Harris, Emmylou - The Road Lyrics

I can still remember every song you played
Long ago when we were younger and we rocked the night away.

How could I see a future then, where you would not grow old?
Such fire in our belly, such a hunger in souls.

I guess I've grown to love you in those words so often tired
Seen that we were traveling under some old lucky sign

I know I didn't say it then and no one was to blame
But the road we shared together once will never be the same.

Hey all along the way
Won't be coming round again.
Hey was a song I played.
And on the wings of a song, I'll fly away.

I wondered in the wilderness for a while I was so lost.
To everything there is a season and every blessing has it's cost.

So I took what you left to me and put it to some use
When looking for an answer with those three chords and the truth.

I come down from the mountain I come walking in your shoes.
I was taken for a glambler when I had no more to loose

For he put me on that path and how could I refuse.
And I would spend my whole life out here working on the blues.

Hey... Ay Hey. Hey. Ay. Hey. Heeeeeeeeey.

So I carried on, you can't be haunted by the past.
People come people, go and nothing ever lasts.

But I still think about you wonder where you are.
Can you see me from some place up there among the stars?

But down here under heaven there never was a chart
To guide our way across this crooked highway of the (part?)

And if it's only all about the journey in the end
On that road I'm glad I came to know my old friend.

Hey all along the way
Won't be coming round again.
Hey was a song I played.
And on the wings of a song, I'll fly away. I'll fly away.

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Harris, Emmylou The Road Comments
  1. Aoife Louise Gorman

    Nice to hear this beautiful memory of her youth and Grams influences on a fledgling star if only he’d have known Dammed drugs killed them all Philo; Jim; George;Gram

  2. Vladimír Nekut

    Velmi příjemná hudba, Emmylou Harris a Mark Knopfler. Děkuji.

  3. Brenda-Lee Heathcote

    So soulful. Breaks my heart every time I hear it. Love you Emmylou. Have for 45 years or more. Keep writing and singing and doing what you do. You're such an inspiration. xx

  4. afonso70110

    You can not hear THE ROAD with Emmylou without remembering Gram. Emmylou's beautiful song, from the bottom of heart !!!

  5. jonnyjaywick

    this has something of Lucinda Williams about it, and is therefore fucking excellent.

  6. A. Vestige

    God, I love this song brings tears everytime. Emmylou, you & Graham Parsons were the real thing. You still are. Keep on making those songs. ♥

  7. Carol Slater

    Beautiful song about Gram❤ simply Beautiful! No doubt he's looking down from among the stars.


    No doubt at all. Emmylou is a precious jewel and Gram's legacy. What could have been......

  8. MrDrsdog

    " sittin' on the front porch swing listenin' to some sweet Emmylou"

  9. P Ardis

    How could 3 people dislike this?

  10. CEVEN K

    Quelle magnifique chanson.

  11. Mark H

    Reminds me of "stuck in a moment" by U2

  12. Marcia Stager

    One of my favorites of hers....and I have so many.

  13. John Ritman


  14. Jack Ferriter

    We love you Emmylou.

  15. PacificBlue51

    Incredibly beautiful........

  16. Azzouz IBN EL MOUATA

    Good song
    i didn't listen to emmylou for along wile
    she still a star for me
    what a beautiful girl

  17. Bill W

    Gram Parson's broke her heart...or shall I say his drug habit broke her heart

    Margaret Ross

    And his parents' deaths probably broke his heart, sending him on his tragic trajectory.