Hawley, Richard - Midnight Train Lyrics

I know it's time to travel it's
The thing that takes a life
I remember knowing who I am
Maybe it'll be alright
But I've got to leave it here
I've got to leave you here

I know I gave no reasons
And nothing here is clear
But what it is I'm feeling oh
It's giving me the fear
I've got to head away
I've got to get away

It's time that I was leaving as those
Shadows fall on the midnight train

In time you know I'd leave you running
I just don't fit the world
This is something that I've tried
But it just don't work
Is there some other way
Oh is there another way?

I can't explain the reason
I just don't feel alright
I know I've tried to smile and wave
But I've got no fight
Left in me babe
No not in me babe

It's time that I was leaving as those
Shadows fall on the midnight train
The midnight train

And even as we roll away
The weight begins to fall
I didn't leave in hope for you
I just hurried down the hall
There's no other way
There's no other way

It's time that I was leaving as those
Shadows fall on the midnight train
It's time that I was leaving as that
Whistle blows for the midnight train
Midnight train
The midnight train
On the midnight train

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Hawley, Richard Midnight Train Comments
  1. Carlos Lamkin

    Remarkable. Brought me to tears.

  2. Simon Bennett

    Superb - beautiful album. What more can be said.

  3. D.A. Foster

    Not sure what inspired this song, but everytime I listen to these lyrics I end up with tears rolling down my face.

  4. micmac09

    Cette chanson me casse en deux ! (This song breaks me in pieces : approx. ;)

  5. Erik Max Q Mcc

    O M G where has Richard Hawley been. He is amazing I just love him.. this real and amazing Music !!!!!!!!

  6. show2270

    vendra' algun dia a barcelona ? unos de mis deseos es verle en directo ,me gusta mucho su musica ,grande ,gracias

  7. Mark Erickson

    Great LP Richard!!! Been a fan for years, and this is a nice addition to your work. A cloudy and cool sunday here out west and this is perfect. Further down the road you go.

  8. Janice Ward


  9. Gabriel Martinez

    This whole album is fantastic. Good stuff

  10. Rita Coppola

    One day..I'll take a midnight train..listening this song..


    very very nice midnight train richard hawley best wishes from tucson arizona

  12. Rita Coppola

    Hugs from Italy we adore you!

  13. Rita Coppola

    That's your super power..you create awesome songs !!!!!i love you Richard!

  14. Susan Dhifaoui

    fantastic album.

  15. Alberto Lobelle

    You can't go wrong with Richard Hawley.