Harry Chapin - Shooting Star Lyrics

He was crazy of course
From the first she must have known it
But still she went on with him
And she never once had shown it
And she took him off the street
And she dried his tears of grieving
She listened to his visions
She believed in his believe-ins

Oh, he was the sun burning bright and brittle
And she was the moon shining back his light a little
He was a shooting star
She was softer and more slowly
He could not make things possible
But, she could make them holy

He was dancing to some music
No one else had ever heard
He'd speak in unknown languages
She would translate every word
And then when the world was laughing
At his castles in the sky
She'd hold him in her body
Till he once again could fly

Oh, he was the sun burning bright and brittle
And she was the moon shining back his light a little
He was a shooting star
She was softer and more slowly
He could not make things possible
But, she could make them holy

Well, she gave him a daughter
And she gave him a son
She was a mother, and a wife,
And a lover when the day was done
He was too far gone for giving love
What he offered in its stead
Was the knowledge she was the only thing
That was not in his head

He took off East one morning
Towards the rising sun's red glow
She knew he was going nowhere
But of course she let him go
And as she stood and watched him dwindle
Much too empty to be sad
He reappeared beside her saying,
"You're all I've ever had"

Oh, he was the sun burning bright and brittle
And she was the moon shining back his light a little
He was a shooting star
She was softer and more slowly
He could not make things possible
But, she could make them holy

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Harry Chapin Shooting Star Comments
  1. kevin brown

    What a wonderful songwriter and singer. Met him before he died, he was an amazing man.

  2. Mikepeter Gumball

    If one dislikes this , your a fucking arsehole

  3. Wilshare

    ✧ ✦ ♫ ♫ ♫ ✦ ✧ ♫ ♫ ♫ ✦ ✧ ♫ ♫ ♫ ✦ ✧

  4. figgy 709

    Pat Benatar covered this in a tribute for his birthday in '89, she was amazing.


    Not gonna lie, I like her version better. First and only time i like a cover more than the original...

  5. James Fournier

    Harry was one of the very, very best.

  6. tirsah Ingalls

    Truely I say that no one can tell a better story than Harry Chapin. A true poet.

  7. Zizi Roberts

    Angelic female vocals Zizi Roberts

  8. Ronan FitzGerald

    Does anyone know what happened to the "Elfin productions" version of this?? As harry fans it was a wonderful version..

  9. Jennie Cupertino


  10. Baltimore Z-Wad

    One of many Classics from the greatest story teller ever.
    R.I.P Harry

  11. Phish N' Chimps

    20k+ views. And not a single dislike. Harry. We miss you. we know you are still here.

  12. europis888

    He is a "Cat Stevens" made in USA. Love Harry. Rest in Peace.


    . . .everyone, please google 5 words. . ."cat stevens on salmon rushdie". . .please don't compare harry to that man. he chose political and social fanaticism. so did harry. except that harry was fanatical about the improvement of our species. about helping those in need. about lifting those without hope to the possibles that we of better means could help them achieve. to compare him to stevens is an insult to his legacy. (irregardless of the genius of his music. some of which i play.) but saying to millions of people that a fellow human should be burned alive for his point of view is out of hand, over the top, and just plain f*cked up. (and it's not the kind of thing you can just take back.). . .

    I used to know

    Fuck you get a life

  13. stereoncat

    You were here Much Too Short a Time God Bless You & I Miss You Ed Borum!!!!

  14. sandinyourshoes

    Impressive! Harry knew how to "lock in the freshness" to his music so that it would be so vibrant many years later. It's to bad that he had to leave us so soon. Imagine how much more he could have done.

  15. Nella Mitchell

    Moves me beyond words xxx

  16. Sherry Heim

    This is one of HC's most beautiful lyrics.  How soft and tender each word is.  I think this song and Tom Waits Martha are two of the greatest love songs, ever written. The emotion is palpable.

    Ronan FitzGerald

    @Sherry Heim you bugger.. you like my two best songs .. I thought I was there with harry and tom.. but happy to share ... (I do like dogtown ... as it is harry being anti-harry (not really if you know his style..) ) and well well any tom..

    Sherry Heim

    @Ronan FitzGerald It is nice to meet a fellow traveler of the intense.   I love the poet songmasters so besides Harry and Tom, I also love Leonard Cohen.

  17. Bill McBee

    Neil Harry was alone in the VW car he was driving. None of the road crew was with him. It is believed Harry had a massive heart attack on the LIE (Long Island Expressway) and was killed in the accident that followed.

    Mike Tocci

    +Bill McBee Thanks for clearing that up. I don't mean any offense to the original commenter, but how does this type of misinformation get spread!?!? Members of Harry's band still play shows today. The Steve Chapin Band includes Big John Wallace and Howie Fields along with brother Steve and Tom Chapin continues his amazing, Grammy winning solo career with a brand new album called 70 this year. I've met them all at Chaplin shows and they are the kindest, most interesting and jovial people you'd want to meet. With the exception of Harry, who passed away when I was only four, I have seen and heard them all play periodically since I started attending shows in my teens in the 90's. I've even had the good fortune to see Harry's daughter Jen and his nieces, The Chapin Sisters in concert. They are all excellent musicians and singers and I'd recommend everyone see them if any combination of the above play a show in your area. They not only carry on the great humanitarian work of Harry, but contribute much of their own musical stylings in concert. These concerts are also always a great way to meet great people. Just hang around and talk to folks before and after the show (as well as during intermission) and you'll see that most Chapin fans are affable people who have a true passion for the music! Keep the change!

  18. Terry Flanagan

    No, he was by himself. Driving westbound on 495 (Long Island Expressway) at Exit 40.

  19. Neil Graham

    He died in an accident, along with most of his road crew. No joking, but I think 30,000 pounds Of Bananas, was a prophecy/forecast, and he saw it coming.

    Sammi Mercer

    Harry Chapin, a folk-rock composer and performer active in many charitable causes, was killed yesterday when the car he was driving was hit from behind by a tractor-trailer on the Long Island Expressway in Jericho, L.I., the police said. He was 38 years old.

    The Nassau County Police said that a flatbed tractor-trailer owned by Rickles Home Center of Paramus, N.J., struck Mr. Chapin's car at 55 miles an hour as the car shifted lanes with its emergency lights flashing near exit 40 at Jericho Turnpike at 12:27 P.M.

    The force of the crash crushed the rear of the car, a 1975 Volkswagen, to the pavement, sending off sparks that set its fuel tank aflame, the police said. The truck driver, Robert Eggleton of Plainfield, suffered burns on his face and arms as he cut Mr. Chapin from his seatbelt and dragged him from the flaming wreckage, the police said.

    Detective Donald Wecklein said Mr. Chapin apparently died from the force of the crash. He did not appear to be badly burned, the detective said, adding that he did not know whether Mr. Chapin's car had been disabled or why the emergency lights were flashing. No charges were filed. Devised 'Story Song'

    Mr. Chapin was pronounced dead at Nassau County Medical Center at 1:05 P.M. Westbound lanes of the expressway were closed to traffic in the area for three hours.

    Mr. Chapin, who was to have performed last night at a free concert in Westbury, L.I., remained dedicated to folk music in an electrified rock age that prized ornate arrangements and pounding dance beats.

  20. Neil Graham

    This is one of Harry's best.....Pity he died in 81, in an accident. B
    ecause he was one of the greatest singer/songwriters I have heard

  21. learrus

    Harry Chapin never made a bad song as far as I have heard... lolol

    Rosemary Epstein

    The banana song lol

  22. electronmusicjunkie

    You have to wonder how an artist can make just about every song of his sound like a hit but only a few were able to get airplay. Every LP Chapin made are really good.

    John Strand

    It's because all of Harry's story songs were so long. Radio stations wanted shorter songs for more brainwashing commercials.

    Rosemary Epstein

    The world wasn't ready for him then

  23. Sebine LifeWind

    Harry Chapin
    You are sorely missed.