Hasselhoff, David - Rhinestone Cowboy Lyrics

I've been walking these streets so long
Singing the same old song
I know every crack in these dirty sidewalks of Broadway
Where hustle's the name of the game
And nice guys get washed away like the snow and the rain

There's been a load of compromisin'
On the road to my horizon
But I'm gonna be where they lights are shinin' on me...

Like a Rhinestone cowboy
Riding out on a horse in a star-spangled rodeo
Like a Rhinestone cowboy
Getting cards and letters from people I don't even know
And offers comin' over the phone

I really don't mind the rain
And a smile can hide all the pain
But you're down when you're riding the train that's takin' the long way
And I dream of the things I'll do
With a subway token and a dollar tucked inside my shoe

There'll be a load of compromisin'
On the road to my horizon
But I'm gonna be where they lights are shinin' on me...

Like a Rhinestone cowboy
Riding out on a horse in a star-spangled rodeo
Like a Rhinestone cowboy
Getting cards and letters from people I don't even know
And offers comin' over the phone

Like a Rhinestone cowboy
Riding out on a horse in a star-spangled rodeo
Like a Rhinestone cowboy
Getting cards and letters from people I don't even know
And offers comin' over the phone

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Hasselhoff, David Rhinestone Cowboy Comments

    Absolute nails this version. The hoff doesn’t take himself too serious. Folk on here shouldn’t too 🙌🏼🙂

  2. bgill694

    Hes lip synching!!! But the song sounds good on him. Hes just not performing it live here

  3. Alan Al

    Marvellous cover of the late Glen Campbell super hit. Very good orchestra just love the lively beat and David stage movement. Awesome. Very talented Knight Rider and friendly guy.

  4. Martin Keane

    Hoff is simply class ... is there anything he can't do...

  5. RoseBudpony1

    only tolerable country song coz it’s original & not too boring.

  6. Trevor Bourgeois


  7. Jenny Ralte

    Still looking good and handsome 👍

  8. McBean

    He´s a better singer than actor

  9. Ramil Carolino

    I do this song David

  10. T Methven

    I love this video. Love the giant boot. Love the setting. Love the scene.

  11. Alice Henderson

    Another words, Mikorara, they need their ears cleaned out, he's super fantastic on this song, Way to Go, David, you sound better than Glen Campbell, on it, I fell in love with your voice and performance on this song. ❤❤💖💖💐 🌹😉

  12. Matthew Beck

    Look at my groin, ladies. LOOK AT IT!!!

  13. Loupie Loupie


  14. E.P. R. Bowe


  15. Guz Gonzalez

    Tnx Ric! God bless!

  16. Guz Gonzalez

    David Rocks!.. Regards, God bless!

  17. Sara SM

    Me gustas tu voz david comtry

  18. Martin Patrick

    The big German performance of Rhinestone Cowboy darn he sounds like the late Glen Campbell.

  19. Maddie Jackson

    This is lip synched 😂

  20. Joyce archa


  21. Edward Lancaster

    What the fuck why am I watching this answers on a post card please

  22. Bernd Schröder

    Two Germany Television

  23. Bob leroy

    I can see now why
    Woman throw them self at his boots.

  24. zofia zajac

    Uwielbiam to .....

  25. Milo Wolf

    Good god, his voice....is amazing. Those low notes, I never knew his voice could drop that low. O__O I'm in love.

  26. Daniel Olewski

    I'm delighted, because this song is remarkable. The performance of David Hasselhoff is really beautiful and unrepeatable. It's excellent voice and fascinating dance!

  27. Samuel Wahlberg

    why does he always lipsynck?

  28. Julia Brown

    What a great voice.. I love it

  29. Dschoean

    I don't get it. I'd rather hear some pitchy vocals than this autotune mutilation. Hasselhoff does not need this treatment, he has a good voice.

  30. mizmusiclorikeet aka Kara L

    This is one of the funniest things I've ever seen, he's such a ham, that giant cowboy boot just *slays* me. Oh and he's not exactly painful to look at either. ;')

  31. Sick of PC BS

    Sounded like crap, but at least he was sober... for a change

  32. Firdaus Motafram

    The most bullshit song... bhosdo

  33. Louis Parsons

    I physically cannot watch this without pissing myself laughing and i dont even know why he's not even a bad singer i think its the dancing

  34. Thinura Cooray

    What a great voice! Never knew he could sing!

    Alice Henderson

    I hadn't really heard his songs til last June, boy was I shocked, he is amazing

  35. Anna Lena

    scheiß die wand an...how can such a creature exist...

  36. Beccy Hurlbut


  37. Beccy Hurlbut


  38. tim scheuer,ann

    have you herd night rocker?

  39. Dan C

    Good god...

  40. 紅媚阮氏

    Verry good I love David Hasselhoff.....

  41. Jessie Diaz

    Just Love It❤️❤️❤️

  42. Robert Ashby

    What's up with the oversized boot?

    John Lindsey

    He is playing to a bunch of krauts in the Fatherland das Herr Fuehrer. They need a visual hint of cowboys.

    Guz Gonzalez

    it's up to look for d missing one ; -)

  43. Michael England

    looks like the band is on a screen behind him

  44. Alereato Alereato

    utter crap

    Keith Wigley

    Not Crap ? .. but somethings not real about it ? Trying to put my finger on it .. who is really singing ? See Kathys song cover Albert Croak on Youtube and use link to all other videos.

  45. Sheamus O'Heeman

    God dammit. Why am I just now discovering this shit?

  46. David Scottmaclean

    i will be having this removed from youtube.

  47. Leigh Jordan

    The best lip sync ever......... I love the rockin country cello

  48. Robert Sharp

    Bullshit better than glen Campbell .

    Keith Wigley

    Is it real ? I mean Is it real umm mmm.. real ? ? ? and ? see kathys Song cover Albert Croak on Youtube . link gets you to all other videos ?

  49. Reinhardt Wilhelm

    I got an Overwatch Ad!

  50. Ong Wei Qiang

    Reinhardt brought me here

    Johnny Peaches

    and to the classic that is Night Rocker!

  51. John Smith

    Best cover version of Rhinestone Cowboy ever!

    Greg Gutierrez

    I agree. I do not know of any better cover to this great song.

    Alice Henderson

    Yep I agree totally, best rendition of this song ever

  52. 梁安東

    Better than Glen Campbel!

    Philip Kearney

    Too far

    Keith Wigley

    But is it real ? See Kathys song cover Albert Croak on youtube .

    Adalberto Gomes Macedo Filho

    梁安東 ナンセンス話をしないでください!

    Keith Wigley

    And new ones their god a I don't understand keith wigley ..its only the river. .Suzanne cover. .boogie it on down for you keith wigley on youtube and others to see

  53. Gerda Nijland

    toch een goed nummer

  54. LeDari

    Playback as hell. I dont think i have ever seen actual live singing from David lol.

  55. Scalpelo 92

    Michael Knight!! My respect to you David!!

  56. Trouble Wilson

    I WILL SING THIS SONG I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Keith Wigley

    But is he really singing it .. somethings not coming across ? See Kathys Song Cover Albert Croak on Youtube .. use the link to all other videos ?

  57. seeburg220

    The German backup singers are awfully peppy in this song, lol.

    Kendo Arasuta

    Wouldn't you be, seeing The Hoff from behind in tight PVC trousers?!

    Kelly Weingart

    [email protected] Arasuta 😁

    Kelly Weingart

    tight leather pants...lol

  58. zigzagbigbag

    Germans love David Hasselhoff

    Khalil Archer

    Knight rider?

  59. billy mctaggart

    I love david hasselhoff becos he the man

  60. Quickdraw Mcdraw

    he's no cowboy either.

  61. Quickdraw Mcdraw

    too bad he can't act. the voice isn't bad,is it really his?

    Keith Wigley

    The point I have been Making to a lot of replies on this channel .. something is not real about this. .. see my real awful cover of Kathys song cover Albert Croak on youtube And Click on my name to all other Videos ?

  62. Bush Craft

    This is just a rape!!!!! goddammmmm!

  63. 7328143297 arboledadelacruz

    What you mean Demont?

  64. 7328143297 arboledadelacruz

    pulmonary shut up

  65. 7328143297 arboledadelacruz

    sounds better than Glen Campbell and better looking then him to

    carson foster



    I donno bout that

  66. Annie Valentine

    WoW .. A Smile can really hide all the Pain .."

    กฤษณวรรณ เพ็ญนารายณ์

    ภพฃิใๅดียีๅรัะะพะะพคัครตคคค าทแป

  67. pulmonary 40

    This must be a German fundraiser to get him the hell off a stage

  68. pulmonary 40

    Glen Cambell will never forgive this douche for butchering his classic

  69. Parkorn Duangmanee

    Verry best song

    74 Ruth chow

    we love it, lo.....................ve.

  70. Direk Thadadej


  71. Ann Onymous

    Good voice!

  72. Lance T

    pure cheddar! but who's better?

    Krystal Harwood

    @Frank Spacoli GC

  73. Jake Marsing

    Obvious lip syncing is obvious.


    wow groovin!

  75. Demont Washington

    Live performance my fat black ass. He's lip-synching. Watching him perform this (notice I didn't say "sing") is like watching Justin Bieber doing James Brown.


    @Demont Washington 
     Real live on this one.

  76. jeffy123 master


  77. Frank Walsh

    I didn't know he could sing.
    That was a nice surprise.
    Good for you David!

  78. FishOnTwoWheels

    Of course David doesn't hold a candle to Glen, but it's not a bad attampt and quite a respectable one at that!

  79. mikorara

    I'm  surprised  at  how  many  people dislike  Hasselhoff's  rendition  of this  classic. Like  him  or  not ,  DH  has  a good  voice  and   if  you  think the  contrary then  please have  your  hearing  checked. To say  that  this  awful  like many  of  you  have  written  below  is  absolutely ridiculous  and  biased. Your  obvious  dislike  of  this  man  must  take precedence.


    mikorara well, its not really his voice....yes he is singing but its heavily assisted by technology. if you want to hear what he actually sounds like, listn to night rocker. aside from the songs being absurdly cheesy, his singing is not absolutely terrible,.just not perticularly good either.


    People who hate The Hoff can Kiss my ass! Seeing HIM live next Year .... Proud to Be à Hoff-fan

    Filipp Hinterschuster



    mikorara it’s called a opinion douchebag

  80. Geoffrey Holland

    lip sync

  81. Survivrs

    Hasselhoff sucks. He could never hold a candle to Glen Campbell.

  82. Spirit Alight

    Sehr gut!

  83. Daniel Self

    Wow  I loved  it 


    Me too.. I love you too :)

  84. B A Guy

    i wonder what percentage of the backing musicians killed themselves later in life...


    now that`s funny,nearly pissed myself,great comment man

  85. Robin Hot for you

    Echt super gesungen Bravo!!!!

  86. John Lindsey

    a bunch of people were having a lot of fun. so what if you do not like him, there's always the beaver for you.

  87. I.maiden 4 life eddie

    He shoulda stuck with gaywatch lmao

  88. I.maiden 4 life eddie

    The wannabe cowboy lol

  89. CathyRuhl

    that was really really awful.

  90. BadInTrouble

    hehe der kerl ^^

  91. Kayla Kain

    Omg could image randy mantooth trying to sing these song with him nice David loved you and randy in terror at the London bridge got a auagroph form randy mantooth

  92. Wills Salaytah

    Cool vid

  93. Alexxx Bx

    Kid needs a fucking bullet!

  94. Orn 1111

    ชอบเวอร์ชั่นนี้ ดนตรีกระหึ่มมาก....ฟังแล้วสะใจ

  95. club6000

    I wish HE'D get washed away like the show and rain.

  96. Michael Holm

    dude he's really singing the song

    Alice Henderson

    Yep he really is singing, he has an amazing time & puts so much feeling in his songs, love listening to his music, people that don't like his music need hearing aids

  97. Peter Clausen

    Of course, the ZDF would not have singers really singing on their network. For real.