Hatebreed - Filth Lyrics

I won't celebrate your
genocide and I won't consume
your lies, and you cannot
deny how your selfish ways
kill and ruin innocent
lives, people have been
exploited, people have been
killed, humanity has been raped
and still I see no cure. I won't
consume your filth. Filth is what
you know, filth is what you
consume, filth is all you know,
I'm gonna take you out.
I can justify your suffering,
can you justify theirs?
You degrade and destroy
life as we know it to profit
at any cost. I won't consume!
I won't take part! I cannot and
I won't, I won't consume your filth!

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Hatebreed Filth Comments
  1. yung drizzt

    im gonna take you out

  2. Get Some


  3. Jughead Hogan

    Wanted to listen to thrash metal; learned about tide sensitive ad bullshit...days later I am so hooked....while thrashing that is hombre....hahaha.

  4. Marquise Harrison

    Good but the quality on this 1 is way off

    Get Some

    lol. quality wasn't an issue at the time of release. we are spoiled humans nowdays. when this came out, all you had to do was back down the treble and add a little bass and it sounded just fine. didn't have to touch 47 buttons and wreck your car trying to find that perfect sound like they tell you to look for in television commercials. FILTH IS WHAT YOU CONSUME. no one hears you, you're society's infection.

  5. J.J. Decay

    Damn Hatebreed kinda sounded like Suffocation back in the day.

    Ranger Baez

    J.J. Decay lol what?

  6. contradextra

    Psh. 1995 Avalon Skate Park, Newburgh, NY.

  7. NamajnaG AKA Filou13

    Larry Dwyer Jr. Also, Fuck off.

  8. persevere77

    destroying life as we know it.... at any cost. Will not consume your Filth! Filth is all you know.

  9. Katie Burak

    Best bass ever

  10. Ruud UFI


  11. phuckingemailmehere

    love this breakdown the china sounds so sick!

  12. fukOsamazMama

    I'm gonna take you out!

  13. boscheck123

    i love these blastbeats, make this heavy shit even heavier...

  14. Andy Thomas

    This is real Hatebreed.

  15. Andy Thomas

    Probably the best Hatebreed song...This is real Hatebreed.

    Get Some

    right click center of screen + click loop = happiness.

  16. Kurt Rummel

    i remember seeing this live at a skate park in CT when this demo came out. i crapped myself, metalcore breakdown bands owe their allegence

  17. Edgy

    This sound is brutal sounds amazing

  18. 666

    2005 views. This shit is too heavy for most of the motherfuckers on the web.

    Get Some