Hathaway, Donny - I Know It's You Lyrics

Nothing feels better than my baby's arms
They've around me a long time
Nothing feels better than some good news
Makes you glad to face the new times

I tell you nothing's better
When there's no need to look
'Cause you know who's there
I smile the world over

When I think of the past
How we past all the test
Through the good and the bad
And that's why I wanna see it by now

No, I ain't got nobody else in mind
I know it's you
No, I ain't got nobody else in mind
I know it's you

Home is the castle you built in my mind
I'm home anywhere, anytime
Peaceful and patience, easy taken time
It's so nice to have a simple mind

I tell you nothing's better
When there's no need to look
'Cause you know who's there
I smile the world over

When I think of the past
How we passed all the test
Through the good and the bad
And that's why I wanna see by now

No, I ain't got nobody else in mind
'Cause I know it's you
That's the reason I wanna stay right here
'Cause I ain't got nobody else in mind
I know it's you

No, I ain't got nobody else in mind
I know it's you

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Hathaway, Donny I Know It's You Comments
  1. Dana Terrell

    had he lived...
    Dana T.

  2. Dorothy Sylve


  3. Tanisha Anderson

    Donnie was a musical genius!! And do yall hear THE Legendary Cissy Drinkard Houston in the background vocals!!!

  4. Dorothy Sylve


  5. Alan Caunce

    Supreme Magic From An Absolutely Brilliant Artist.Thank You And God Bless Mr Hathaway,
    For This And Many More Majestic Memories You Have Left Us All To Enjoy,From An Amazing Legacy.

  6. Renee Hurt

    Rest in blissful peace and happy birthday to one of the dearest voices you will hear miss you so Donny 10 1

  7. imbees2

    I never hear this song

  8. Jackie Maree Reekie

    The best singer and songwriter ever to have graced this planet in my opinion... ❣️

  9. Ryan Dula

    Kinda makes you want to wave your hands like you're in church

  10. radiant onion

    His gift was ours to listen to.

  11. Andy Smith

    My faves are Aretha Whitney Ray Al and Marvin but I think this guy May be the best Such tone power and more. Seems a loving soul too

  12. Manuela alberto

    When I listen to Donny's voice I'm happy to be alive. Forget all my sorrow and I can feel my soul breathing 🦋

  13. Manuela alberto

    I Love You Man. Think you've been understimated. Your Soul was great, Your voice one of the greatest voices in the world. Thanks God Who let me know how wonderful Genius you were. Love you Donny ❤️

  14. Manuela alberto

    20 dislike don't have a soul.
    I love you Donny ❤️

  15. Narvia Williams

    BEAUTIFUL love song, sung by that singing angel👼Donny Hathaway that the Lord Jesus👑let us have for a little while. The Lord👑has Donny👼singing in His Heavenly Choir🌷❤🌹!!!!!!!

  16. 박민성

    mother fucker

  17. Janelle Grimes

    Donny's voice and those beautiful words. I can't never get enough of listening to Donny. He was and still truly one of the greatest singers of all time.

  18. Todd Tollfree

    Evil men who smiled in his Face.. could not coexist with this beloved spirit ..... they know who they Are? Amen Rah brother Donny... the Gods will deal accordingly ..

  19. pamelaeleby3

    This man was so amazing . His voice is a killer it's so natural and pure and smooth ..

  20. Alexander Trossen

    Taking us to church. Such a tragic story of the best soul singer ever!

  21. Queen Canis Lupus of The Wolf Pack

    Donnie you always sang the songs that were so beautiful. They touched the heart. "I hope you are singing with the Angels." You are alive and free from this world's problems and confusions now. You were the Songster for the Lovers of this world. You encouraged people to hang in there and hold on to their love. You are missed. You were a light to love. Thank you and I know that you are watching over your daughter Lalah she is following your lead. Rest In Peace in that beautiful place my Brother of Spirit.❤️

  22. Michael Perry


  23. Mwanzie Saffa

    Such a GRAND TALENT. Donny, you will live FOREVER in MY mind!

  24. the Desda hip hop desda

    Bomm bomm bap mistic

  25. eligah8

    R&B with a Gospel twist. Donny was a beast and one of tge goats!

  26. Giovane & Flávia

    So eu de brasileiro ouvindo ?

    alice s.b

    giovane silva Não

    Giovane & Flávia

    alice s.b vc tambem rs tem gosto exelentes para musicas ...

    alice s.b

    Obrigada. É bom saber que tem outros brasileiros aqui também especialmente porque é o Donny Hathaway um dos maiores da música

  27. BE. eats

    straight gonna sample that... beautiful

  28. Soso Sanchez

    Rest in paradise to one of the greatest singers who ever lived..❤❤🎶🌌🙌

  29. irawardmusic

    16 dumb demons had to press the dislike button.
    16 God forsaken souls with a computer, what an abomination.

  30. AccountSeller

    Does anyone know the song that this was sampled and used in?

  31. Anthony Simmons

    Donnie sang the absolute hell out of this song. Why didn’t I know this song existed.....

    Dennis Barrie

    Anthony Simmons who’s Donnie? Donny you mean?

  32. Cee Note

    I got depressed looking at political videos so I came here ~~ Searched for Donnie Hathaway and voila'. An hour later and here I (still) am. Donnie Hathaway is the best way to improve ones mood.


    Sure is. I told.my sister the same thing

  33. Barbara Butterfield

    Still so good!!

  34. Anyah Osakue

    Wow. I needed this music at this time. Thank you and much respect.

  35. Brian Rossiter

    RIP Leon Ware :(

  36. wyndhl eodumegwu

    Donny Hathaway has been a one-man church choir; hasn't he?

    Mona D

    wyndhl eodumegwu yessssssssssssssssssss

  37. BLACKGURU635

    the greatest singer ever.

    Aket Damuzi El

    BLACKGURU635. Indeed, yes!

    Mwanzie Saffa

    Nuff said.

  38. Barry Beal

    this has been my favorite album all my life always return to it to be inspired.. love him

  39. SnowWhite21

    What a a voice!So rich and raw!This Man was anointed

  40. Motownlover Motownlover

    So beautiful!!! I love Donny!

  41. Thekiso Eland

    I can't get over this song and this amaziiiiiing voice .What an immense talent you had,bruh? Love it!

    martin durrant

    The best!

  42. MrDjDaredevil


  43. Tino 09

    This man was an extension of God's arm, with his immense gifts and passionate creations Donny continues to show us how powerful Love is.

    Ronnie Felder

    If I had to choose, Donny would win hands down!! Not only could he sing, but he used all ten fingers while playing the piano!! Consummate Performer!!

    ÄdiÖ ÄyÖ

    Tino 09 the perfect voice

  44. Soraya Belgrave

    This was my wedding song.... 6/31/2013... The words are so.... deep!!!!

    ben flint

    What great taste you have.......

    alice s.b

    best wedding song ever!

  45. ndumiso madlala

    I have had nothing else in mind but this song for the past month. What a voice!

  46. ndumiso madlala

    I have had nothing else in mind but this song for the past month. What a voice!

  47. Tayfun Y

    Real Soul Musik 🙌🙌🙌

  48. Karl Oakes

    What a tune ..

  49. hiroemon1978

    good song good voice( ;∀;)

    muse ik

    +hiroemon1978 good is not enough to describe donny ^^

    William Watson

    hiroemon1978 Thus sooo, Solomon, my brother!!...Amen,😉👏👏👍😎

    Cintia Luz

    +hiroemon1978 Wonderful song, wonderful voice.

  50. Whully WarChyfe

    1:25 have me there i tell ya

  51. Harry J. Müller

    Man,what a memorie of youth...

  52. Jazz Matt

    Wow!!!!! Sometimes in life you can be reached through song. Amazing Mr. Hathaway happy birthday

  53. Kenni Wells

    My shit!

  54. Les Lee

    I get chills when I hear this song... Soothes my soul.

  55. Michael Wilson

    Don't hear singers or songs like this anymore. You have to experience this to be able to sing it from the heart. If I could sing I would be singing this to my wife right now. 

    RoDi Baker

    I Concur 1000%

  56. Lungile Nhleko

    Why do the greatest artist die. Donny, which song is better than the other. Those keys.

  57. Raphael Saddler

    it happens every time, and i mean every time...i start listenin to bro D Hathaway and im blown away. song after song. every R&B singer should sit down and listen to this man. 

    RoDi Baker

    I Concur 1000% He left his Gift with his daughter, Lalah.

    Ciarra Johnson

    Yes he did 😥😥 Lalah is a monster

    Viva Habbit Van Assen

    Really I don't believe we have that deep love we once had as a people we lost something from these days of Donny and all the other brother who could really blow.

    Vicky De Maere

    Raphael Saddler: Same here (no wonder he jumped out of a window (he was too sensitive for this plastic world))

    one sided loyalty is for suckas

    Vicky De Maere how do you know he jumped?

  58. Benjamin Foster

    just plain GREATNESS

  59. Man O'Neal

    "Nothing feels better than my baby's arms. They've been around me a long time..."

    C Flow

    love that lyric!!! Love me some Donny Hathaway!

  60. riz rollins

    this song gives me the shouts..

    RoDi Baker

    Me Too, Bro...

  61. gcass672

    Back in the day when we had brother who could blow from the heart. Lord I love me some Donny always have and always will. Can't touch that tone and soul it the real thing.

  62. Bobby Malik

    This needs WAY more views

  63. keemyfoke

    this song is truly magnificent. Leon Ware wrote some of the most beautiful lyrics and chords I've ever heard

  64. d gladman

    THIS....is a true work of GENIUS from Donny Hathaway....Beautifully written, arranged, and sung....Phil Upchurch on guitar, and the brilliant Stanley Clarke on bass....Listen to the background wocals....this song is as close to perfect as ANY I have ever heard in my lifetime.....BRILLIANT WORK DONNY!!!!!

    Lady T

    I could not agree with you more!!!!!

  65. louisrocca55

    Don't have a favourite Donny track. Don't have a single one that I don't like either.

  66. Tezz Strick

    My fav Donny track

  67. oohprettyme


  68. Michael Quinn

    Donny left all of his soul on the vocal track...

  69. Kelli Evans

    Wow, wow, wow!!!!

  70. Jay Ross


  71. Mocha

    This is an amazing way to let someone know that you love them.....so, I had this CD delivered to the man that I love with all of my heart and soul......