Havens, Richie - Morning, Morning Lyrics

Morning, Morning
Morning, morning
Feel so lonesome in the morning
Morning, morning
Morning brings me grief

Sunshine, sunshine,
Sunshine left upon my face
And the secret of the shining
Puts me in my running place

Evening, evening
Feel so lonesome in the evening
Evening, evening
Evening brings me grief

Moonshine, moonshine
Moonshine dots the hills with grace
And the glory of the shining
Seems to break my simple pace

Nighttime, nighttime
Feel so lonesome in the nighttime
Nighttime, nighttime
Does not bring me to relief

Starshine, starshine
Chills the moon upon my cheek
Starshine, starshine
Darling kiss me as I leave

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Havens, Richie Morning, Morning Comments
  1. J.J. Morris

    The Pursuit of Happyness (2006) Brought Me Here

  2. Rodrigo Uruñuela

    Beautiful sound, touching song; Richie one of the greatest!

  3. Brian Smith

    Touched me just in time x

  4. Joseph Drach

    He was a great musician /singer.I bought this album back in the 70s and it still sounds great.May peace be with you,Richie Havens.

  5. Boz Phiz

    Richie was the greatest.

  6. Ward Bond

    God be with you.