Hatebreed - Kill An Addict Lyrics

You've made excuses
for the fucked up things
you've done but everyone's
heard them before, your
lying and stealing to feed
your addictions won't be
tolerated anymore. I tried
to help you but you spit in
my face, so now you're on
your own I see your life
slipping away, you brought
it on yourself . . . GO! Those
I've hated are the ones I've
held so close, and those who
use betrayal will be the
ones to suffer, the ones to suffer
the most

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Hatebreed Kill An Addict Comments
  1. The Joker

    This version is way better than the original. The vocals are much stronger in this one.

  2. starface2211

    only thing i like better is the breakdown at the end, i had always kind of pictured it that way in my head anyways

  3. starface2211

    this version is not as heavy

  4. Gabriel La Torre

    I...don't like this...I know that UTK had some of the worst recording imaginable but this is kind of taking the song in the other direction and OVER-cooking it. I think I'll stick to the originals, though I appreciate the effort on their part.

  5. NamajnaG AKA Filou13

    Sounds less hardcore than the LP version, But still damn good.