Hause, Dave - Mother's Day Lyrics

It was Mother's Day
When you came clean
We let the car run under the overpass like when we were teens

You said it ground you down
You said you made a mess
You said your world was grey and the kids were the only colour that was left

I think I spoke too soon
I always hate it when you cry
I should have told you then what I'm writing now, it kept me up all night

You're gonna be fine
Mother's Day comes and goes
Summer will be here soon to chase the chill away
We'll chase regret out with the ghosts
You're gonna be fine
Give it some time and you'll see
You'll have these East Coast springs
Three headstrong kids
You'll have Jesus and you'll have me
You're gonna be fine

It was a parking lot
Near that South Carolina dive
I came unglued, I freaked you out, let the bees out of the hive

I let it go too long
Long past the point of fun
I hadn't gotten it all out of my system yet
I said I'd move on, I was done

I think I spoke too soon
I always hate to make you cry
Like on Mother's Day when you told me again
Folks like us are never satisfied

But we're gonna be fine
Just like you told me before
Oh I can pick back up and get to work
Or I can walk right out the door

But I'm gonna be fine
To Carolina to sea
We'll have heads like hives on Mother's Day
So thank you Jesus for the bees
We're gonna be fine
On Mother's day
Gonna be fine
On Mother's Day
I'm gonna be fine

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