Havens, Richie - Sugarplums Lyrics

It's late night and we're asleep, my love and I
Had this little fight now it's sugarplums all sweet and groovy
Reach out my hand and find that I am all alone
Just can't understand where's my baby, god I must be dreamin'
There by the light a little note and it's for me saying that you're right, but I shouldn't ever try to find her
The rest stay clear, too many tears
Can't find the words, they ain't even here cuz I'm dreaming god I must be dreamin'
Don't make no sense can't think of life without sweet things
Just don't make no sense, and I'm dreaming god I must be dreamin'
It's late at night and we're asleep, sweet babe and I
Had this little fight now its sugarplums all sweet and groovy all sweet and groovy

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Havens, Richie Sugarplums Comments
  1. Anne Haselhurst

    one of my most favourite songs of his. RIP, Ritchie

  2. Carl Tatz

    I never knew that this was a Bill Evans composition but it makes so much sense now. This is the definitive Riche Haves cut for me and the first thing I ever heard him do. Eddie Gomez, Warren Bernhardt and Jeremy Steig. If you look up incredibly beautiful up in the dictionary you'll hear this recording...

  3. Thomas Pick

    I love this song. It makes me feel very emotional and brings me to tears.

  4. rubiconski2008

    love this..

  5. LateNotes

    a master and a student

  6. Win Hinkle

    Yeah, I understand why this will be pulled down now, probably more concern now that Richie died less than a year after announcing retirement - bummer. I'll bet he could have written a great book on all that he has been a part of. Bet his relations are fighting over whatever they capitalize on from his estate. They miss the point of who and what Richie was.

    hello earth

    He did write a book.

  7. hookalakah

    Exquisite melancholy.

  8. Win Hinkle

    The jazz tune, "Sugar Plum" music by Bill Evans and Jim Hall, lyrics by John Court, Richie Havens' manager. Search bewinblog.blogspot.com for more info on how this tune came about. the jazz version is done in all 12 keys, progressing around the cycle of fourths.