Hay, Colin - Me And My Imaginary Friend Lyrics

You never sleep, and you never go home
My secrets you keep, I'm never alone
We're joined at the hip and this I comprehend
We'll be together 'til the end, me and my imaginary friend

You never tell me, what I have to do
We can sit in silence, or visit the zoo
We know what is real, and what is pretend
Together 'till the bitter end, me and my imaginary friend

You don't have to pay an arm and a leg
Conjure them up inside your own head
Short and tall, fat or thin
Open the door, invite them in
Hello how are you, how you been?

So now you have someone, someone to love
A gift from yourself, a gift from above
If you're dining alone, get a table for two
We can talk our faces blue, 'bout all the things that we've been through

Together forever
'Till the credits end

Me and my imaginary friend

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Hay, Colin Me And My Imaginary Friend Comments
  1. Account Exec

    If you get a chance, by all means see Colin Hay in concert!

  2. A. Cat

    L😍VE this track 👍🏼👌🏼🎶✌🏼

  3. Aristides ARGOTPUB

    great voice and beatifull song guitar

  4. Aristides ARGOTPUB

    My mind toghether always to song Imaginari pleastommeet'you Mr Colin

  5. lesterclaypool1

    I would hear this occasionally as a commercial bumper on a radio call in show my wife likes to listen to.
    Knew I knew the voice but just couldn't place it.
    +Calum McMichael Thanks for the upload, young fella.

    C McMichael

    Glad you like it, such a nice easy song.

    I worked in Homebase once upon a time, this song was the highlight of the store playlist for me. :)


    @Calum McMichael
    Yeah, it's a nice chill tune.
    Now I have to find me a new mystery song to puzzle out.
    Thanks again.

  6. curroylucia

    Beautiful song!!!

  7. algundiaveras


    Greg Tierney

    go to his concerts he does a meet and greet after the show!!

  8. Art JB

    Awesome song! I think it's, Em, B, C, G x3 C, B, Em, C, D, G. Not sure of the bridge yet

  9. Serj Herman

    Ultimate Forever Alone hymn.

  10. Andresa0397

    2013 ... I feel myself so old right now :D

  11. Blackupfreddy

    5 years later.

    Soviet Supreme

    5 more years later

  12. Steve Nottingham

    I love Colin..He is the best songwriter in the world right now..I am glad he went on his own..He is best with just his Acoustic..He is a very moving performer..

  13. ZZeplinnen

    Could'nt find the tabs online. Here's what I make of it:

    E - B - C - G

  14. Rob Harlan

    colin hay is cool why is the world so dumb about good music

  15. Evilrose0611

    such a great and true song. :) always makes me smile.

  16. Tunnel Rat

    @brahms909 2 in 3 months

  17. movinginstereo44

    My friend and I agree. How lonely those who dislike this song must feel. Very sad little people. =(

    Dylan Gaunt

    Why? Because they have an opinion? Don't be so boring

  18. Kevin Meyer

    It should be My Imaginary Friend and I...

  19. gringgoguy

    i keep playing this song over and over. great song thank you so much for uploading it :)

  20. tgrsmuggs

    Great post drakan66 !! Could you also post the following 2 tracks off the same album, which are both great: "NO ONE KNOWS" and "LAND OF THE MIDNIGHT SUN".

  21. Izabela Przybysz

    kocham to, kocham!

  22. steve lynch

    Homebase tune !!!!!

  23. spicyfatpaps

    he stayed in saltcoats till he was 20. i know because he went to my school

  24. Mos


  25. algundiaveras

    ***Cecilia was here and she liked this song!***

  26. Thomas Brandon


  27. frribbib

    lol i wish i had more freinds but my imaganary freind thinks your crazy.

  28. C McMichael

    + some Scottishness :D
    Craig and Charles Reid songwriters for The Proclaimers

  29. C McMichael

    Oban (Scotland) :P

  30. C McMichael

    Ah, I only uploaded it recently.

  31. Thomas Brandon


    Why has this song only got 210 views??? (half of them by me probably) =D

    I love this song so much!!

  32. Thomas Brandon

    What homebase do you work in??

  33. C McMichael

    Yeah man!!! I work in Homebase, This song came on and I stopped in my tracks..love it!

  34. Thomas Brandon

    Oh my God!!

    I heard this song in HomeBase a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with it, but i haven't been able to find it anywhere on the neet until NOW!

    5 stars!!!