Harrison, George - Writing's On The Wall Lyrics

The writing's on the wall brother
Your life is in your hands
It's up to you to see the writing's on the wall.

It looks you in the eye mister
It's time we stand up tall
Go see and understand the writing's on the wall.

Strange we hold on to things that have no grace
or power
While death holds on to us much more with every
passing hour
And all the time you thought it would last
Your life, your friends would always be
'Til they're drunk away or shot away or die away
from you.

There's nothing that you need sister
The Lord is in you all
Life is designed to see the writing's on the wall.

The music's in the air mothers
You may have heard it call
To you that you may see the writing's on the wall.

Be careful going home sister
Be watchful down that road
You've got a lot of love sister
More to grow.

The writing's on the wall brothers
Your life is in your hands
It's up to you to see the writing's on the wall
I hope that you may see the writing's on the wall.

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Harrison, George Writing's On The Wall Comments
  1. Osvaldo Menezes

    George Harrison number one

  2. Osvaldo Menezes

    Very beautiful song

  3. kevin most

    My favourite song from Somewhere In England

  4. Lee Scott

    It's incredible what this man did with is life (fame) he just matured beyond his year's....he's s great example of how to live life n'treat others and connect to oneself n'try to find the true meaning of life and why were all here and what's it all about.I don't know if he found what he was looking for but he tried and devoted his life to it what more can one do.God bless you George wherever you may be.

    Joy Stinson

    Lee Scott , he had some flaws but had good intentions

  5. Terry Hurley

    George's best

  6. Vahan Nisanian

    This song is definitely harsher in hindsight. Especially the line about "shot away". It was written and recorded before John Lennon was, in fact, shot away. Not to mention it was the B-Side to All Those Years Ago.


    I think it's AFTER John was lost.

    Andrew Bowman

    No, it was before. If that particular line was written about, it would have been about Mal Evans, the Beatles' erstwhile roadie, who was shot and killed by police in the US, for brandishing a firearm, which was later discovered to be either unloaded or a fake, but I can't remember which.


    then the reference on “shot away” was about Mal Evans

  7. soulfoodie1

    Just a personal opinion but  prefer this as a tribute to John than 'All those years ago'. Thinking of John today

    Sean Burg

    This song was recorded a month before John died

  8. James Griffiths

    George's songs always meant something. He was an artist, not an entertainer.

  9. Adam Luckey

    Love you, George.

  10. Terry Hurley

    George's best song

  11. Arturo Gonzalez

    great George Harrison song!

  12. Collin Morris

    this is a really great track, under appreciated like so many of his others.

  13. Julio Alberto Chavando lavadores

    esta canción se me dedico a mi y dedicado a mi amigo lee pace acerca del famoso muro de los lamentos en jerusalem israel basado en el libro de lamentaciones del jeremias por la muerte del poeta del pueblo Joan Sebastián y a su aniversario luctuoso de cory monteith y lamentablemente acaecido y murieron dichas personas y también una tristeza y lagrimas y a lee pace le duele mucho a su corazón y a mi si me dolio mucho que me apachurro mi corazón destrozado cuando escribo en la hoja llevado colocado en el muro de las lamentaciones revivamos en este día

  14. MeloLand

    Wonderful song!

  15. kavi poag


    Randy R

    I miss the spiritual an enlightened humanitarian

    kavi poag


    Ali Molina

    Yes!!! A great man!!!

  16. Eltiocarlosysuatun Sebastian123

    Hermosa cancion george ♡

  17. soulfoodie1

    We miss you George