Harris, Emmylou - Strong Hand (For June) Lyrics

He was a tall man
Raised up from the fields out pickin' cotton
In a hard land Where the ground was poor and the wood was rotten
But when he saw her
All those bad times were forgotten
And he believed, he believed

She was the strong hand
A good sister and a daughter
Lookin' for one man
To love the way that her mama'd taught her
And when she saw him
She thanked God for what he'd brought her She believed, she believed

And it's a miracle
How one soul finds another
Just one miracle
Is all it took my brother
For I have seen them
As they walk this world together
And I believe, I believe

It's a sad thing
When one must leave the other
And fly up where the voice rings
Out with all the multitudes that gather
But for a short while

Down here no song ever sounded sweeter
And we believed, we believed

For it's a miracle
How one soul finds another
Just one miracle
Is all it took my brother
And I will see them
Someday they'll walk again together
I believe, I believe
This I believe, I believe

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Harris, Emmylou Strong Hand (For June) Comments
  1. Matt Thompson

    Emmylou, you were and are Gram’s strong hand. Even stronger than June. I hope you know Gram loves you from heaven.

  2. Matt Thompson


  3. samantha jessett

    Because Mum couldn't handle making the arrangements  it this was the song played at my Dads funeral. It took a year but mum thanked me for the choice it summed up their married life.  I still miss him!!!


    maybe I could never choose your best song, because they all shine with light, because they are all beautiful .....

  5. Hans Gehrig

    "down here no song sounded ever sweeter... "    thank you deep for such a STRONG piece of Music, Emmylou & Daniel !!!

  6. Darcy Aucoin

    I sang the 1st and last verse at my FATHER'S GRAVESITE.
    Not a dry eye..

  7. Andy Hayes

    love this song X

  8. robbratcherii

    This is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. Emmylou Harris is my favorite artist of all-time.

  9. visualsummer

    No one else sounds like Ms. Harris. I hadn't heard this song, and I thought I had every Emmylou song available. Thank you. Where may I get a copy of this one??


    From: Stumble Into Grace cd.

  10. Glenn Johnson

    True love, simple and pure. Thank you Emmylou

  11. jack strauchon

    This lady is the heart of the soul of American music

  12. Michael Lyngs

    One of the most touching and beautiful songs I've ever heard. Thank you Emmylou.

  13. Ton van Heusden

    like it!

  14. Romulus Chelan

    Very Nice Music,-Beautiful..

  15. JivinJane

    And I believe. 

  16. Bill Canada

    A beautiful song

  17. Joan Familton

    Who better to sing this tribute to two of the best in country. Fantastic offering. Thank you. I love YouTube for all the fantastic music I wouldn't have heard otherwise.

  18. Otto Olde Riekerink

    Emmylou why do you look so subtle. I adore you, please wait on me!

  19. Tuzotonic

    My all time favorite female voice. I could listen to her sing all day.

  20. Margaret Elaine Lives Here