Hay, Colin - Are You Lookin' At Me? Lyrics

Well I loved the Lone Ranger and I loved that Dennis Law
Him and George Best, sure knew how a kick a ball
I wanted to be a cowboy, and learn a crack a whip
Stand up in that lonely street, two six guns on my hip
Along the mighty Beatles came, and everyone went ahhh
They could play and sing and everything, and of course that John could draw
Well that was it for me, I never once looked back
Tricks to learn, waves to catch, had a plan of attack

Are you lookin' at me?
Are you lookin' at me?
Are you lookin' at me?
Are you lookin' at me, pal?

Then we headed south, where the surf came crashing in
From black and white to colour, from innocence to sin
It was summer in December, blowing heatwaves in my mind
People talking funny, some cruel and some were kind
From the crackle of the cane, to the frown of a big black snake
From the breakers at Bondi, down to Wallaga Lake
From the sound of a million fly screen doors, closing on the past
Like that chimney the fires couldn't burn, I was built to last

Are you lookin' at me?
Are you lookin' at me?
Are you lookin' at me?

Are you lookin' at me, pal?

When I flew across the ocean, I was number one
People gave me everything, and I didn't need a gun
Walking down that avenue, I never felt so alive
People calling out my name, and I'd only just arrived

It was a tight rope walking bagpiper, in the middle of Central Park
Steam was rising from the ground, and I wore my cape out after dark
I had myself a moment, my day out in the sun
It's an unfinished story, but it's more than just begun

And I know more than one thing, but not more than two or three
An I'll tell you if you'll listen, and I'll tell you for free
It's no life being a cowboy, and eating all them beans
The coffee's cold, the herd is gone, and all you've got's your dreams
You can always put your spurs back on, but save them for Halloween
You're better off heading north, or somewhere you've never been

Are you lookin' at me?
Are you lookin' at me?
Are you lookin' at me?
I said, are you lookin' at me, pal?

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Hay, Colin Are You Lookin' At Me? Comments
  1. Миранда Ашуа

    Песня класс 😍

  2. efewfew

    It's pop Burns! Scots Wha Hae!

  3. Dr Toerag

    I adore “I had myself a moment”, it really hits the spot.

  4. ocan1033

    Right up there with Sean Connery and Soapy Soutar in the Scottish Hall of Fame

  5. Howard SIX

    original and best, pity about annoying wife............

  6. Donna Roberts

    First time I noticed similarities with the great Ray Davies in Colin's expressions. Well done, Colin.

  7. geoff mcintosh

    Does anyone else think that Colin is tapping into Travis from the movie Taxi Driver......"are you talkin to me.".......and in this video he is driving a cab or car with random people......great great song and a memorable movie....

  8. I am Supernaut

    I can't tell if he's looking at me cause one eye looks forward & the other looks over his shoulder

    Donna Roberts

    The man covers his bases. Who said you couldn't fish and squirrel hunt at the same time?

  9. Mitchie Girl

    the boy left scotland 4o odd yrs ago but still sounds as thick as theives and brilliant

  10. Zaddy

    I'm going to have to look for more of his stuff.

    Samuel Valenzuela

    Billy boy listen the " Looking for Jack " album

  11. JennRAll SeveN

    "Are you looking at me " for Penn and the world as i know it, and those ready to depart, will still remain, for those to fly, for me all the same. Im not CC but i certainly see, sea

  12. angela carmine

    Not bad, not dirt!

  13. Hidden Monday

    that was GREAT

  14. Rhona McColl

    Pioneer's song....

  15. East Ern

    better off headin' noth, or someplace you'd never bean.

  16. East Ern

    recalling where we're from

  17. East Ern

    Classic by Mr Hay

  18. East Ern

    calling...hey ah EW l00kin @ ME ah it's ME looking at ME

  19. Patricia Kimes

    I am definitely looking at you, Sir. I think that this song describes me to the tea! Thank you.

  20. Abed Deeb

    ‫i love this song 24.10 2017

  21. Bill Clair

    Simply beautiful! Great songwriter,, and a hoot to see live!

  22. Wombat Care Bundanoon

    A consumate musician, and a complex, complicated man. What an immence tallent.see him live, and see for yourself. Amazing!Thank you Colin.

  23. somekindatube

    It's no life being a cowboy,
    and eatin' all them beans.

  24. Ashley Webb

    Very talented musician and tough Scotsman who took a chance on going to the other side of the world. Paid off big time too!

  25. James Brown

    what a great song

  26. William Russell

    But I love your song and take your advice

  27. William Russell

    Hey Colin...that steam was sewer ...steam fyi

  28. Ian Ritchie Stewart

    Brilliant Hay!

  29. Charles Viney

    Colin Hay is amazing, glad i re discovered him, thank you Opie radio for having him on. Colin is a great song writer and funny.

  30. 6sIXsIXs9

    youre better off heading noth...or some place you never bean

  31. Peter Ngaia

    try that in lakemba sydney, 1 leaves 1 is burned next day.

  32. Andrew Butler

    a little of context, Colin said he saw a lot of violence and he said most of the fights started with the line "Are You Looking at Me"
    It could be also from colin's perspective as the cowboy people are looking at him.... It can be both and is likely both....
    Anyways the feelings that this song creates I can't find words for them, but I feel alive when I get the pleasure to listen to something like this

  33. keith sherbaugh

    Colin Hay needs to be in the next Highlander movie

  34. Abed Deeb


  35. Abed Deeb


  36. rafael eilon

    Love the song and the vibe, Colin Hay always top quality

  37. Thomas Heinzel

    waitn for this , sooo long

  38. pizza1953

    And I'll tell you if you listen and I'll tell for free! Young people should heed this advice!

  39. Santiago Garcia

    Genial canción del ex-líder de la banda australiana Men at Work, Colín Hay, en homenaje al famoso exfutbolista irlandés del Manchester United, George Best.

  40. drummarr61

    To the douch bags who don't know Colin Hay's Scottish and Australian Heritage. DO YOUR HOMEWORK i.e.turn on brain before opening mouth /internet.

  41. drummarr61

    Gaun yersel.Colin.Gaun yersel.

  42. NotOrdinaryInGames

    I love it when a music video has some sort of vision or a plot in it.

    In other words, love a good music video.

  43. Murilo Franco

    0:52 M.I.L.F!!!

    Tone Mc

    Murilo Franco That’s his wife

  44. Sandy Bandy

    I was in Wallaga Lake yesterday and thought of Colin............... Beautiful area

    James Brown

    what a song

  45. Susan Mitchell

    Brilliant saw Colin at Casino Rama and my brother and I were bantering with him all night.....brilliant:)

  46. Scottish John

    Been lookin' for song for yonks but I didn't know the title,now thanks to the playlist, boom boom I found it. Brilliant song, are ye listenin' tae me.???

  47. Gavin Watson

    quite brilliant. a man that rediscovered his accent and roots, or maybe he never lost them!. kind of came full circle from 'men at work'. great talent

  48. neil mccallum

    I like Colin for his longevity. Long may he continue.

  49. anfernee hathaway

    are you looking at me or b u i C k

  50. matmicmj

    Always love , John 13:34 ....

  51. pizza1953

    I don't usually swear, but this video and song are  FARGON AWESOME! 

  52. Brian Peacock

    Oh , " the are you looking at me pal" is very much a Scottish (Glasgow) expression. Colin has a slight squint and I am picking that he would've gotten tortured with kids saying this to him back when his life was in " black and white". Great wee song about his life.

  53. Brian Peacock

    The woman in back seat is his wife.

  54. Ned M

    Who is that striking dark haired woman in the back seat and dancing?

  55. Ned M

    1965 Buick Wildcat :)

  56. Moody Moots

    @ebender what you said means nuttin

  57. Billy Stewart

    There are, quite obviously, 10 absolutely ignorant people on YT as they hit the thumbs down button... Colin Hay is a wizard with words and an amazing musician!

  58. billyboy220

    Great song!
    better message!

  59. SheWoreLemon83

    Jeeepers, he really let that Australian accent go didn't he...that's ok, the Scottish accent is gorgeous!

  60. Sandy Bandy

    I have watched this guy on lots of channels.............. He knows who he is and knows "He has had his moment".....Love him.......... Come on down to Wollongong Colin.I am sure there are Lions Clubs here...

  61. John Chieto

    Yeah buddy, I am Lookin at you! I wonder if that line came about from the time you spent in NYC. I got to get my 3 year old to sing that line,, BTW, I named him Colin.. He love Mr. Hay. Thank you to YOU-TUBE, for without it, i would never have gotten to see all the videos of Colin in his more intimate settings with. I never knew how funny he was till recently, although I had a sense he was humorous, by all off the videos of him I have seen,, This Family Loves you Colin Hay!

  62. John Chieto

    Wow man! I appreciate yo getting the message to him, its great how he gets around.. I would love to know what he thought about what i said.

  63. Andrew Head

    Yes Sir Reeeeeeeeeeeee I have really became an even greater fan since he has been solo. Wish I could write with him one day; He is a great talent that is rare these days. shuvleman HD Parts

  64. jer taylor

    hey..john chieto....just saw him...in my little town of grass valley ca...place of 300 ppl ..got to tell him just what you said..and dittos on not becoming a COWBOY.. :)

  65. John Chieto

    Colin Hay is one of the most influential people of my life... I love your music man! Thanks for not becoming a COWBOY! I hope to meet you one day and thank you in person for all of the joy you have brought me through the years!

  66. Deon

    This is just such a class Track.

  67. svo65

    thanks for putting this on, good video.

  68. Fuck You


  69. Pete Atherton

    You mean better rapper then 98% of the rappers out there lol

  70. Roselyn Smith

    fantastic big man keep them coming . ps when ye coming tae glasgow ?

  71. joeywrestler22

    i love that car......

  72. Fuck You

    Still a better rapper than that 2 Chains fool...

  73. Not-So-SuperNova

    COLIN YOU DA MAN!!! :)

  74. Eddie Cole Music

    Don't mess with the man, he'll give you a Glasgow kiss!


    what record is this off of? great song!

  76. EverClearWonderful

    like that chimney the fires couldn't burn I was built to last..... BEST LINE!!!! I love Colin Hay. Beautiful voice in so many ways.

  77. MrMypentagram420

    he is the fucken man, however, know one knows who he is. different music i geuss. its going on face book.

  78. M C

    this is brilliant. yes, he is incredibly underrated, but anyone making high quality pop music over 40 years old is never going to get the recognition they would have were they 21. absolutely brilliant. as usual, the facial expressions are priceless. thanks colin!

  79. CornCod1

    Wow, an unexpected pleasure! Love the Scots accent. Smart lyrics. Rap is useful for something after all.

  80. Chad Smith

    If you have the chance to see Colin Live You SHOULD!

  81. Will Wilson

    Fuckin Lovely Colin...from Sunny Clydebank :)

  82. PutItAway101

    This is virtually a hip-hop production, but somehow, because it's Colin, it doesn't blow goats. Talent.


    Colin Hay has a place in my Heart .... ;-)

  84. UKR

    @Thee Tight Rope walKING Bag piper :))) River Clyde 2 Bondeye Beach C' ... Bourne Again Mister Haze ... Nice MO MENTOes ... come on 'U' Piper :)))¸..•*¨¨

  85. junglejamesie


  86. Michael Green

    That is soooooooo good. Thank you Colin!

  87. Dave O'Connor

    Great, great, great....

  88. Davie13Thistle

    Just heard it was your birthday
    yesterday Colin!

  89. Ned M

    a great artist, storyteller ...and humorist! Mr. Hay indeed!

  90. Davie13Thistle

    ........gaun yersell Colin
    muckin fajik!

    your moment's no over!

  91. vivahate

    wisdom words....

  92. David Rothman

    I had myself a moment ....... yes I did

  93. David Rothman

    I had myself a moment ....... yes

  94. notanfningain

    this video and song get better everytime i c an hear it; colin hay looks well 'ard in this vid, he should have auditioned for begbie in trainspotting

  95. Bob Grenier

    Colin, is one of the GREATS. Thanks for all you've done.

  96. Point do Colecionador

    I never get tired of listen to colin hay and men at work ;( great days that I'll never come back .

  97. justindoan

    But but... i thought he came from the land down under? oh yeah, yeah.

  98. Dennis J

    See, 'cause in his other songs he's "singing" not talking.