Harry Styles - Ultralight Beam Lyrics

We're on that ultralight beam, that ultralight beam
This is everything
We're on that ultralight beam, that ultralight beam
This is everything, it's everything

I'm tryna keep my faith, but I'm looking for more
It's holy war, it's holy war
I'm tryna keep my faith, but I'm looking for more
It's holy war, it's holy war

We're on that ultralight beam, ultralight beam, baby
This is everything
We're on that ultralight beam, ultralight beam
It's everything

Foot on the devil and I move with my family to Zambia
My daughter looks just like Sia, you can't see her

I'm just having fun with this
Know I'm feeling so lost

Laugh in my head maybe my ex looking back like a pillar of salt

Now we're on that ultralight beam, ultralight beam baby
It's everything
We're on that ultralight beam, ultralight beam
It's everything

I'm just having fun with this, know I've been feeling so lost
Laugh in my head I bet that my ex looking back like a pillar of salt

And now we're on that ultralight beam, ultralight beam baby
It's everything

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Harry Styles Ultralight Beam Comments
  1. coco_go


  2. coco_go

    One millioooone

  3. Laila Perez

    Hablamos de esto 1:00

  4. Milea Kerck

    still coming back to this weekly ...

  5. hannah nur

    Super late to this comment section but who else dislikes Kanye West to the max but loves Harry Styles?

  6. Isabelli Sousa

    I don't like Kanye but it's a good song especially with Harry's voice...

  7. Ire

    As a Yeezy fan I can say that this is a completely different song, he really took the lyrics and turned them out into something else man. He's talented.

  8. Ashleigh Rose

    Taking a Kanye West song and making it sound like a Pink Floyd song is nothing but pure genuine honest talent!!

  9. j n b


  10. Katrina Saari

    this is it

  11. Sabrina Asahara

    Hands down his best cover

  12. Amber Raeanne

    this ain’t even a cover anymore he just made ultralight beam his own song

    Jon Omega

    Amber Raeanne yea no

  13. legsi

    😳 pink pants pink pants 😳

  14. Nzuria Hambrick

    I'm still watching this in 2020 will forever be an iconic cover👏👏

  15. Mooncalf Shai

    Capo 3, Chords: Am, C, F, E

    Mooncalf Shai

    The way Harry actually plays it, easier that the Cm, Eb, Ab, G

  16. May 22

    if i don’t get to listen to this live i’m suing

  17. Jessica Leigh

    not a question but yes

  18. i am victoria

    once again i'm asking:where is my fucking wig???

  19. Ann Piñones

    I don't know why i'm crying... just wow.
    This hits so different

  20. Alison

    This is my new favorite song to cry to

  21. rony alome

    I am speechless. he changed it but it sounds sooooo awesome.

  22. Bengi Saraçoğlu

    Thirty times in a day I cant close that

  23. Fitriri Handayani

    Never enough to watch this

  24. JanetteSparks

    Harry + Kanye =🤩🤩🤩

  25. C. B.M.

    I ignored this song initially. I don't like Kanye or his music. But when I finally heard it...OMG!!!
    I love this song. Harry's version is 1000x better than Kanye's.

    Jon Omega

    C. B.M. kanye is a way better artist than harry will ever be

    C. B.M.

    Jon Omega
    "OMG you're right! Just reading your post made me realize Kanye is an amazingly talented singer !"
    Writing that statement was a waste of your time. SMH. LOL.

  26. TheGreatWhiteRainbow

    For anyone who - A) loves covers B) love this song - check out the cover by an artist called Naaz 👌 just saying. You're welcome. Harry nailed this as usual ❤

  27. Ava

    excuse me when the shit did this happen-

  28. Molly Nattrass


  29. pinkeugirl

    i can feel the same vibes with john mayer - slow dancing in a burning room live performance😭

  30. Mirica Chitu

    Tbh, i never gave this cover a chance until now because It s Kanye s song and it s not my kind of music.. But listening to it now. I m just wow. Made me search for a live version of Kanye and and now I regret deeply. So I came back to listen to this one again.

  31. Edna Alves

    mi amor

  32. Teresa Blanco

    Omg I love this song DO I!!

  33. aoife


  34. Fitriri Handayani

    Keren bangettttt

  35. Amina KHODR

    1:44 fucking bless

  36. Sinead 0204

    2020 and this is still one of his best vocal performances 💖💖💖💖💖❤❤💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💙

  37. Paola

    Aaah so THIS is perfection, ok

  38. Caroline Eagan

    i love him

  39. Caroline Eagan

    that’s so sexc

  40. SweetChick10101

    Wow what a cover 😍

  41. prowoman j

    Wow!! Who the fuck knew he could do this? Now we know he MUST give us more.

    A concept album\ movie(like Purple Rain) with this vibe is a must!!!

  42. Jojo jo

    He needs a rock album no more pop

    Cristina Perez

    @Jojo jo YESSS

  43. bailey

    kinda has ultraviolence lana vibes

  44. Aria Joy

    He owned this song completely

  45. soneylove

    Still one of his best covers ever. So grateful for this recording of the one time he played it.


    soneylove oh hey! haha thanks so much

  46. Athena Ava

    This is so sexy i can’t

  47. Hazza Trin

    😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩😌 he sounds so sexy

  48. Lulu Cottontails

    The quality of this recording is amazing, thank you!

  49. Donald Clark

    I really wanted to like this. I was really excited to hear it. But it’s fucking garbage.

    Dingle McCringleberry

    Same bro these teenage girls' opinions are clouded by their love for him.


    @Dingle McCringleberry I'm not a teenage girl and I love this cover and to be honest, I like prefer this cover to the original. And I'm going to say this, you sound pretty immature anyone who needs to put down teenager's taste in music because it doesn't align with your own is someone who has a lot of growing up to do. You don't have to love, like, or appreciate this man's cover of a Kanye West song but what you're not going to do is knock his fans who come from all different back grounds, races, and ages that they're not allowed to like his music because you don't, that's just childish. Grow the fuck up!

  50. whatheactual fuk

    This song has a "shes so heavy-beatles" vibe, love this man

  51. JLCammack

    She deserves to be seen by the masses so I challenge you to share this!

  52. Maayan bar lev

    it's almost 2020 and I'm still shocked by this performance. What a man.

  53. Pala Gutiz

    My uterus is shaking, needs a baby rn

  54. OvO HoneySplash

    This is literally better than Kanye’s song sorry but he’s Harry styles is a literal genius with music


    @Void94 It's not, Kanye barely raps he's yelling and so is that damn choir that's singing backing, that's may opinion and you don't have to like we'll agree to disagree.


    @OvO HoneySplash It's not supposed to dumb ass, it's his cover, his take on the song which he flipped and made his own.

    Dingle McCringleberry

    @lololee24 lol Kanye produced the fucking song bro he got the orchestra on the track, he got Chance to rap on the song, he got the fucking priest on that song, every Kanye song has his imprint on it, and no stupid Kanye doesnt yell on that song. "Pray for Paris, pray for the parents" is that what you call yelling, Kanye asking and praying for the Paris shooting victims? Also, African-American people are the oppressed race, not your so-called white man Harry Styles so dont even bring up the issue of racial discrimination here. Also, so what if he supports Trump that's upto him thats his political belief why should I or anyone be pressed that he likes Trump? I dont like trump either but I dont go around hating on people for their political views cuz humans are much more than just Trump supporters or Obama supporters or whatever. You can disagree with someone on some topics and still like them.

    OvO HoneySplash

    lololee24 don’t call me a dumb ass when the originals songs are usually always better than covers smart ass

    OvO HoneySplash

    lololee24 you’re really mad for what. It’s my opinion. I said what I said. You didn’t have to comment. Truth hurts

  55. Lulu Cottontails


  56. Rebecca Johnson

    *cough* *cough* better than original


    *cough cough* Becky is delusional

  57. madhu baby

    By baby nailed d song...

  58. Amber Horbath

    Best Harry cover hands down


    In your humble opinion, right?

  59. Gracey Gonzalez

    i was very confused when i saw harry covered ultralight beam by kanye. i love the original so much but damn harry styles’ rendition of this is gold

  60. Vanessa

    I swear i need a studio version

  61. Лея Паршикова

    Doctor : you have 3 minutes
    Me: listening this song

  62. Justin Love

    i dont think he understands how powerful he is

  63. bintang

    His voice😍

  64. Alexandra Pearl

    My life hasn't been the same since I found this.

  65. Roselyn Rodriguez

    now I can say I have been in love

  66. tropical candyland

    He’s soooo talented omg

  67. kiandra simmons

    1:01 was the BEST PART

  68. JuLia JuLia

    More better than original singer

  69. lmao gotta blast

    2 years later and this still gets me wet

  70. Jaresha Mcdowell

    This sounds better than the original !!!! Ummphh!!

  71. tropical candyland

    I really hope he does another cover of this for his HS2 tour

  72. Flooded V12

    Wow I fuck with harry now

  73. Wiktoria Sławińska

    if this isn’t the best thing i have ever heard——

  74. A Marie

    fuck.... fuck fuck fuck fcuk fuckf cufkcuf ckfuckfuckfuf

  75. Daniel Platonov

    Sheeedssszzzzzhhhhhhhhhhh 🔥

  76. sadie C

    this cover is soooo underrated. it shows so much of his vocal range and versatility. i loved his voice in this & his different take/style he put on the song. it’s so pretty

  77. Jessica Schramm


  78. Janhavi Shigwan

    I am literally having butterflies in my stomach watching this, like this hot again

  79. kim villa

    Much better than the original one... I'm just saying.

  80. Hanna M

    This sounds sm like “Back to Black” by Amy Winehouse, in the best way possible 😩

  81. ananasie1211

    Can’t hear his guitar at all is he even playing lmao

  82. Harry's Angels

    It took me so long to find this!!

  83. Esh x

    So I'm obsessed? His voice, his veins, his dedication to the singing. Himself. I feel so proud. I don't have words please, just let my sob dammit.

  84. Emily S

    he keeps skipping “this is the God dream”

  85. Kathryn Moore

    when you've watched this video enough to the point where you're not even listening to the song anymore, you're just watching harry :b

  86. Mad Maddie

    Definition of an ear orgasm.

  87. Marina Villareal

    I never liked this song, until Harry sang it! Dang..

  88. Carissa Basnett

    10000000x better than Kanye

  89. Strookers

    The way her pours his soul into this song.. Im dying over here, man.

  90. Rita L

    해리야 사랑해ㅜㅠ🙉❤

  91. XlSHEEN

    Thank you so much for filming this masterpiece, it has been 2 years, and I still can't get over this, probably never will, thank you thank you thank you !!!!

  92. Jula G.

    this man is unbelievable

  93. cate vlogs

    So much better than the original ❤️❤️

  94. farah mamedli

    how is everyone in his band not in love with him after spending so much time around him an im so in love and have never seen him in my life