Hay, Colin - I Wish I Was Still Drinking Lyrics

I wish I was still drinking whiskey, wine and beer
The sound of glasses clinking, so sweet to my ear
I wouldn't have to listen to the time that's running out
I'd use it much more wisely, I'd drink and fall about

I wish I was still drinking, then I'd have no fear
Tell you how to fix the world, then have another beer
I wouldn't have to feel the pain that's in a mother's eyes
I'd drink till I believe the sound of my own drunken lies

I wish I was still drinking when nothing is too clear
Like the TV evangelist fueling people's fear
Taking all their hard earned cash in the name of the holy one
Their days are surely numbered, their day will surely come

I wish I was still drinking, I was a lot more fun
Life of the endless party, friends with anyone
I wouldn't have to answer for the promises I broke
Like the president today, or when he drank and snorted coke

I wish I was still drinking, than I wouldn't have to hear
The sound of rapid gunfire exploding in my ear
I'd drink through the nightmare of friends cryin' out for help
I would drink through everything I've seen or heard or felt

I wish I was still drinking, no I really, really do
I'd gather all my fair weather friends like him and her and you
I'd count all the missing teeth, I can no longer chew
I'd even drive my ol' white car, cause she likes drinking too

Yeah, I wish i was still drinking whiskey, wine and beer
The sound of glasses clinking, so sweet to my ear
I wouldn't have to listen to the time thats running out
I'd use it much more wisely, I'd drink and fall about

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Hay, Colin I Wish I Was Still Drinking Comments
  1. Brendan Young

    better life by far.. stay sober everyone!

  2. ichwillhier nixeintragen

    a toast to him... with orange juice

  3. beaver fribente

    I love listening to colin his care free voice and when he swears it makes me laugh cheers colin

  4. Jody's Cheap Car Challenge

    Stop strumming my pain.

    ichwillhier nixeintragen

    stop beeing the victim

  5. Richard Alan Prow

    Oh my god... Love Colin! Jesus I need a drink!!

  6. Mono gram adikt

    sobriety, not for the faint of heart ;)

  7. Green Sombrero

    outstanding Colin!

  8. Sebastien Mills

    alcool is a friend and foe at the same time...

  9. Brian Dirou

    Colin Hay, love your stuff but when did you wisen up ? Please...

  10. okrajoe

    One for the road.

  11. fred boot

    An inspiration :-D

  12. Henrique de Melo e Silva

    for those that know. and for the families of those that know. ;)
    cheers, kiko

  13. Conor Leyden

    Powerful lyrics, resonates with so many

  14. wyattandjosie

    someone please put the pipes to this song. . love u Colin.

  15. Ralph Chunksoup

    Colin is an amazing artist ,

  16. Ralph Chunksoup

    Spiritually Ill never be sober

    Proximity Symbol

    Deep, and I completely get it.

  17. Bob Hope

    God I got almost 8 months sober and i need a drink bad cant shake the cravings

    Ben Phone

    Bob Hope I'm an irishman who doesn't drink, if I can make I t you can too, one baby step at a time lad 👍

    Ben Phone

    Richard Salazar people like you deserve what's coming to you

    Dave Bosworth

    @Richard Salazar I think we all appreciate your effort at a meaningful contribution here Richard, but this is FAR AND AWAY so much bigger than being liked or disliked.

    Lester Doobie

    Smoke dope. Works...

    the buill

    Ring bill

  18. Luke Constantino


  19. nickbagelboy

    I fucking swear, Colin wrote this song about me lmfao. I've had to quit drinking, and I've been hating life ever since. This song allows me to re live a portion of the good old days. Especially the part where he says "Then I'd have no fear. I'd tell you how to fix the world, then have another beer". It was the only Anti-Anxiety med that ever worked. That was my style of drunk too. Problem solver and deep thinker and lover of everyone. Ohhhhhh I miss those days, and im sure you all do too. Thank you Colin :)

    Bob Hope

    Hang In there man im alcoholic my self. I heard it gets better but what would I know. I relapsed and tried to slit my wrists in a bathtub. Now im in a group home for adults.


    +nickbagelboy They will take the bottle of Goose out of my hand when I'm cold and dead, could never quit if I wanted and I sure as hell don't want to...

    Keith T

    Stinking thinking leads to drinking......l found my tribe in AA.....sober....and happy to be.
    Ten years. Keith

    hugh bowe

    25 years for me

  20. keithbeardslee

    I have been dodging this song by him because I have just recently fell off the wagon. I wish this song sucked, It would make my drinking that much easier to deal with. I want to say I will not listen to this song because It will make my drinking easier, but the truth is that I will keep listening and it will only make my drinking that much harder.


    I hear you! Alcohol and addiction is a beast!!! I do like this song though cause its sarcasm. Everything he says in the song, ive done and it really suck that Ive spent the most part of my life drinking and addicted! Its pathetic! This song shows just how pathetic it is. That is Colin's intent! Colin is also a recovering addict and is showing how crazy it is.

  21. mrmarianoc

    It's because your not on the other side yet looking back. If you really listen to the words it just goes to show you what a lie all the running away is(drugs, alcohol etc). I have been were you are at (an addict for 25 years)....and TRUST me it is soooo much better on the other side. It gets worse before it gets better..but it does get better. Just remember you only hit rock bottom when you stop digging. Clean for five years now and I'm NEVER going back.

  22. redcandy 45

    ..he used to be an alcoholic lol

    Just a thought

    Not sure the 'lol' is appropriate after that statement haha

  23. miertjie94

    Pure genius

  24. David Brown

    I'll drink to that.

  25. Olivia DI

    Likeable! Laughable! Loveable Colin!!

  26. corn hole

    Bad song for me now that im in recover
    I wish I could escape but i cannot trapped amongst reality and i feel quite hopeless

    Just a thought

    I hope your feeling better years on mate I still use drink as an escape but it doesn't help

  27. Jeremy DeLany

    Colin is bloody brilliant.

  28. Trill Doms

    Dear James Fisher1993,
    Try using complete and correct sentences next time you comment. I have no clue what you are trying to say.

    Love always,

  29. Ian Koehler

    Nobody likes a liar.

  30. jamesfisher1993

    i love this song nothing more than what its ment too be makes it so much more thought provoking.
    Thanks Colin

  31. Mitchell P

    so am i

  32. Holger Keller

    ..now i need a wiskey .....