Hay, Colin - There's Water Over You Lyrics

I can feel your love come shining
Over and across the sea
There never was a light more blinding
Ever watching over me

I walk into the swirling wind
It carries me away
Back to where my life begins
Can you hear me say?

I can see you where you're hiding
And there's water over you
I know that you are pretending
And there's water over you

I walk beside you on the wall
Oh, so far away
You will catch me if I fall
Can you hear me say?

Love and all security
These are things you give to me

I can touch you when I'm dreaming
Long into the lonely night
You hold me when I wake up screaming
Everything will be alright

And if I had to choose between
Meeting God or you
I would wake my king and queen
There's water over you

Love for all eternity
This and more you give to me

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Hay, Colin There's Water Over You Comments
  1. Angie Potter

    So beautiful. Thats an artist. These people we have now mostly just fake &phoney. His own words voiced by himself as well as playing guitar. Yes im a fan of him and of real music...

  2. Hughie Carolan

    Loved men at work but never got to see them live but fortunately I've got to see Colin a couple of times as a solo artist and he never disappoints. How this man has stayed under the radar for so long is one of life's great mysteries

  3. Frederic Gruffeilles

    du Génie ♫♪♫♫

  4. dadgad68

    Wow brilliant

  5. the buill

    Does he have a bad song?

  6. Will Eff

    Brilliant songwriter with a brilliant vocal delivery.

  7. Marcos Lucero

    Beautiful !!

  8. deb ross


  9. BruneSansFiltre


  10. Ricardo Matarozzi

    beautiful and deep melody, thank you, obrigado, Deus continue te abençoando Colin Hay

  11. Marcos Lucero

    Beautiful what else needs to be said

  12. Johnny B793

    😥😢...sad moments..happy sounds...amazing...

  13. Victor Vera

    Un tema exquisito, tan puro y sencillo, bendiciones Colin!!!

  14. J Cobain

    More than words..

  15. dinodiego1

    Greetings from Mexico!
    Mr.Hay is one of the very best songwriters of our generation, so underrated!

    the buill

    Not a bit underrated

  16. Joselito Florêncio

    Ah me desculpe por ter digitado os nomes dos caras errado

  17. Joselito Florêncio

    Joselito . Colin Hay muito obrigado por ter me proporcionado momentos de prazer na minha juventude ao ouvir suas composições memoráveis te agradeço por ter criado o menor at work mando um grande abraço para todos do grupo Jerry speiser , Ron straight , John Rees e sintoMuito pela morte de Greg Hann.Muito obrigado

  18. Charlie Ranger

    Great great singer and songwriter! Colin Hay forever and Men at Work forever!

  19. John Smith CEO Choke Collar Records

    Thank you for sharing your incredible talent, Colin!

  20. speck

    Awesome singer/songwriter. He and Huey Lewis should do a duo. Their voices are very similar.

  21. Niccolo B.

    Based on the first chords i see and hear
    then first finger on 1st fret b string
    Someones gotta do a tutorial on this song!!!

    Niccolo B.

    @Peter Ngaia cool! Have a link i can go to?

    Peter Ngaia

    No link as Tom doesn't do note for note but .. this is hard to explain..I played for years and the chords flow as you need, according to your fretboard knowledge. Best I can suggest is Tommy's DVD " Emmanuel Labor".. OR, see any street busker give'm a few dollars and they'll help you out 'cause it'll help them too, Good Luck>

    Niccolo B.

    Ahh i see thanks so much though, appreciate the help!

    Peter Ngaia

    Sorry I can't show you in person, the chords as he sees are in his repertoire and you are trying to do same. Find a GOOD player throw them acuppla bucks for their time and you will know that for ever and you will write as well as.Not much to lay out for your future skills.


    Did you ever stick this on Ultimate Guitar?
    There is a sad lack of Colin Hay music on there :(

  22. nothadnotbad

    going to listen to this for the fifth time!

    the buill

    6th here

    the buill

    176th now

  23. nothadnotbad


  24. Mike Anderson

    So damn beautiful. Brings tears of joy every time I hear it thinking of those close to me who've gone on to their great reward.

  25. StormBringer501

    MAW was my first concert... That I will NEVER forget. Joked with my friend that went to it with me, that MAW was coming out with a 3rd albumn called 'Overtime', and he believed it... We still kid each other about it to this day...

  26. Fa Kro

    the good old scrubs-times

  27. miertjie94

    Pure genius

  28. Olivia DI

    Very handsome songwriting!

  29. Ursula Bauer

    next month and Im so exited

  30. Marcelo

    Saludos desde Argentina!!!!!!! Great Song!!!!!!!!

  31. rklingsmithjr

    this is a beautiful song......i saw men at work back in the 80's and fell in love with colins voice. i've been following his career since. thanks for all the great memories and music colin.....

  32. akm1171

    please come play at redrocks.

  33. akm1171

    love this song

  34. bottomfeeder73

    Wow! Brings a tear to the eye. So good!!

  35. Sculge

    I think Colin Hay is one of the best musicians out there. There is nothing I love more than his acoustic pieces. I get frustrated when I go to buy his albums and pieces like this are full band. Don't get me wrong, its still amazing, but there is something serene and masterful about his purely acoustic pieces that make them that much better.

  36. Janos Kanalas

    could anyone post tabs/chords please? thanks

  37. FunZogga

    Most awesome musician o.o
    Thank you Colin, u helped me so often to keep my way in bad times :´)
    My aim is it to see u one day live...you´re great!

  38. basgitaardrumstel

    Is there anyone who has tabs for this?

  39. blines799

    Beautiful, just beautiful !
    I don't use the word "Genius" too often, but this guy is one.

  40. Radu

    Brings back memories of my own dad, who passed away years ago.
    We quarrelled a lot but still miss the old bugger.

  41. Gordon Merrilees

    @SzilyWorld Whatever....I'm still proud to be Scottish!

  42. Gordon Merrilees

    Makes me very proud to be Scottish!

  43. Red Scofield

    I saw Colin Hay at the Granada Theater in Dallas... the last show of his 2010 tour... it was a real treat. He's got a great sense of humor and a ton of stories... also, he's one hell of a musician and writer... it was a wonderful evening...

  44. Cassandra Lee

    @stanton542000 - Just a quick note to say that his father actually passed away last year. Therein lies the poignancy in the "playing asleep" and throwing water over him to wake him. Knowing that he is singing this song for his father who has crossed over, makes it just that much more beautiful! "I can see you where you're hiding, and there's water over you."