Harris, Emmylou - Where Will I Be Lyrics

The streets are cracked
And there's glass everywhere
And a baby stares out
With motherless eyes
Under long gone beauty
On fields of war
Trapped in lament
To the poet's core

Oh where oh where will I be
Oh where oh when that trumpets sounds

Met an Indian boy in Ottawa
He laid me down on a bed of straw
Said don't waste your breath
Don't waste your heart
Don't blister your heels
Running in the dark

Oh where oh where will I be
Oh where oh when that trumpets sounds

Yeah I like the heat
Of your body laying under me
May your wild lip get you where your going
With your inventions your intentions, your laughter
Your forever yearning

Oh where oh where will I be
Oh where oh when that trumpets sounds

I walked to the river
And I walked to the rim
I walked through the teeth of the reaper's grin
I walked to you rolled up in wire
To the other side of desire

Oh where oh where will I be
Oh where oh when that trumpets sounds

Oh where oh where oh where when that trumpet sounds
Oh where oh where oh when that trumpet sounds

Well the heart opens wide like it's never seen love
And addiction stays on tight like a glove
Oh where oh where will I be

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Harris, Emmylou Where Will I Be Comments
  1. Alex Zambra

    Stellar production from Daniel Lanois

  2. gregory sullivan

    "Don't waste your breath don't waste your heart don't blister your heals running in the dark" I think i'll pass going to the Poetry Slam at the Stranded Whale tonight. Great song Thanks.

  3. Queen Schnitzler 蔣志樺

    Emmylou Harris is a living legend of music. Is she country or soft rock country? I am not sure what genre she falls under. I have seen her play at Hardly Strictly. She's from DC. This album is a great album--Wrecking Ball. I bought this from Tower records in New York and listened to it in Brooklyn. That was a long time ago. I am happy to see her in San Francisco. She's fantastic as a lyricist and musician. Emmylou!

  4. ninehorse johnson

    My favorite album on the 1990's. Bar none.

  5. brian conley


  6. Ted Hunter

    Beautiful uplifting song.. fantastic vocal from emmylou...production from daniel is fantastic..breathe deep until the end and feel the song sink into yourself...

  7. selcouth86

    Extraordinary soaring vocalized.

  8. David Olson

    Too bad Jerry is gone, Daniel Lanois should be required to work with all my favorite artist. This is one of my favorite all time albums.

  9. JvoxProductions


  10. david reader

    Love love this song and Emmylou Harris

  11. michael aryn


  12. R. Blakehole

    I fell in love with Emmylou in the 70's. I am still in love today. Who says men cannot be true.

  13. Craig Moody

    The voice of a soul; beyond human. The sound of another world; pure magic.

  14. cool daddy

    Who knew this was going to be such a great, spiritual record? I think I just bought it because I love Emmylou. It blew me away. Still does. I have to resist playing it all the time. A gift from God

  15. Orion MaKheru

    2015...indeed...where will i be??

    city zen

    Here in 2017, we are in a world of trouble, especially in the US.