Hawthorne, Mayer - Can't Stop Lyrics

I can't stop thinking about you
The way you turn me on
I can't stop thinking about you
No, no, no, baby

You stole my heart girl
(What a crying shame)
Yeah, a love torn apart girl
(And I was to blame)
Visions of you now
(When I close my eyes)
I can't let you go girl
(You've got me hypnotized)

I can't stop thinking about you
The way you turn me on
I can't stop thinking about you

I tried to fight it
But I can't let go
Cause everything about you is so incredible
I wanna play with your body
Softly, softly
And maybe we can get naughty
I'm so bossy, bossy
I always think of you and it makes me wait
I try to find the words to say
But I just can't speak
I'm so high and she's the reason why
Baby maybe we can spend some time
When you and I get intertwined
And you can let me hit it from behind

And now the winner report
I've started facing my infatuation
You have combination that's so hard to find
And when I'm chasing all the nights we've had in my imagination
I get a revelation that just blows my mind

I can't stop thinking about you
The way you turn me on
I can't stop thinking about you

I can't stop thinking about you
The way you turn me on
I can't stop thinking about you

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Hawthorne, Mayer Can't Stop Comments
  1. Will Orr

    how you do do

  2. Ronald Witherspoon

    Wow! Just came up on this, following Mayer' Snoop n' Mayer... Bad Ass Motherfucker"... do it again!

  3. Lakisha Townsend

    "I wanna play with your body softly, softly" sing that shit Snoop!!!

  4. kayjay111111

    This man is everything. Have and will follow Mayer's sound 'til the end.

  5. Alexiuse Owens

    This is my jam,been on it for a while now can't get off of it I'm addicted lol

  6. Sara Mauries

    So classy

  7. Roots

    Get 'em snoop! gitihm! GITIT! and big up mayor on the production- the beat is kinda savage, made me think snoop was gonna be rappin lol. I dunno how i hadn't heard this before. BIG

  8. Sandjoe77

    the real babymakin' music lol

  9. micety

    The most addictive song i've heard the last decade ! Never heard Snoop like this before.I love this jam !

  10. shawn thompson

    classic joint damn riding out

  11. Shin Kay

    Imagine...this music in GTA 5 

  12. kayjay111111

    Mayer love. Forever.

  13. Adrian Sanchez


  14. Nadia B

    shame on me...didn't know him...can't believe...he is freaking fresh

  15. Rolande

    Too smooth. Smh

  16. Kimjongil3000

    I wish this song was longer; so good

  17. CoCkatoo33

    this guy is tremendously talented!!!!!

  18. binzing

    That's how good Mayer is, coaxes the master to sing even!

  19. JasmineNikolee

    im in love with this song..its so refreshing to hear..im like a die hard #mayerhawthorne fan

  20. Momoneylee


  21. boogeefonk

    Hot sex on a Friday night!!!

  22. Pat Son

    Whoop Snoop sangn on tha track WHAT!!!!

  23. boogeefonk

    This shit is more than a breath a fresh air, it's a drink of champagne!!!!!!

  24. josewtp

    Snopp dog snopp dogi dog Ah ! Qu'est que on attend !

  25. Kuy Juk

    yeaaaahhh! Hoopin and Grindin

  26. loxodontafetation

    i need em glasses..

  27. Renaldo DeMerritt


  28. Renaldo DeMerritt

    NPR! This song is FIre! The Radio didn't do this Justice at All!!!! WHHHOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo!

  29. - -

    I could have sworn this guy was Black when I heard him on the radio.

    Mick Foley

    he pulled a Jamiroquai on you lol

  30. Yukari Bailey

    just found out they did a collab. holy fffffffff.

  31. albany12born71

    Long time comin, "Thank You Mayer for bringing back the real true funk and R&B soul to the mainstream. Love you man keep doing what you doing.

  32. Rashid Mawk


  33. kasey galvan

    snoop killn em!

  34. CR00K

    lol Get em' Snoop! Hawthorne is amazing.