Hause, Dave - C'mon Kid Lyrics

It seems like you're doing better these days
Even though things are falling apart
I know it's brutal working minimum wage
It's like you're finished before you start
Things got ugly for a while back there
I know I thought that you wouldn't pull through
Late at night when the phone would ring
There's no telling what you would do

Sometimes we'd yell and act mad as hell
Sometimes we'd act like we didn't care
Some of our love was just suffocating
It left you turning blue and gasping for air

C'mon kid, c'mon, it's one foot and then the other
Everybody needs a hand sometimes, everybody needs a brother
Well c'mon kid, c'mon, I'm reaching out to you
Get out of bed kid, face the world, and show us what you can do

I'm sorry I was always casting stones
Like my glass house couldn't be smashed
I spent as many nights as wild as a lion
I was lucky that I never crashed
Look, I've never really been no angel
I see a lot of myself in you
This little town can feel a lot like prison and angry young men
Angry young men always have something to prove
Always have something to prove

C'mon kid, c'mon, it's one foot and then the other
Everybody needs a hand sometimes, everybody needs a brother
Well c'mon kid, c'mon, I'm reaching out to you
Get out of bed kid, face the world, and show us what you can do

I know you ended up with bills to pay
I know she promised you that she would stay
I know they told you he died for your sins and he's the only way

I know it caught you by surprise
I got a call that you almost died
Second chances are a crime to waste
So don't let time decide
Don't let time decide

C'mon kid, c'mon, it's one foot and then the other
Everybody needs a hand sometimes, everybody needs a brother
C'mon kid, c'mon, I'm reaching out to you
Get out of bed kid, face the world... show us what you can do

C'mon kid, c'mon
C'mon kid, c'mon
C'mon kid, c'mon
C'mon kid, c'mon
And show us what you can do

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Hause, Dave C'mon Kid Comments
  1. Wyatt Patton

    Wow. I found something I didn't even know I needed. thanks

  2. Craig D

    C'mon July 31st! Thank you Dave and cant wait to see you!!

  3. Adrián Bouza Cortés

    Dave Hause Saved My Life... Hugs from South Spain Dave

  4. Kelbo

    If only I heard this song when I was 19.

  5. Shortbread Head

    always loved your music Dave, just had a sudden flashback and can't believe I've went this long without listening to you, you still writing?

    Sebastian Theis

    bury me in philly just came out..another mazing piece of music by mr dave hause in my humble opinion !!!

  6. marty bardawill

    This song has literally saved my life on multiple occasion. When i was down and there was no mom, no dad, no one to give me advice and push me to find strength. This song always helped for some reason. Gave me motavation and it helped put everything into perspective. Great song with a great meaning.

    Adán Israel Martinez Murillo

    yeah man, i feel the same way
    is amazing how music can do this
    hope you are better dude :)


    marty bardawill Hope you're doing better now man. Easy for me say I know, but try and remember that things will always get better. For what it's worth from a random guy on the internet, you've always got a willing ear if you need to talk/vent/whatever . I've lost people to depression before so if I can help even one person then I'm happy

    Steven Ketchum

    I know I'm just a random person on the internet and I definitely don't know what you're going through, but know you are not alone. Might be a good idea to find a permanent solution for happiness. Doctors and therapists, they're kinda the shit!


    This song is amazing and it put my mind to its place in many occasions, but what really stays with me is *your* comment... You could move on, you still have the strength to keep on going and reading your comment gives me motivation, so I just want to Thank *you* . Stay Strong, man!

  7. Dea Likes Bands

    This song is so much better live. He's such an amazing performer.

  8. Connor Bailes

    Great Video. Subscribe to me


    +Connor Bailes Dont tell me what to do!

    Connor Bailes

    dont expect people to like your videos


    @Connor Bailes
    Cant say that i care that much really.

  9. Dee

    Been too long. Ahh feels good

    Maurice Leake

    A very presage love

  10. Ashley Loupe

    Can i just make a clone of you or Brian Fallon??? Seriously where are the guys that are like you. I must be living in the wrong place. 


    @Ashley Loupe hey


    hows it going? hope you're well

  11. gamer4633

    Dave Hause is a fucking star... totally rocked The House Of Blues, GREAT THINGS TO COME.
    Sincerely, "THE FLIP OFF GUY" of Dallas"

  12. J B

    Saw you open for Alkaline trio 3 years ago, you are amazing.

  13. Kevin Lederer

    I think ingala had won the most pompous douche award

  14. Ingala Sacha

    Wow, it just has everything I hate in music, a strong selfish and self-centered feeling, a song that clearly has the ambition to be pop music - not hurting anyone's feeling as much as possible - and a song I don't like

    Ingala Sacha

    You're probably right, my post was just about the feeling I got listening to this song, not any further !


    its because self centered people help other because they are able to be emotive to others... people who hate self centered people maybe never found theyr own self and what tey belong too 

    Brandon Del Pozo

    i think you gotta get your ears checked

    Insert Name

    Ingala french kisses his mom.


    every time you see an idiot post on a video, it's always good to check that users videos and see if they have any credibility.
    In this case -    . . . . my fucking sides!

  15. panzertoo

    I am beyond enamored with Dave Hause...way beyond!

  16. Scott Davidson

    My friends brother actually directed this :D

  17. Tigerpuffer

    I bet this video was a lot of fun to film. xD Dave Hause you're my fuckin hero, rock on

  18. GNARLY_91

    Real talent right here

  19. Double Plaidinum

    Yes sir.

  20. Stew1337

    This was absolutely awesome at the tivoli on the 10th, its a pity it was one of the worst crowds i'd seen in ages

  21. MrShoyru

    I watch this video whenever I need positive vibes

  22. Felix Broeckx

    Loved your show @groezrock, keep up the good work!

  23. JCSglobaI

    Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ - TRUST JESUS - LIVE FOR JESUS CHRIST and you will have everlasting life !

  24. Pix Reed

    Just heard you on the last Mike Davies R1 Punk Show and I absolutely love this song! I sent it to my hubby and it turns out he toured with you/The Loved Ones a few years back and you are apparently a cool guy :-) beautiful song.

  25. SkateSpeech

    Saw Dave at The Fillmore in Charlotte a few days ago with Skinny Lister and Flogging Molly... I was there for the main event of course, but both of the opening bands killed it. If you get a chance to see them all on tour I would highly suggest it. Lots of fun.

  26. Shane Sands

    Great song! He kind of reminds me of Bill Burr haha

  27. Tory621

    Saw Dave at a Bouncing Souls show in London in October, bought him a shot of Jameson while he was on stage. Good guy, good music.

  28. Runar Hansen

    he did the same thing in London, and I got the chance to talk to him. He really is a great guy and a really good artist.

  29. Baloo0254

    Saw him yesterday, great guy. Even came to the merch booth to sign stuff and talk a little.
    Musicians really can learn a thing or two from him.

  30. Knackbacke

    Saw him yesterday in Frankfurt as a support act for TGA - really enjoyed his music!

  31. Даниил Буланов

    Thanks!!!! Great song!

  32. macdaddygoodtimez

    my brother bought him a whiskey at his Seattle show in July

  33. CuffmanBelgium

    This brings back memories of a crowdsurfing kid in Antwerp last year.

  34. Joshua Cunningham

    HOW HOW HOW! Has this not even hit 40,000 views?!?! and HOW HOW HOW! Has it had a disliker?!

  35. Dean Williamson

    You were awesome at The Junction last night! Wow!

  36. En NiNa

    Saw him last night, he was absolutely amazing!

  37. Mike Teagle

    Dave, you've got red on you.

  38. KramT

    Anyone else thinks this song really suits Jessie from Breaking Bad?

  39. Philipp Eichenauer

    he takes the beating like a man, even when the chick beats the shit out of him :D !

  40. Pouty

    dave is the reason i'm still alive. this song saved my life.

  41. miera1029

    thanks to the revival tour, I discovered dave :) now i listen almost every day his album

  42. Daniel Acorda


  43. Alk3ohol

    Hause of pain

  44. EssexSpark

    Awesome song, Stage Dive Dave rocks!

  45. Eli Webster are one of my biggest influences in music. No words can express how I feel about all this music,oh wait I do....These songs beg to keep my heart!

  46. Emma Hallows

    Why is he damaged in all his vids haha

  47. barbedwireluv

    GO DAVE GO!!!

  48. quietriot

    This is such a positive and sad tune at the same time. Reminds me of the times when I was listening to "Nine Days" years ago. Love the mixture of blues and rock.

  49. Yusuf Laher

    This is awesome!

  50. Rich Rice

    Mr Hause you are amazing.

  51. GraveShifterSkeeter

    awesome video Mr hause but how come in all your solo videos you are gettin hurt?

  52. WoeBoeT

    Come on Revival Tour, come on!

  53. Eric Cost

    Dave, this video is fucking awesome... and it is precisely what I needed to see right now... thank you for your great music, and another quality video

    I appreciate it

  54. Tom Lister

    Much better quality than the Rock Sound version. I love this album.