Have Mercy - Dressed Down Lyrics

Dressed down on the bed again
I always loved you that way
I know it's not where you want me to be
But I just kinda want you to say

Love me like there's nowhere to go
Love me like there's nowhere to go
Love me like there's nowhere to go
Love me like there's nowhere to go

And I'm sick on the floor again
You always hate me this way
I know I'm not who you thought I would be
But I just kinda want you to say

You love me like there's nowhere to go
You love me like there's nowhere to go
Love me like there's nowhere to go
You love me like there's nowhere to go

And if you do I'll remind you about every hurtful thing you've ever said
And if you do just know I'll be there and I'll stop wishing and stop hoping I was dead
Cause God I've gotta figure my shit out or no one will fall into me again
So take my blood and take my comfort, you'll have every inch of me I've ever been

Just love me like there's nowhere to go
Love me like there's nowhere to go

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Have Mercy Dressed Down Comments
  1. Kay Jay

    Such a beautiful video.

    My Heart

  2. Jose

    I cant stop listening to this song I love it

  3. Victoria R.

    I find that the beginning looks a bit like "I Miss You" by Incubus but in slow motion idk xD

  4. Sonal J

    Why did I watch this video again ffs

  5. SuperSuspicious [cousinzbandmack]

    For those confused, this is my take: he dated this girl in high school. Throughout the video he’s imagining what life would’ve been with her if she wasn’t killed in high school and he’s beating himself up for not going back that night and protecting her against that drug dealer that killed her. He’s now reminiscing of what could’ve been and at the end, the year book confirms that she did die before high school ended so they never got to be together afterwards. It’s truly sad and so dynamic. He even imagined what it would’ve been like if he took the bullet instead of her because he loved her that much.

  6. Filmgenics

    Fucking Onions :(

  7. Dacian Miron

    We can blame hopeless for our emoness.

  8. Mario Andrada

    who's cutting onion?

  9. Timexdistance

    Im already crying

  10. hannaww bear

    Cool. I was totally wanting to ugly cry today.

  11. Aylen Ferreyra

    This hits so hard

  12. Blank Vic

    Goosebumps 🔥

  13. Skeleton Outta Ten

    Great. Thanks for making me cry.

  14. Mercy Ortega

    Can someone explain the video?

  15. Tarandeep Saini

    Can someone please explain this video to me? I'm so confused. :'(

  16. Sendilla Humaira

    53 seconds in and I already shed tears

  17. WilkuTheLame

    Not only is their music excellent but every video is beautiful

  18. Miss Jade

    Aww my big brother showed me this and it brought me to tears! Whyyyy!? 😭😭😭

  19. Aja René


  20. Andyouwillknow

    NOPE. Long gone are the times of "Let's talk about your hair" or "Ancient West"... uninspiring, unoriginal evolution of a once promising band :(

  21. Samantha Armendaris

    Goddamn that was good. Go Ryan!!!!!

  22. Ur Dad

    Rachel snapped 😳😳

  23. Clare P

    Every one here for raqquel dislike the video

  24. Matteo Hobson

    Love the Song but damn the video is a masterpiece, gives so many feelings with every little detail, being everyone really important to make us understand the situation and the characters. It does what some 90 mins movies can't do. My best congratulations

  25. Sonal J

    really moving : (

  26. Ananda Sastra

    Emo trump

  27. Joe L

    Well damn done

  28. Clare P

    Props to Rachel for getting an older man


    okay i'm crying.

  30. Narzick

    Alright fuckkkkkkkkk youuuuu for making me feel these feels at like 3am

    Amazing song and video for real though

  31. Omaha

    Damnit this actually made me cry. I love you Have Mercy..

  32. Some girl named Abby

    Dang this is good
    Your voice is really good!

  33. Drew Meyer

    Chills. Omg what a song

  34. _imjustchriss


  35. Marieve L

    ahaha it’s Rachel ily rachel❤️❤️

  36. christopher rojas

    I absolutely love have mercy so much...

  37. Aerin Kelly


  38. Shhhlissa

    I’m so confused

  39. Bisqcateer

    Have Mercy - Depressed Drown(ing in my own tears)

  40. papi shampoo


  41. John Matias

    Can someone explain this? He got shot, she is seen running to him but she was the one who died? I'm just a little confused :(

    Nicole Knox

    He is looking back at his life in two ways - one view is reality that his girlfriend in high school was killed by an intruder - he is imagining that he was there to see it and was killed instead. He is also imagining what his life would have been like if she hadn’t died.


    @Nicole Knox thnx

    Fabulous Killjoy

    Nicole Knox oohhhhh ok.

  42. Jules Rudzki

    Rachel, you are so talented. This is amazing!

  43. Ronnie Rice

    Makes you realize we are not guaranteed tomorrow.

  44. Mitra Hu-Henderson

    rachel knox killed in this

    Ur Dad

    Omg true

    Marieve L

    yes mitra

  45. Ariel Frias

    my heart

  46. Rigs

    And. Sad. Thanks.

  47. Connor JW97

    How can someone even press the dislike button on this song

    Josurf Lawakeli

    My thoughts exactly....

  48. Billy Castro

    Ik know that girl in that video

  49. Christian Skinner

    Well, that destroyed my heart.

  50. The Evanator

    It’s Rachel I know, her love u Rachel 😘😘😘😘😘

  51. Jake Budd

    Thanks, Have Mercy, I love crying at 2:40pm on a Monday.

  52. Roland

    nothing like getting drunk and getting manic on a mother fucking monday

  53. sad nibutani

    I’m beyond speechless

  54. Lexi Lykos

    found through alt press, not disappointed

  55. KewlKidd

    New Counterparts.??
    New BMTH.??
    New Have Mercy.?!!

    I hate being selfish but... More please...????!!

  56. Cole Harrison

    Up 2 (2019)

  57. Levi

    Haven’t felt so many feelings in a while

  58. Eric Perdue

    Love it

  59. Zack Zimmerman

    Well I wasn’t planning on crying today...

  60. Lindelwa Hlophe

    wow this got me crying

  61. KrustBuket


    Elijah Saez

    KrustBuket it’s not new, it’s on their latest album that came out a few months ago...

    Fabulous Killjoy

    Elijah Saez Yeah The Love Life

  62. Анастасія Катц

    Shet why is this so good

  63. Devan Carlile

    Já ouvi essa música depois de ver um vídeo da Little Caprice e perceber o quão vazia está minha vida.

  64. Hugo Herrejón

    Gosh, I've been waiting so long for new music from these guys!

    Elijah Saez

    Hugo Herrejón this isn’t new, it’s on their album The Love Life... came out a couple months back.

  65. cloud 420

    I like it

  66. Cami Pereira

    First comment S2