Hawthorne, Mayer - Fancy Clothes Lyrics

He takes his chances
Lets the chips fall as they might
He books that transatlantic flight
She works all day can barely stay awake at night
We all must learn to sacrifice

But that's the way it goes
So they say
C’est la vie
Put on your fancy clothes
Float away
From me
Yeah that's the way it goes
Put on your fancy clothes and ride away
And ride away

Parisian summers and the winters in LA
For him it's more than just a dream
She cooks her dinner in her Jean Paul Gaultier
She can't imagine what he means

But that's the way it goes
So they say
C’est la vie
Put on your fancy clothes
Float away
From me
Yeah that's the way it goes
Put on your fancy clothes and ride away
And ride away

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Hawthorne, Mayer Fancy Clothes Comments
  1. Sara Standley

    This song comes on at my work and I’m not a fan of this style of music but man when this song comes on I always turn it up

  2. señor JESUCRISTO

    POLICE! anyone??

  3. Hemi *

    Was watching, Robbie Shakespeare before this.

  4. Originalbeatsproducer YnZ

    Bluesey reggae, loving this!

  5. meNmusic4life

    This song makes me feel SOOOOO good!!!

  6. gamergalllllll

    I love reggae every now and then

  7. Jorge Arturo Duran

    esto es una chingoneria !!

  8. Hüs

    Does anyone know where to find the guitar tabs for this song? Its amazing, i need to find it, please help =)

  9. regeboj

    I just watched studio session with Sly and Robbie. You HAVE TO relase this song with them. Btw I discovered you while watching their studio cuts.


    yeah, that version got the extra skank, just hearing it travelling through the studio room


    Pure magic...

  10. D. Macho


  11. Jane Hoffman

    ok Mayer! you got all the greats covered... sounds gooood!!

  12. ShaiyaSin1

    definitely he has influences from The Police ;)

  13. Brian King

    The intro to this is totally "Boston Rag" by Steely Dan. Love it.

  14. Jabari Julian

    Finally Mayer. Amazing

  15. Miss Garandi

    amo essa musica.

  16. ijnek 17

    Fresh album ..very nice

  17. Tahitianpearl75

    What an amazing artist. Love his new album. This is medicine for my troubled soul.

  18. BigDipper13

    Steely Dan and Santana vacation in Jamaica

  19. SparkleBC

    It'll be my 72nd bday tomorrow and I just discovered you! I love your style...thank you <3

  20. phil orr

    need you to come share the love in the UK......

  21. ♡ ⋆ ˚。⋆ ☾ ZORA ☽ ⋆ ˚。⋆ ♡

    Come to Texas again please, I think you're my cosmic love

    King Dookie

    yes, back to Houston!
    Was my second time seeing him.
    But don't remember the performance past the fourth song of the set, got too wasted.

    King Dookie

    Mayer has an awesome fan base... Thank you to the guy who's name I can't remember for all the drinks!

  22. Leslie Harlan


  23. Anderson Melo

    Came to BrAzIl!!!! MAN ABOUT TOWN!

  24. James Cambell

    man this guy is off the chain. aww man i have to get this album. we have to support real artist like this .

  25. Ray Uini

    I love the Reggae Vibe!
    Sounds so chill.

  26. anna

    Loving the Caribbean influence

  27. Brad Kinder

    This is the jam. "Haitian Divorce" vibe.

    Greg Utz

    +Brad Kinder Came here to say the same thing. Lord knows I LOVE Haitian Divorce. Nice job Mayer, when you get comparisons to Steely Dan, you're doing it right.

    Marina Cimerilli

    Steely Dan with a little "The Police" vibe... great combination! :)

  28. Pedro Mouta

    great song Mayer! keep bring us your magic

  29. Adrian Moreno

    Been a Mayer Hawthorne fan since I heard When I said Goodbye a couple of years ago.
    Absolutely love everything he creates and curates. Favorite song off the album so far. Keep blessing us with you music Mayer! Love