Harris, Emmylou - Sweet Old World Lyrics

See what you lost when you left this world, this sweet old world
See what you lost when you left this world, this sweet old world

The breath from your own lips, the touch of fingertips
A sweet and tender kiss
The sound of a midnight train, wearing someone's ring
Someone calling your name
Somebody so warm cradled in your arm
Didn't you think you were worth anything

See what you lost when you left this world, this sweet old world
See what you lost when you left this world, this sweet old world

Millions of us in love, promises made good
Your own flesh and blood
Looking for some truth, dancing with no shoes
The beat, the rhythm, the blues
The pounding of your heart's drum together with another one
Didn't you think anyone loved you

See what you lost when you left this world, this sweet old world
See what you lost when you left this world, this sweet old world

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Harris, Emmylou Sweet Old World Comments
  1. rumboso2

    Un disco maravilloso, una canción maravillosa, una oportunidad para relajarnos frente a este frenético MUNDO.

  2. chygwelanmeneth

    Beautiful - and a duet with Neil Young. If only all the warmongers around the world would listen.

  3. Elisabeth Kraxner


  4. Andrew Ellis

    This song haunts me. Ive lost mother, father, son and friends. One friend to suicide. I think of him when this song comes along.

  5. Kirk Lethbridge

    Emmy Lou...timeless...ageless...beautiful woman with an angels voice. making Luncinda proud too for sure. Love them both. lost a lot of relatives and friends to suicide, this song touches...might learn to play it maybe. My fiance found her son in a tree... we struggle a lot, she is so strong and brave. he had so much to live for. Now its gone...too late. They leave a mess behind of pain and everything else. sometimes i think some folks confuse love with pity. abnd its not the same. peace everyone... love the world back to life where u can.

  6. paul herrlich

    How can you describe this song by Emmylou? beautiful,no lovely,no,no words can describe how incredibly beautiful it is!

  7. Peter Degroot

    Everything Emmelou sings is beautiful

  8. Robert Christensen

    Sadly sweet...

  9. Allan ROBINSON

    I prefer the Mary Chapin Carpenter version.

  10. Frederic Leibovitz

    Just wonderful... Congrats Emmylou and Lucinda.

  11. Demelo F

    Emmylou is a national treasure ...

  12. WJ Keach

    makes me think of a friend who left this sweet old world and I always say you dumb ass, the party wasnt over yet.

  13. Demelo F

    Emmylou is a national treasure. I've been listening to her over 45 years and she just gets better and better - not that she was ever anything short of brilliant from the get go. I worship her.

  14. gene weaintnopopstars

    I wanna dance close to you and die to this song!

  15. Jon Byron

    Please play and sing anything with Ms.L. Willuams. A. Einstein is said to have been an atheist till he heard a child play a violin...just saying it would be pretty awsome. Maybe NOLA sometime (even if you are from 'Bama 😊)

  16. Cosmolore

    Très réussi !

  17. John Artois

    hey where's the lyrics?

    Rudy Haveman

    under the video

  18. Rachel Flavell

    I have just lost my forever friend. He had my back like no other. Never in a million years did I think it was time for him to go and I'm now waiting to go say goodbye for the final time. This song touched a nerve and will forever bring my beloved friend to mind. God bless Steven, I didn't say it enough but thank you. You are loved for always.

  19. Derek Mooney

    Emmylou, this song is about my son...

    Peggyorders G

    Mine son, too. Thank you, Emmylou.

    Derek Mooney

    Big hugs Peggy, sadly, it never gets any easier...

    Demelo F

    ❤❤❤ I'm so sorry.

  20. Adrian Canales

    ah, there IS heaven!

  21. Pursey Tablets

    I personally think that emmylou's is better. this is my uncles favourite song,he's the one who showed it to me a few weeks ago. I have lost count of how many times I've listened to it every single day! it is the greatest song and emmeylou sings it the best out of EVERYONE! love you emmeylou!

    Watchman D

    this is true. i dont even understand the debate.

  22. Emily Marie Fett

    Love Emmy Lou since I was just a babe!

  23. Eugenia Rebelo

    another lovely and deep song Thank you

  24. Jill Warland

    My daughter just sang this at a concert on Remembrance Day. We lost her dad 8 years ago when she was just a teen. I couldn't hold back the tears. Love both Emmylou & Lucinda's versions

  25. breeanna palato

    there's something so beautiful about this song. it truly speaks to my soul

  26. Jackknifegyp

    Can't decide if  love Emmy Lou's or Lucinda's version better.  So I won't.  Just have them both, and alternate.

    Thanks for the post.

    CJ carp

    Actually there's a rendition with Lucinda and Mary Chapin Carpenter from 1993 that I think is right up there if not the best.


    I will look for it. Thx.


    It's Emmylou. No other choice....

  27. Miranda Reijn

    YESS!! Neil Young singing too in this song!! And playing mouth harp!

  28. dire40272


  29. Elaine Lindy

    to put it simply-the most beautiful song ever!

  30. Maida Torres

    granako, thank you so very much for this special song with the lyrics. I bought the cd as soon as it came out. That same year she came to the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival and performed the whole cd and many other song. I just love her.

  31. Rick Rappaport

    Somewhere along the line when you throw a ball gravity sets in and it sinks.  Not so with Emmylou, everything about her voice defies gravity and she just soars.

  32. Doug Smith

    thanks for this  posting  and slide show  ... This  song was  originally written by  Lucinda Williams.   /// Dedicate this one to you Tammy.     Heres  hoping you are in a happier place .      ///   He was n t worth throwing your life away for. /// These images  will tell you the rest of the story  //// am I ever to see you  again ?  /// will I never see you again?   

  33. SA Stuart

    Song by Lucinda Williams. If you don't know her, you should check her out, too,

    CJ carp

    Most Underrated singer/songwriter in Country Music History but who knows maybe she doesn't want it.

  34. 57mobird

    The thumbs up is that I agree about Emmylou's voice and Wrecking Ball. Sorry about your dad...

  35. bizarrebehavior1974

    This song makes me miss my dad, who died 2 yrs ago.
    I love Emmylou's voice, she sings like an Appalachian angel. Her entire "Wrecking Ball" album is excellent.

  36. Guido Vanzo

    Millions of us in love, promises made good .