Hart, Corey - Tell Me Lyrics

Tell me that you'll always stand by me forever
You're the hidden treasure destiny has found
Tell me that you'll always chase away the demons
You're the only reason that I am still around

Through this tunnel of love
I've been trying to see my way to the horizons
When the night is long, your sweet voice
carries me to the skies!

Tell me that you'll always hold my hand forever
Never to surrender the dream were fighting for
Tell me that you'll always be my superstition
You're the one condition that I've been waiting for

Everybody wants to believe in love everlasting
We're all hoping to find what I see in your eyes

Tell me that you'll always write me secret letters
Sleep under the moonlight, dance under the stars
Tell me that you're gonna kiss me in the morning
Peaceful, easy feelings, together we are one
Tell me that we're gonna brave the storms together
There is nothing better than love under the sun, oh yeah

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Hart, Corey Tell Me Comments
  1. James Smith

    Never heard this song before. Never played on radio just the same two never surrender and sunglasses. I like this song and some of his new songs. Too bad they don’t play on radio.

  2. Maryjane Sutherland

    Mary stands for lady or kwe

  3. Maryjane Sutherland

    Hi baby you know where I come from north America hag on ok baby.

  4. Donna Blyth

    Love this song.

  5. Catherine C.

    C’est avec cette chanson que je l’ai connu.
    J’ai connu ces plus vieilles tounes plus tard

  6. janice sanderson

    Perfect video for the times . Awesome great song from Corey Hart 👍🏽👍🏽


    To think i live 6 mins away from where he was born n raised!😎

  8. Marc Lévesque

    me souviens de ses jambes arquées.

  9. Menacexp

    Hart and David Duchovny look a like, lol

  10. Prinmel 84

    I remember calling the local radio station daily asking them to play this song! I'd wait there ready to hit play/record on my tape player!! Great song, still love it today!

  11. maryjane Sutherland

    ok your getting them💙😇😎🌷🌠💋

  12. Wesley C

    Corey's a legend, I heard his song of the remix of this song when I was young.

  13. Tony Tiger

    wtf from [email protected] to this late 90s era crap.

  14. Maryjane Sutherland

    love this song also ox

  15. princejoseph80

    One of the best Canadian artist (male) after Bryan Adams of course....

  16. Roxy Jimbo


  17. Trauriger Mensch

    cool :-)

  18. K. O'Boyce Field

    love this! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  19. TadpoleAngel345

    Caravan forever

  20. Jennifer Fill

    cool song

  21. Jamal Sambare

    #TBT MuchMusic Countdown February 21 1997

  22. b18 dc2r

    Brings back memories of being a teenager lol... :)

  23. stonecole23

    This was actually the No1 cancon radio song for nearly 2 months in the spring of 1997......just one of those tunes that everyone knows, but everyone forgets til they hear it

  24. Rodo Franzetti

    my fav too!!!!! GREAT!!!!!!!!

  25. Phoebe

    love this.

  26. 777HeatherB

    Very nice -:)

  27. Sonit88

    Love all the smiles in this video! Great song! :)

  28. psaunited

    LIKE :)

  29. valleygirlknits

    love it! :-D

  30. PLCJockey

    awesome tune. Thanks for uploading it.