Hawley, Richard - Is There A Pill? Lyrics

Is there a pill
That I could take
That would help me never feel that strange again?
Is there a crack
Inside this soul
That could change and show me it's alright to go?

So take me to the sun again
Oh take me to the sun again

Is there a pill
To untwist my heart
And help me sever feeling shame at being apart?
Then I would state
Upon my life
That I can't bear to feel this rage inside

So take me to the sun again
Oh take me to the sun again

So take me to the sun again
Oh take me to the sun again

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Hawley, Richard Is There A Pill? Comments
  1. Sven Steffen

    Well done, Richard!

  2. Mark Clapham

    Here come those violins again..... Love it, keep up the good work Richard! 😎

  3. Gray Summers

    I live in Wales. Fortunately I was in Halifax for a week running and looking after the ‘Leaf’ Vegan shop in the Piece Halls for a friend. Two doors down? A vinyl and coffee shop called Loafers. I loved looking through the vinyl boxes the shop has and on one visit the owner, Mark, is playing ‘Further’. This song ‘Is there a pill?’ was playing as I walked in. My God! You only get smacked sideways a few times in your life and this was one of those moments. Bought the album ( Orange vinyl) straight away. Can’t stop playing the album. And the whole album is just exquisite. The whole album. There isn’t a track on it that you feel you could skip. Now have a further 4 CDs now of Richard’s music too. Getting into them and listening to them as I type. Looked at his second hand vinyl prices to try to get what Further offers in this vinyl warmth medium. Whoah........very collectible judging by the prices. Simply a treasured artist I guess. And really justified too. Actually, I loved Pulp from afar but actually never realised the connection. Silly me. Could have got into Richard’s music years ago! Never too late though.

    Paul Nicholson

    Welcome to the club!

  4. Roberto Carlos

    auf solche Songs warte ich jetzt schon sehr lange von Hr. Morrissey.. aber so lange Mr. Hawley das tut ist es auch recht..

  5. Thomas Quatrevalet

    Both romantic and powerful, noisy but elegant, only Richard knows how it's done...

  6. Roberto Carlos

    was für ein Song .. wow..

  7. cullyhanna

    Loving this one. Hope you're in Belfast soon. Never seen you live.

  8. Alan Gilbert-Voss

    Yep, that's it. That's the one.

  9. Susan Dhifaoui

    so many of these lyrics on this latest album resonate with me on a personal level. love this so much.

  10. SHR Live Music

    Your music is like a pill for the soul!

    Susan Dhifaoui

    SHR Live Music sure is. A happy pill for sure


    Soaring, powerful, beautiful! Favorite track on the album.

    Mark Clapham

    I agree whole heartedly 😎

  11. Robert

    love this -)