Hatebreed - Under The Knife Lyrics

I can't seem to fathom
how we live in this world
of pain, under the knife see
our bodies grow frail, ravaged
by disease my heart grows weak,
and there's nothing to cure
the pain or to heal my scars now.
I won't live my life under the
knife. If my fate's been chosen
then I will exist, or should I put
the razor to my wrist,
I'm alone is this fight, how will
I prove I'm right? I won't live
my life under the knife.

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Hatebreed Under The Knife Comments
  1. Cuauhtli-Mixtli Mendez-Martinez

    Metal-core Ratio: 40% METAL, 60% Core. Verdict: Most Metal-core bands are hardcore bands that make decent metal albums. Most Metal core is basically chugging groove metal with a d-beat in the back ground with shouty hard core vocals. Change muh mind.

  2. Leo Lombardozzi

    Needs more lyrics about overcoming adversity.

    Josh Grisham


  3. xRENEGADE156

    Not One Truth got some serious Madball vibes

  4. Muddy McMudskipper

    I saw them open for Strife in a church (1996) and bought this on cassette, from Jamey for $3.

  5. Speciosa Saves

    Love this album. Makes me want to smash the fuck out of disrespectful people.

  6. jane.doe.is.hostile 34

    This album is legit

  7. Daniel Murphy

    YA @9:59

    Daniel Murphy

    Can't stop replaying it

  8. Keith Malaski

    One of my favorite albums def one of there best

  9. TBone2000Man

    i guess ct had a phat scene back then is that true?

    Philip Messina

    Yes and Long Island



  11. Justin Garrison

    First hatebreed I ever heard. Still best in my opinion.

  12. Endless Nameless

    When i hear "when i wake up the real nightmare begins" i am reminded of my wife

  13. Unpaid Shill

    IM GONNA TAKE YOU OUT!!! on a date??

  14. Davd Steelman

    hmmmm....almost forgot Hatebreed used to be a 'hardcore' band.

  15. Dieuson Octave

    \m/ 😈 \m/

  16. Hovik Hmayakyan

    amazing !!!!

  17. Astromyxin


  18. Felipe Silva

    this version of Puritan is much better !

  19. Dan Murphy


    Seelan Palay


    Unpaid Shill



  20. patman0250

    a lot of people don't know that their first 2 album had the vocals slowed down in the editing room and when perseverance came out I think he wanted to try out his voice with out altering it and a lot of fans did not like it at all . hard core hatebreed fans actually hated perseverance with a passion because fans loved that deep sounding vocals. it was a very unique sound and to have that high pitched vocals fans thought it was shit .. honestly I didn't like it either I think the bigger he got the more he needed to step away from the voice altering because live it will not sound the same .. but I think he got to a point were he sharpened his voice where it sound more and more like the original slowed down vocals that people fell in love with in the first place .. that's why the last 3 songs sound different because he wasn't altering his vocals..

    OB Powerlifting

    patman0250 No offense but can you explain clearly and with better English/Grammar skills?

    Kevin Parsley

    i went to show after show with them playing and he always sounded like that... weird he would need to "slow it down" in the studio but not on stage.. for example.. i was at this show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHgTKXcWtnY his voice sounds like the demo there.. as far as the difference on perseverance - you know its kind of common for hardcore bands to switch up the sound for a change up

    Dod Flykt

    no!!!!! youre wrong! early days they are a copy of Crowbar

  21. Logan DeMott

    metalcore ratio 15% metal/ 85% percent hardcore. = metallic hardcore



    Dod Flykt

    of course!


    Logan DeMott the best mixture

  22. Edgar Campos

    Fodido demais

  23. NoLife 67

    du lourd!!!!! cette E.P nice!!!!

  24. 187cobrajet

    DOPE !!! THUMP UP !!!

  25. Jughead Hogan

    I eat my Asian wife's food while jammin out to this old skool nonsense.....I'm torn inbetween ...I'm under the knife!.....

  26. gilang n

    lol sounds like entombed, but with a lot of hardcore beatdown, not fun.

    Cuauhtli-Mixtli Mendez-Martinez

    @el jefe mad that hardcore took notes from metal right?? Lol

  27. qwertt

    Hardcore girls like this one because of the part where it's like "I'm gonna take you out, I'm gonna take you out, I'm gonna take you out. . ." You see they're feelin' it

    Endless Nameless

    qwertt until they're "severed"

  28. qwertt

    When a cute little monkey gets a little pin stuck in its cute little paw, it feels all the anger you hear in this Hatebreed album


    It's saying "This cruelest offense. . . must be remedied. . . I call on you all. . . my ape hardcore brothers. . ."
    "Those who committed this grievous offense. . . will not run forever. . ."

    Unpaid Shill

    fuckoff619 - He got a bullet, not a pin

    Dominic Pollina

    @patman0250 your dad

  29. Rusty Kuntz

    Last 3 tracks are real raw, sometimes w bands like Hatebreed I like them more with the bad production, in the raw.


    +Rusty Kuntz true man iwas just thinking that too

    Stephen McGuire

    I love the rawness of the Acid Bath demos the most, I prefer it over the two studio albums

    Keith Malaski

    I totally agree I LOVE the production on this


    Lo-Fi production is awesome. It's everywhere in Black Metal.

  30. BIOHAZARD - R - US

    Whats with the sound difference between the first 4 and last 3 songs? Are they from different releases?

    Jackin' Mofos

    This EP is their first two demos combined. The last threes songs are from their first demo released in 1995. The first four were released some time after that.

    Adam Sechrest

    J M you are correct

  31. Reign of terror Zion

    to me this is there best ,ep! great and hard!

  32. E T

    god that first riff in smash your enemies is still stupidly heavy

  33. Littlebear

    Filth is what you knowwwwww

    E T

    +DilutedYouth207 the only hatebreed song you'll ever hear with a blast beat.

    E T

    +DilutedYouth207 also the reason i just clicked on this album to listen to it haha had the breakdown stuck in my head and im like alright what the fuck is that song?!

  34. Sikario40

    After all these years I still have this cd


    +dssin me too man

    Get Some

    had this cd for years, drove a rental CDL truck out west and back to PA with nothing but this album playing. Lots of folks got yelled at. i can not unlearn every word of this album. this album is now a part of my DNA. GIT SOME

  35. joko febrian

    90's rule always the best!!

  36. Herbivore 710

    Friends, local shows, and good times. Miss it