Hay, Colin - Maggie Lyrics

When I first set eyes on you
First you beat me up
Then you kissed me too

We'd throw stones into the sea
There were no others there
Just you and me

Across the bridge
And down the lane
I knew I loved you then
You said you did the same

Oh Maggie
What have you done?
I should have seen it coming
And to your side I'd run

Oh Maggie
Come to me tonight
I will wait up for you
Make sure you're alright
I miss you

You taught me how to sink or swim
When I was scared that day
You just pushed me in

And when nobody was around
You let me kiss you then
And there the love I found

I said, I'd never let you go
You just smiled at me
How was I to know

Oh Maggie
What am I to do?
How can I live with only memories of you?

Oh Maggie
Tell me the truth
When your ship was sinking
Did you think it through?
I miss you

You were the fountain of my youth
And when I fumbled
You showed me what to do

And when we were both 17
You left me standing there
But you were never mean

And when I saw you out with him
He looked much older
And you looked very thin

I hadn't heard from you in years
And then your mama called
She couldn't speak for tears

She said you left me a note
Inside my pocket burns
With these words you wrote

Hey, darlin' boy
Don't you cry for me
I am forever yours
Now that I am free

We'll be together
Throw stones into the sea
There'll be no others there
Just you and me

I miss you
Maggie's gone

I think you came the other night
You stroked my brow
Your eyes were full of light

It may have only been a dream
When I will walk with you
To places I never have been

Maggie's gone

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Hay, Colin Maggie Comments
  1. danilatorm K

    Friendship remains in your heart. Conditions change. One needs to run after two sons, I need one daughter. And everyone needs to feed their own. No time to say hello to a friend, I have to say hello to my wife and daughter. Friends leave time in a difficult situation, save, cure, the rest to the family. But if fire\horror\divorce I 'll always be around.

  2. Karrie Banfield

    I'm colin

  3. Chris Welcome

    I love you Alanna... I always will.. I'm sorry

  4. Maggie

    im not gone im back

  5. Gary Aderhold

    I had tow dogs Maggie and Sophie they both passed away i love them

  6. Chris Welcome

    I feel like every woman I've ever loved was a Maggie and it kills me inside...

  7. TheCringeyGuyWhoMakesRandomStuff

    So sad... Will always love this song

  8. Chris Thomas

    Who's chopping onions?

  9. Alex DP

    It took me so long to remember the name of this song, for years the feelings and rhythm have been at the back of my mind. It's so sad, and so powerful.

  10. stephen shults

    I knew a Maggie who went by the name SummerMyth on AOL back in the 90's. She was very special to me and passed away in the 90's. I miss you Maggie. <3

  11. Thomas H

    Bittersweet, bravo

  12. Jacquie Neetz

    Rest In Peace - Maggie Lane. you are and will always be a vibrant and beautiful soul that inspired so many to love the lost, hurt and stray creatures of the world. You eclipsed all with your light and heart. Fierce firefighter, warrior in the gym and savior of the strays. I'm so very sorry we could not rescue you. Love, your sister in arms...

  13. Maggie Harte

    I came because my names Maggie and I stayed for the awesome song.

  14. Scott Havens

    Always liked .. white buffalo love song to

  15. Scott Havens

    It is her.. will always be. Miss her like blood like air.
    Thanx Colin

  16. Marlene Finneiser

    I will never forget this sad song!!!! And i feel for Colin.......

  17. Andrina Aldape

    Beautiful tribute lyrics to Maggie

  18. revokedLight

    ok listen i know my user says maxx but my birth name is maggie and i loVE THIS SONG SO MUCH, I MEAN I HAVE MAGGIE MAY ON VINYL BUT DAMN THIS IS SOME GOOD SHIT

  19. Good Stuff Tonics

    Awesome song -cant get enough of it!!!

  20. The Phonograph Stop

    According to Collin, Maggie was a girl he knew when he was little. The story is fiction. Makes the song a little less sad for me lol. Still sad tho! But he is an amazing guitarist and song writer! Been a fan since Men at work!

  21. maggie •3•

    when your name is Maggie and this song makes you feel bad for some reason😭😂

  22. caiomargonato

    Quando pus meus olhos pela primeira vez em você Primeiro você me espancou, depois você me beijou também Nós jogamos pedras no mar Não havia ninguém, só eu e você No outro lado da ponte e descendo a travessa Eu sabia que te amava, depois você disse o mesmo pra mim Oh Maggie, o que você fez? Eu devia ter previsto isso, e pro seu lado eu correria Oh Maggie, venha pra mim esta noite Eu vou esperar por você pra ter certeza que você está bem Sinto sua falta Você me ensinou a afundar ou nadar Quando eu estava com medo naquele dia, você apenas me forçou a entrar E quando ninguém estava por perto Você me deixou te beijar, e o amor eu encontrei lá Eu disse que nunca deixaria você ir embora Você apenas sorriu pra mim, como eu poderia saber? Oh Maggie, o que posso fazer? Como posso viver apenas com lembranças suas? Oh Maggie, diga-me a verdade Quando seu barco estava afundando, você chegou a um entendimento? Sinto sua falta Você era a fonte da minha juventude E quando eu errei, você me mostrou o que fazer E quando nós tínhamos dezessete anos Você me deixou esperando lá, mas você nunca foi cruel E quando eu vi você saindo com ele Ele parecia mais velho e você parecia muito magra Eu não ouvi notícias suas há anos Então sua mãe me ligou e não podia falar por causa das lágrimas Ela disse que você me deixou um bilhete O interior do meu bolso queima com essas palavras que você escreveu “Hey, meu querido menino, não chore por mim Eu sou pra sempre sua e agora que eu estou livre Nós vamos ficar juntos e jogar pedras no mar Não haverá ninguém por perto, só eu e você Sinto sua falta Maggie morreu Eu acho que você apareceu uma noite dessas Você acariciou minha testa, seus olhos estavam cheios de luz Pode ter sido apenas um sonho Mas eu vou caminhar com você por lugares que eu nunca estive antes Maggie morreu

  23. Raoul Duke

    I love you Maggie...I miss you so much....

  24. A. Cat

    Tragicly beautiful song 😣😔

  25. evet SEM

    ... thats such a great song! bravo!!!

  26. Michael Newton

    I wonder if he'll play Maggie in his new documentary?

  27. Kerry McDonagh

    Great song. Always liked it as it takes you on an emotional ride.

  28. Marie Ø. Knudsen

    This is litteraly the best song ever...

  29. Elsbeth Steele

    this is the saddest song.

  30. Helen Kaiser

    My sister Maggie just die, 5/14/2016. Only 51years old. This song was post on FB by my brother-in-law, because Maggie wanted a different song then Maggie May. OMG, rip my heart out. :(

    Michael Edelen

    Sorry about your loss.
    Anything I can do let me know

    Scott Havens

    Helen Kaiser im so sorry for your loss maybe heaven is just that good


    Helen Kaiser surely it hurts, god needed her. You’ll meet again, I know it :)

  31. Ian Freitas

    essa música é muito boa

  32. Marc

    has this really happend?

    seth hamalainen

    Yup it was a suicide note she left

  33. Henrique de Melo e Silva


    Logan Richardson

    Kiko Silvelet same

  34. Maggie Myrick


    margaret Carter

    my name is maggie to

    Michael Edelen

    Visit my channel and leave a word. I would love having a Maggie around.

  35. Andrew Racer

    This is such a moving ballad.


    ^ savage.

  36. Andy Porter

    One of the most beautiful, tragic, writings I have ever read. And even more so put to music. Amazing

  37. vanzpp

    For me, one of the most heartbreaking circumstances are two people who love each other and are soul mates, but who can't be together because of tragedy or circumstance. This song distills that feeling into pure poetry. 

    Makes me cry every time I hear it.

    Scott Havens

    vanzpp i dont understand because of circumstances .. she knows i hear her i smell her when i ask she gets angry and sarcastic says..it's complicated.
    Her life is hell. The people in it are the worst of humanity she wakes up screams outside . There is no circumstance besides brain washing and prison that says keep in your hell life forget the reality in front of you.
    Complicated ? Love life friends family these are not like all the best things not complucated . Thx sorry to go on

  38. Timothy Mansour

    2:53 gets me every time.  Every. Damn. Time.

  39. Tessa Coker

    This song never fails to make me cry. I start at the beginning in anticipation and am sobbing uncontrollably by the end. I love it!! :'(


    I feel bad for the guy's wife. There's no way he loves her like he did Maggie.

    Remco Sikkel

    Same here

  40. gundula gaukel

    AWESOME !!!!!!!

  41. Bob Hope

    ok I love his music

  42. SignatureLover Puppy12345

    Maggie that's my daughters name

    SignatureLover Puppy12345

    Ops sorry my mom got my phone but yes my name is maggie

    Good Nitrogen

    +SignatureLover Puppy12345 im maggie too

  43. nickbagelboy

    How did she die?? Suicide or Illness?? Either way, sad but beautiful song. 

    Tessa Coker

    @jhitt79 I think she was miserable with an older man, trapped in an unhappy marriage, and was anorexia-thin or maybe he was controlling and forced her to be skinny...anyway she realised her mistake but saw no escape except by suicide or starvation...so sad.

    Joey Lock

    @nickbagelboy Colin Hay spoke about Maggie on a interview called 'A Musicians Life' I listened to years ago, apparently Maggie was his next door neighbour when he grew up in Scotland, she was a strong girl, as he said "First you beat me up, Then you kissed me too", he said she could be very tough, almost tomboyish but then she could just suddenly turn affectionate. Apparently I read elsewhere so much so that the crush turned into being in love culminating with him losing his virginity to her. Then his family moved away to Australia and he became part of one of the biggest Australian bands of all time, Men At Work. Apparently she subsequently got wrapped up with drugs and her life went on a downward spiral which he expresses his regret at not seeing the signs that she was headed for trouble throughout the song "when your ship was sinking, did you think it through?". 
    Eventually, after not hearing from Maggie for quite a few years he receives a call from her mother who through her tears tells him that Maggie has died. However, before her death she wrote him a note. in the letter she tells him that she is better off now and that she is forever his and she misses him. Apparently I heard the title for the songs "Waiting for my real life to begin" and "I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You" are both lines from her suicide note.

    He said this is the only song he has ever done that made him actually cry whilst writing it "I was weeping convulsively" and at some live performances he's been choked up singing it. I'm not 100% certain if the story is fully true but it's what I've heard.

    Tessa Coker

    @Joey Lock Thank you so much for that explanation. I am crying as I write this now...


    Thank you for that explanation. That's what I suspected based on the lyrics. This is a wonderful song that makes me cry every time.

    M.J. Carroll

    Its fiction

  44. kablatcher

    Seriously no capitalization of any proper nouns? Rude. 

  45. Daniel Dewes

    beautuful liryc!!

    Brian Burkman

    To me this song depicts the tragedy in drug addiction. God bless anyone who is or has gone threw this. Great work as always Colin.

  46. umbilicus 4


    Yasin Kılıç

    umbilicus 4 oruspu Maggie

  47. Renee' Connolly

    We'll be together ,throw stones into the sea...

  48. jdhed1

    I saw him play this song. He said he met this girl in the Old Country. She was 9. He was almost 9.

  49. Ray Jones

    she never gave me chans

  50. nickbagelboy

    I thought it was suicide too, but the thing that made me think it was something else was when he said "When I saw you with him, he looked much older, and you looked very thin", usually indicating an illness, in this case terminal/fatal.

  51. Jack Handy

    Sorry to disappoint...

  52. Jack Handy


  53. LpWizeinitblud

    She killed herself. It's heartbreaking.

  54. TheNo1yotesfan

    I REALLY with I could figure out what other song this reminds me of.

  55. joeywrestler22

    its to your SIDE i'd run

  56. morocCaNhmed

    Maggie will never be gone! <3

  57. Dorin

    6 people don't understand English and they are also deaf.

  58. variax2

    my maggie left me to T.T

  59. nothingmaninwinter

    ill tell you roughly what colin hay said down in a pub in largs before he played this song...he knew a girl when he was younger whom he met and she hit him, then kissed him. that was it. that simple encounter gave us this song.

  60. boxmaniac

    We all have our own .

  61. vonxazi

    i,too, lost my maggie :(

  62. Ian Koehler

    I've been searching the internet for something that would make me cry, just to see if I could find it. This was it.

  63. Wallapee12

    lots of emotion in this song, really puts that extra meaning into listening to this, love this song

  64. Heluvan A Soul

    i heard it a thousand times and it never spoke to me. a minute ago i heard it and something stood out so i rewound it and listened, then looked for the lyrics.. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! probably one of the saddest songs i've ever heard. maggie kills herself!!!!!

  65. KleinerAlsSasori

    At the beginning I had to cry every time i heard this song. Now i can sind along *_*

  66. zkwski

    Saddest song ever...

  67. Jarrid Moore

    such a sad song.

  68. Maggie Colín

    My dear love dear, thank you that despite the distance you are always present. I love you ... do not look because people see that we look

    Chris Welcome


  69. Scott Saunders

    I miss my Maggie, I wanted her to marry me and she turned me down.....

  70. Lori D

    my name is maggie

  71. Coldsmoke

    I saw him play this in a small hall in 08' wherethe majority of the occupants were nearly brought to tears.

  72. fsendel

    Beautiful. So simple but intense.

  73. Chris Lann

    Maggie i wish u didnt get shot up on the block! O maggie! Come to me tonight!

  74. maggie brodhagen

    My bf heard this on pandora and played it for me :) so glad there are other songs with Maggie instead of Maggie May, Its a good song but im sick of always getting those stupid maggie may references when i meet people >.< Check out the new red hot chili peppers song the adventures of rain dance maggie!

  75. Lori D

    tear tear sniffle tear tear sniffle

  76. Matthew Marr

    This is so fucking sad, but I can't stop listening to it!!

  77. MultiEpique

    @maggiesawesome because you committed suicide?

  78. tranedecoy

    7 month of therapie but I still can't cry but know I hear this song and finally I can :')

  79. alisikik

    ahh man, this song breaks my heart!

  80. shwooppie

    amazing song

  81. WishHere1

    Thousands of times better than Maggie Mae. Thimbs up!

  82. MrOhitsujiza

    @DrShippi HELL YEA.... wait what?

  83. WishHere1

    Thumbs up if the lyrics closing in and moving out make you question how much you drank.

  84. HristenaP

    I loved a man.. He loved me too.. He never came, pity.. Too late..

  85. squashbucket70

    @magix019 maggie may buddy! give it a listen and youll see why people love it. but i dont understand why theyd switch their name song to this one since its obvious this song is about the deah of said maggie

  86. Correy Johnson

    i dont get why people say now i can switch from Rod Steward to Colin Hay. Did he make a song named maggie?

  87. Kevin Hathaway

    If my name was Maggie I def. wouldn't comment on this song

  88. Kevin Hathaway

    If my name was Maggie I def. wouldn't comment on this son

  89. theoldwillow65

    WOW!!!! Just discovered this song tonight...Colin Hay on an acoustic guitar, is rather mind blowing. The energy is surreal, words are perfect...I can't help but see a music video through his vivid description. BEAUTIFUL

  90. Maggie Cano

    My name is Maggie...now I can switch from Rod Steward to Colin Hay.. YAY!!!

  91. DanGeneralFloors


  92. Lori D

    my name really is maggie

  93. Rita Schaffer

    this song intrigued me from the start but I agree with the comment below. I think it is a sad song...I couldn't hold back the tears...it is not quite clear to me if she left him for another man or worse still... she committed suicide?

  94. Ogamer93

    großartiger song :) ?!
    colin hay ist großartig!!!

  95. MargaritaP

    i love this song cause my name's maggie! : - P

  96. Geht dich nichts an

    großartiger song!

  97. Th3BlackSwan

    Awesome! Thanks for uploading <3

  98. nakedrobz

    this song is about suicide.how can that be just like you and your boyfriend?