Harris, Emmylou - Woman Walk The Line Lyrics

Don't bother sittin' at my table
Just because I'm on my own
Yes I'm a woman and I'm lonely
But that don't mean I can't be strong

Once again he's not beside me
And tonight he won't be coming home
So I just need a place to miss my baby
When he goes out to do me wrong

Tonight I wanna do some drinkin'
I came to listen to the band
Yes I'm as good as what you're thinkin'
But I don't wanna hold your hand
And I know I'm lookin' lonely
But ther's nothin' here I wanna find
It's just the way of a woman
When she goes out to walk the line

Every night's a little longer
Than the one that came before
But when I hear them sing a sad song
I know just what I'm cryin' for

I don't wanna stay home waitin'
Don't have to wonder where he's been
He'll be someone else's baby
Before he's in my arms again

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Harris, Emmylou Woman Walk The Line Comments
  1. Rick8351

    I love Emmylou Harris but the best version of this song was done by Highway 101 with Paulette Carlson.

  2. Matt Thompson

    Awesome. All of thi s album is fantastic!

  3. Brian Shakesby

    Emmys most underrated album I think

  4. Guglielmo Lattanzi


    Rex Lasater

    Such grace will never be seen again. Rex

  5. Bob Dant

    She likes Gibson J-200'sd. Pure guitar, Pure voice!

  6. Dirk Portenge

    The voice who touch the heart , one of the best .

  7. Wilfried Mathias

    Maravillosa !!!

  8. Jon Doe

    This was the first song I heard from this album. A long-time fan, but this was so much more!

  9. Bill Roberts

    It's a privilege just to listen to her and even more to watch her perform. one of a kind.

  10. Ira Lee

    Eat your heart out, Taylor Swift. Emmylou is the REAL DEAL! Ira Lee, Ph.D.

    Jon Doe

    I've only heard a few Swift songs. But don't sell her short. It's what her fans want. From what I've read, no one treats their fans better than Taylor. We may not understand it, but her fans do. They wouldn't give Emmylou a glance. Taylor's music isn't aimed at us, as Emmylou's isn't for teens. They are both giants, but sing to separate worlds.

  11. Brett Millar

    Emmylou also sings a wonderful guest harmony vocal on Trisha Yearwood's version in 1992: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1evCKmdN0jA

  12. 57andyRam

    not sure which is the best save the last dance or this one both pretty good

  13. hunhoniful

    Chanson non compliquée, très agréable à l'écouter

  14. Daniel Lucena

    Queen of the country music.Gifted voice...Always touching the heart of her listeners!!

  15. Bill Roberts

    She's what most singers wish they could be. She also grew older beautifully.

  16. Daniel Quincy

    She put a BIG STAR in my heart,37 years ago!! Words are hard to come by with this queen.Love you Emma Lou!!!

    John Lawrence

    Daniel Quincy AZ

  17. afonso70110

    Practically without words. That's how I get when I hear Emmylou. Simply wonderful. Unique.

  18. André Ribeiro

    Wonderful Country Song!

  19. elizabetha62

    Úžasná dáma

  20. gao1258

    songs like this make it hard to understand why she isn't a bigger star

    Leah S

    She was a huge star. That is grey hair you see, not blonde!

    Peggy Miller

    +gao1258 She is still a huge star. She's won several Grammys, the Polar Award in Sweden and was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. There have been lots of other awards too. She has always done what she wanted to do regarding her music, so without the backing of radio station play, I think she's done amazingly well. I guess a few of her songs were played on radio, but not many.

    She's on tour right now with Rodney Crowell, who was just starting out when she hired him to be in her Hot Band in the late 1970s. Look for videos from "The Old Grey Whistle Test" - there are a lot of them here. You'll see this amazing artist just after she got started. Her friend and mentor Gram Parsons died and thus left her on her own. Her song "The Road" is about him.

    Donna Harbour

    She has always been a super star, as well as a genuine, real true artist who gives each and every song her all, whether she is singing solo or with any number of artists who are fortunate enough to sing with her. That is God-given talent at its finest, used to inspire, comfort and entertain. And that gray hair is indeed gorgeous. More power to her, and surest evidence that she is genuine, and timeless in so many ways!


    Boulder to Birmingham is the song she wrote for Gram. I don't think she wrote The Road though it could easily be about Gram as well

    House Empire of the Senses

    She definitely is a big star in her own style and personality.

  21. Shauna Heatley

    2 gather again emmie loue harris

  22. Gerry ODonnell

    Yes, she is! And not only in Country Music...

  23. Kelton King

    Emmylou Harris is The Greatest Woman in Country Music EVER!!!!!!!!!

    joseph roache

    Kelton King . You got that right Kelton, she’s a stunning singer, there’s just no female who comes even close.

    Pat Culpepper


    jack bobrick

    Oh yes, she is a special gal,,beauty galore, good song writer, and she sings well,,,,I think i'm in love...

  24. Roy Smith, Jr.

    A very beautiful woman, both then and now with the voice of an angel

  25. sszorin

    "I love Emmylou".
    Man, you are not the only one. She is a planetary treasure.

  26. Marianne Menon

    Simply beautiful!! Thank you!!

  27. Jojo heartspaypay

    Great song.Beautiful woman, beautiful singer.PERIOD

  28. SteelguitarLane

    not available on mobile. Elitist.

  29. hotajax

    One of the best from her album "Ballad of Sally Rose"

  30. Col7777

    Always love Emmy, great pictures for the video too.