Hartman, Dan - Vertigo / Relight My Fire Lyrics

Help me escape this feelin' of insecurity
I need you so much but I don't think you really need me
But if we all stand up in the name of love
And state the case of what we're dreamin' of
I've got to say I only dream of you
But like a thief in the night
You took away the love that I knew

Relight my fire
Your love is my only desire
Relight my fire
'Cause I need your love

Turn back the times 'til the days when our love was new
Do you remember?
No matter what was happenin' I was there with you
But if we all stand up for what we believe
And maybe live within our possibilities
The world would be wild for the dream
So baby don't turn away
Listen to what I gotta say

Relight my fire
Your love is my only desire
Relight my fire
'Cause I need your love
Relight my fire
Your love is my only desire
Relight my fire
'Cause I need your love

You gotta be sure enough to walk on through the night (yeah)
There's a new day on the other side (yeah)
'Cause I got hope (hope) in my soul
I keep on walkin', keep on walkin' baby

Relight my fire
Your love is my only desire
Relight my fire
'Cause I need your love

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Hartman, Dan Vertigo / Relight My Fire Comments
  1. John Zeller

    Danced my butt off to music like this at the Gemini Disco in Yorktown Heights,N. Y. back in the mid 70s. Man do I miss those days!

  2. Bill Globe

    Got to be strong enough to walk all through the night, into a new day on the other side!

  3. DJ Hutcherson

    My favorite part is from 8:47 to 9:03...those strings are so beautiful!!!

  4. damian latimer

    thiis song played at the beginning of The Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder in the 1979-1980 season

  5. D. R. Cole

    An anthem of pure faith and joy when we needed it.........and we still do now. I love this artist.

  6. Bonita Knierim

    If you were there during the height of the Disco era in the 70s, you know what an adrenaline rush felt like dancing to music like this. You were getting a real physical workout and didn't even know it, lol but it was great as hell! Best time ever!

  7. Jay Blue

    this ain't right......CHI-TOWN U BETTA STAND DA FUNK UP!!!!!!!

  8. Anthony Gatta

    The quintessential go to, never fail song for the past three decades!

  9. Fabricio Rodrigues

    O melhor canal do YouTube, Pipoca e Nanquim me trouxeram aqui

  10. William Arrascue

    Like, if you still listening to this masterpiece......November 2019

  11. Jean Guigou

    Ceci est l ouverture du studio 54 au 54 avenue de mahattan n y et le resteras et je l ais en maxi45 t

  12. G P

    OMG! I remember dancing to this classic many times when it came. 💖💖💖

  13. Tony Vaughn

    One of the greatest club songs of all time!

  14. Michael O'Connor Jr.

    R.I.P. Dan Hartman! You could do it all; engineer, produce, bass, guitar, keyboards, piano and drums. Thank You for giving the world one of my favorite songs "Free Ride" when you were with the Edgar Winter Group.

  15. Marcus Aurelio

    **Celebrating the 42nd anniversary of Studio 54**

  16. Paul Kane

    When Dan breaks into Relight My Fire, it still gives me chills.

  17. Michael Gabriel

    The best to walk into a club back in the day and hearing this come on !
    I have to to the bar !! Later

  18. kelcey mccray


  19. Craig Peyton

    Loved working & playing on this track w Dan. He said it would be a big hit, even before the lyrics! RIP Dan, you were a giant!!

  20. Rob Connors

    Night Gallery Disco Brooklyn NY

  21. Tab Utu

    If you can get a hold of Classic Disco Mastercuts Volume 1 I highly recommend it. It opens with this & then just gets better.


    when this song kicks in at 3:10 i am back once more dancing the night away!

  23. Bradley Paulus

    More wonderful disco! There is nothing like it - it lives forever.

  24. Johnny MFan

    Relight My Fire seems like a sequel to Instant Replay. The passion of Instant Replay burned out and now he wants to get things going on again.

  25. John D

    ....and at 2:56 , was my introduction to the song. I didn't know for the longest that a song that makes me think of Tom Snyder, was really a longer track that obviously makes others think of disco, dance floors, and a few other things I missed. Dan and Miss Holloway, you truly left us with a great one, and a big colortini-cheers to Tom Snyder--you sir, are very much missed!

  26. patricky9

    Dan Hartman = amazing !!!!!

  27. Andre Cureton

    Omg this take me back in time when we were care free not goibg to the clubs without getting killed Dan music was the best omg and yes even in the hood we Danced our asses off his music the best dance moves omg !!!!

  28. Mark R

    I needed this today. My fire is re-lit!

  29. Rosita West

    Ahh! What a classic! ❤❤❤

  30. Alberto Lainati

    vedo che ci sono 243 sordi

  31. IVOR WM

    The Best

  32. Carlos Llerena

    Maestro carajoooo,,,,,,,,,,,,!

  33. Sandra V

    I love dancing around to Vertigo while I get ready to go out 😁

  34. Andrea Nicolo De Candia

    Like a disco in the heaven. Or the heaven in a disco.

  35. Rodolfo Ayala

    Rip greatness. Bless with manyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy of your beautiful beloved tracks Amen 🙏🏻 🇵🇷🇺🇸💃🙏🏻.

  36. Antòni Gèli

    Built as a 3 acts opera. Thanks to take that, this tune finally gained a #1 pop chart; in UK. Justice given 15 years after, few weeks before dan death

  37. Sarina Burke

    Great song.

  38. Byron Burkhammer

    Very painful, awful music !

    Tab Utu

    You also voted for Trump.

  39. shannon stewart

    To those who enjoyed this song who MAY be a lil young listen to another old song called
    "Loving is really my game". Dont know who sing it but its old and will make you move and feel happy. A maybe just maybe a lil gay lol. I secretly fell in love with the song and it turns me into a str8 punk🤣

  40. Dave Fuller

    Classic disco at it's very best!

  41. Matteroftime⌚

    My heart skips a beat when I hear any disco music. Those were the days.Great memories.

    Rosita West

    Me too! And I was just a kid!

  42. Julio Chivichon

    I knew when I heard this song for the first time that I had struck gold. This music is beautiful I’m a million ways Dan Hartman is truly one of the best. Was :( but his music lives on and so does he in our hearts. Such a shame his music career is so hard to find footage of

  43. Julio Chivichon

    One day we’ll all be up there dancing with dan

  44. Julio Chivichon

    Dan Hartman is the most undervalued artist of all time

  45. Kurt Kressu

    Forgot how good this song was in my disco days. Awesome !!

  46. Koop Dahvill

    GREAT DISCO SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. francis888ful

    Ah, the memories.

  48. Robert Nieves

    I was 2 when this song came out. Whenever there was a 2 or 3 hr disco block on the radio in the years since, this song was always on the playlist. This song is...the only word I can come up with to do it justice is "majestic". It's just that damn good.

  49. James Carlo

    Damn this song is so amazing totally energized me almost missed my stop 😁

  50. taliah H

    RIP Dan and Loleatta.
    224 people have vertigo and need their fire relit.


    Thanks for another gem, Auntie! Peace and blessings to you for honoring the memory of some great artists.

  52. aandgdesigngroup

    This is the essence of dance music...

  53. rickw1100

    Truly awesome. A great piece of music. Never gets old.

  54. CVNW0696

    That white boy could sing his ass off! Love him! RIP Mr. Hartman!

  55. Errol Thomas

    Hello Miss Auntie Soul. How are ya? I see that you're always uploading some real good music. Keep it up so I won't stop jammin' and groovin'.

  56. Helen Grigsby


  57. Helen Grigsby

    Oh! Ms. Holloway tore this up. She brought the church all up in this one.

  58. Helen Grigsby

    My Blue Eyed Soul Brother. Tear Paradise up. Yeah baby!🍷🍷🍷🍷

  59. Henry C

    R-I-P... We will hear you and Loleetta when we get there...

    Daimon Mario Perez

    See you on the other side...

  60. marcus markus

    Another classic pre bump

  61. Fabricio Rodrigues

    Vim pelo Pipoca & Nanquim , o melhor canal do YouTube . PETARDO

  62. Lee Johnson

    Love it. Classic ❤

  63. mark bock

    disco music was awesome during 1977-1980.then just became electric dance or euro disco

  64. elizabeth hartin

    This is real disco music to dance to.

  65. Megumi Bandicoot

    It was a damn good feeling when this song played during the end credits of GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony.

    Diogo Marques

    Old days

  66. Melvin Bennett

    song doesn't need the female. Dan is great by himself.

  67. Александр Ушаков

    Dan- самый "дикий" исполнитель disco!!!

  68. SharkSport

    He sang Free Ride before he went all disco

  69. Errol Thomas

    I have this on vinyl. It's used but still works real good.

  70. surfitlive

    This track IS fire!

  71. surfitlive

    Gotta be one of the best segways into a song ever up there with Boston's Foreplay/Longtime.

  72. GOLD & APPEL

    Chicago 1980!

  73. Sharon Laudat

    OMG!! I remember dancing so much to this song. Thank you Dan Hartman!

  74. J D Ritzke

    If this so easy to do ... You sing it ! (Loud) !! ... “could” take some effort !!!

  75. NPS

    this guy sucks

    ali s

    Just like your mom.

  76. Pun2404

    Diamond Dave brought me here, glad I came, so did she..! ;)

  77. Koop Dahvill

    LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Pamela Hassan

    OH, SO AWESOME! This song takes me back to the days of skating! That long intro.....WHOA!!!! The Xylophone....The violins! AH!!!! I miss that kind of music.

  79. Bonita Knierim

    One of the best intros into a phenominal song...kind of like foreplay, just waiting for it.... Even after all these years, still makes you want to get up and dance your ass off. Great song, nothing today offers this.

    Rosita West

    Totally agree!

  80. sabrina brown

    Bring back a lot of memories!
    Big disco hit in the Boys Clubs!

  81. Sunny Evans

    Heres some mo fire 4ur soul a goodtime 2b alive it was love everywhere rip danny boy we love u

  82. Anthony Rodriguez

    AuntieSoul34 . . ROCKS


    Thankyou!! :p

  83. Sunny Evans

    Go dannyboy real badboy of his time boy was mean trustory youmg1s rip bro

  84. Adam Miller

    Did G E smith play on this classic?

  85. Mario Alberto Carmona Pinzón

    Bellísima melodía, me trae muchos recuerdos de mi adolescencia. 1979.

  86. DanVR

    Someone commented "We like papaya" and now I can't unhear it.

  87. nyneanderthal

    I remember when i went to the clubs in 1979 i danced so much I had to go outside and ring my shirt out it was soaked, had a smoke and went back to dance some more and when the clubs closed we went to the after hours clubs and got home like 10am, those were the days, makes these days look very boring comparatively.

  88. David Laidlaw

    Unfortunately people think its an original track by Take That.NoNo we were all dancing to this years ago and Loeatta Holloways vocal smashes anything lulu could do i love this

  89. Melvin Bennett

    When we danced and drank/smoked/snorted the nights away. V.I.P North, 2001 Pittsburgh,
    Heaven (Pgh.) The Ritz in Monroeville and the Spare Room (North HIlls).

  90. platadeluna

    What a flow what a feeling. Heaven must have a disco.

    Rosita West

    Oh! How I love your comment! Lol

  91. Andrea Nicolo De Candia

    Best disco song ever

  92. Gerardo Rosales

    estas son la cuna de todas las canciones de la musica

  93. J D Ritzke

    Couple thousand people having fun

    it not just disco ...
    it’s the sound system
    it’s called presence

    It’s the electronics
    it’s the in sync light show

    mind altering !!!
    i was like a deer-in-the-headlights
    Watching a UFO 🛸 landing


    One of the most iconic intro in disco history.....thanx for the disco memories. .RIP my friend.

  95. Gary D. Ford

    This is a very good song

  96. Solar Flare

    I was 13 when this hit the radio station. This song is one of my all-time favorites for the outstanding performance of this incredible ORCHESTRA 🎶

  97. Bobby Linning

    The police would literally explode when this came on


    Relate my fire , Will always be number #1 to me

  99. Richard Connelly

    The final record I purchased in the 1970s.

  100. Mileek Wood

    Dancing my butt off like I'm in the club