Hart, Corey - Angel Of My Soul Lyrics

Our love was no mistake
I'm the one who created all this madness
Today I feel like a frightened child
I let you go, let the flower die in the cold
Crazy night, crazed philosophy
Forget my ramblings, they don't mean a thing
Baby I know, you're the light that guided me
Baby I know, (I know) you will always shine
Baby I know, you are still a part of me
The better angel of my soul
I used to believe in forever more
With quiet arrogance
I would look down at all the others
Now I sit alone in this unforgiving room
With no compromise, no miracles
To save this bleeding heart
Wild pony find eternity
It's the only truth I still believe in
Baby I know, you would run a thousand miles
Baby I know, (I know) to see the sun rise
Baby I know, you're the river giving life
To the angel of my soul
We will always live in each other's heart
We will always live in each other's heart
The angel of my soul
(Angel of my soul)
The angel of my soul
(Angel of my soul)
You will always shine
(Angel of my soul, angel of my soul)
I believe.

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Hart, Corey Angel Of My Soul Comments
  1. Cindy Griff

    ~Corey, you have Always Written so Many Beautiful & Tender Love songs while still So Young, such a Fine Talented Song Writer you Are! I kept Believing in my Heart that my Life-long CH Dream to finally Meet You would Come True in my Hometown of Victoria, B.C. Canada, and IT DID! June 24th 2019. Corey I hope you're Proud of how Many Souls you have Deeply Touched & Helped Save with your Beautiful 'Gift of Song'. When Life gets Harder, you Taught us to 'Never Surrender our Hopes & Dreams', keep Chasing The Sun, for this I cannot Thank You enough! You have been Blessed in finding the Truest Love there ever was with Julie and your Lovely, Talented Family. Your Sweet Momma Mina Hart taught you So Well, Bless her Caring, Dear & Loving Heart. I am beyond Thankful to You for coming Across Canada this Summer Corey, I had THE VERY BEST TIME Watching you Perform Live in Victoria June 24th & again June 25th 2019 in Vancouver, B.C. I thought your voice sounded Better Than Ever!! With Much Appreciation for All You Do for your Fans, Thank you so much! Cindy (Sooke Girl) Griff, Cory and Family.~

  2. Cindy Griff

    Corey, so many of these beautiful songs you have written while so young, really blows my mind how very talented you are! This song may have been written for someone else back when, but it still resonates so beautifully from within. If I had my wish you'd be singing this beautiful song to me in my hometown of Victoria, B.C. where it has been my life-long Dream to finally Meet the Man behind the empowering Lyrics I was guided by. Corey you should feel very proud of how many Souls you have deeply touched with your 'gift of Song', you saved your Caravan many times when Life was very hard, and you taught us to 'Never Surrender our Hopes & Dreams', for this I cannot thank you enough from the bottom of my heart to yours. You have such a lovely, talented Family and the deepest truest Love there ever was in Julie, your Momma Mina taught you well, bless her dear departed heart. xx I will see you soon Corey June 24th in Victoria & again June 25th 2019 in Vancouver, I'm beyond CH STOKED!!! With so much appreciation for all you do for your fans, Cindy (Sooke Girl) Griff.

  3. Angela Chountalos

    Flawless vocals as usual! Cant wait to see you in vancouver on June 25th! This song gives me goosbumps :)

  4. maryjane Sutherland

    sorry about that I pushed the wrong button something. a a I know you don't drink I'm not starting. over it was such well written I sentence o well💙that's how i feel about us💙 still do a lot

  5. Fedelito Joven

    7+27+ 2018

  6. maryjane Sutherland

    I wish u the best in ur music ï hope to meet u someday if not at least ï gît to listen to ur songs always a friend m.j.s😇

  7. maryjane Sutherland

    Ill be taking horse therapy this spring ï cant wait to go to the ranch this spring to get therapy from the horses 😇

  8. maryjane Sutherland

    I found peace with in my self i didnt have To look To hard with the help of you without u i would miss you i would feel lost even i. Have my 3 adult kids they dont know meaning of love ya un typing in watching a movie at least trying to im not much of a movie fan 💙💙💙

  9. maryjane Sutherland

    Was i apart of your life before i could tell u anything thats beutiful this song very💜💜💜to me your a total stanger but i feel something for u im not going to get all wired up about it just acept. It what a sad song is that how you. Feel my cell phone keeps giving a ring sound like when your about to land ï rode in a jet before i was 9 ï didnt even move out my seat untill i got To Vancouver's my mother sas insane to send me off alone. Anyways ï really love your singles you hit a home run on that cd i also like spot u in coalmine THERE all good 💯💯💯songs

  10. Mary Sutherland

    i actual took some to listen your lyrics n your videos💙

  11. Mary Sutherland

    i didnt listen to your songs in wile💙

  12. Pamela Lea