Hawley, Richard - Ashes On The Fire Lyrics

I wrote you a letter
Late last night
The words on the paper
My true heart's desire

Now in this bright morning
Oh, what did I find?
No sign of the letter
Ashes on the fire

This morning brought sorrow
This morning brought tears
They bloomed like a flower
From deep-seated fears

My words like an arrow
Aimed so much higher
My bow broke asunder
Ashes on the fire

I know that you weary
Of this life we've made
In silence I sit here
And read the flames

Come sit down beside me
You ghosts of the pyre
And nightly remind me
Ashes on the fire

Ashes on the fire

Ashes on the fire

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Hawley, Richard Ashes On The Fire Comments
  1. Ivor Sivier

    To call him genius doesn'the seem enough.

  2. Vinicius Augusto

    I don't give a fuck if this is not going to be heard by Hawley, but Truelove's Gutter has put me into a cheerful depression that I only think that Hawley could understand. I love this album, I love every track from it. I really hope my comment didn't sound offensive for anyone. Thank you all for letting me say what I feel and think.

  3. crhistian villegas

    Perfección sublime...

  4. didoma73

    We need to see him doing "You Haunt Me" with Lisa Hannigan!

  5. Caméra Culture Isabella coda bompiani

    J'adore tout et surtout sa voix!

  6. vidimah

    great ****88stars

  7. ArbisIV

    qué preciosidad!!

  8. skarpi105

    "Alright that." Yep.

  9. JockinJoel

    Bit of a legend, this guy.

  10. Andrew Hughes

    does anybody know if he has an offical website

  11. Andrew Hughes

    love this song the outlaws.