks ago I came to realise that he was the singer in Men at Work..

  47. Louis-Charles Clark

    yeah, thats the one =]

  48. KingNeptun

    the song you mean is called "beautiful world"...all around is anger, automatic guns, death in large numbers no respect for women and our little ones?

  49. Ryan Green

    thanks man

  50. WhereWasItLastTime

    I think that's "Beautiful World"

  51. Ryan Green

    can anyone tell me the song where the chorus is this is as good as it gets?please

  52. sebast007

    I'm still listening to Rootblues (John Lee Hooker, Hound Dog Taylor, etc.), so nothing realy gets "dated" for me ^_^

    Thanks for the info. Next time I'll be in a cd-store, I'll look into it (I'm pretty sure that I'm gonna love it).

  53. Louis-Charles Clark

    Hi, this is my new account =]
    he actually made around 6 albums, origanally he was in a band called men at work? I believe they had a number one years back
    Land down under?
    good song, bit dated but what isn't? =]

  54. sebast007

    I don't know much about Colin Hay, I've discovered it a couple of weeks ago watching a tv-show(Scrubs) on my computer. He played a song in the show called Overkill. I felt in love with that song and downloaded a couple more (Beautifull world, Water song, Cactus something*,etc...). He's damn talented. I have to buy every album he's created! How many did he made? Two or three? or more?

    Thanks for uploading that song! 5*

  55. gilobaird

    Colin hay needs to be more recognized. He's incredible.

  56. gezzad

    have done - the guys a genius and a good Scotsman though he moved to Australia at 14 - still has Scottish accent