Harris, Emmylou - Right Now Lyrics

Miles between us here we are
Sat by side a stranded car
Right now, baby right now
And it's too dark to see
Anyhow so where are we
Right now,baby, right now
You could say we've both come down
To a place called lonesome town
When did you loose a hold on me
Anyhow and where are we
Right now,oh , baby right now

We stood up and said 'I do'
Vowed to see each other through
Right now, baby right now
I'm looking down this road tonight
And i don't see a light
Right now, baby right now
If we're so clever tell me how
Were waiting for the wrecker now
Let's forget what used to be
Anyhow and where are we
Right now,oh baby right now

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Harris, Emmylou Right Now Comments
  1. Paul Goodwin

    Another great singing combo..EMMY&MARK,..how nice to watch Emmy really enjoying doing this song by having her little dips...to the beat.

  2. Alberto Aiona

    Baby give apples right now, baby right now...
    Greatest Mk

  3. Leee

    My feet arae a Stompin and my ears are a clappin..fantastic arrangement and melodic production...Emmy Lou's voice makes my mind think of a complex crystal as when you shine light into it and all the lovely colours reflect and when Emmy Lous Sings all those lovely notes come out...pure as... and mark is like the bottomless mug of tea...he just keeps on giving you musical memories to store and bring out when you need them..thank you both

  4. David Berry

    Mark doesn’t just play the guitar his music touches your heart it’s an emotional experience this is music at its best.

    Elias Lehtinen

    What comes out of Mark's guitar isn't music... ...It's pure emotion.

  5. Charlie 47

    Good start of a wonderful concert...

  6. Rene Piepenburg

    At 3.30 is the time, when you spot those boots, and you realize the utter beauty and elegance of the that Lady. Light years away from the likes of Lady Gaga and even Madonna.

    Rene Piepenburg

    Nothing against Mark, but at the end of this track, the drummer takes it home, along with Emmylou. And you can notice Mr. Knopflers expression in the video at one point.

    brian weber

    Rene Piepenburg
    Hell yes. She is so good looking.

    Terry Link

    Madonna can't hold Emmylou"s underwear

  7. jon einar pettersen

    The Man!

  8. Herbert Beuslein

    Great stuff. My dancing Queen Emmylou

  9. jon einar pettersen

    Don`t get better than this!

  10. Chief Kurtz

    Emmylou is, and has been a breathtakingly beautiful woman her entire career. I didn't notice it until someone told me that she (like models and actresses) 'smiles with her mouth' only, so as to not hasten lines around her eyes.

  11. Robert Pearson

    Fantastic stuff 🎶🎶🎶✌️

  12. jon einar pettersen

    Don`t get any better!Respect!

  13. 12345fowler

    Hey I found almost all songs from this wonderful album on YT, except Beachcombing which was the first tune of the album ?? Que passa ?

  14. jon einar pettersen

    The best of both!I love them.

  15. Ray M

    This is amazing thank uou

  16. Kathy Lynn Lyons

    Looks to be very full life and love of being alive with Moonbeams shining on your blue eyes! You make a handsome couple! Looks as though you have everything one could want, though everything is not as it seems, I suppose! Keep the music coming! What's an hour or so, a drop in the same flow of life! Beautiful music! 💗 Talented Respectively!

  17. bob burroughs

    Great to see a happy smiley Emmylou.

  18. Alberto Crudo

    soy de argentina me gusta mucho su miusic viva MARK KNOPFLER!!!

  19. Roland Hauer

    Thanks for Upload this Song
    Another fanrastic Song by Emmylou and Mark. Both are my favourite singers

  20. Douglas R Wallack

    Listening to these two is healing to my heart ... way down deep! :-)

    Pascal Faure

    For its duo music wonderful y love !!!🎼🔊🔊

  21. Amedeo Filippi


  22. Peter Plourde

    I love this performance by two icons of the industry!

    Margreet Goris

    Peter Plourde on

  23. Kerstens Jan

    she is a one good looking women .

  24. Steven Rice

    Danny Cummings is a severely underrated drummer.

    Tommy Jackman

    Steven Rice Yes, nobody plays Speedway at Nazareth like he did!

  25. Amedeo Filippi

    So good!

  26. Micky Barillon

    A little more Promotion and that was it. It was my job before record promotion and attaché de presse

    Beth Gardner

    So GRACEFUL & PURE.....

  27. Dee Devlin

    I'd love to get drunk with Emmylou and take her back to her room

    Rene Piepenburg

    Sometimes you come along such stunning beauty, you would have erectile problems. She is just out of this world.

  28. Iceman

    Is there anything better?

  29. Carlos Monje

    Amazing Duet.....,=)))))))))))

  30. Sl McCullough

    Mark is one of the all time greatest. I don't think he ever got due credit for his skills. Seems he can duet with anyone and it's always a wonderful match up.

    Chris Wright

    he gets credit from me! Greatest musician to ever live, as far as I'm concerned. He's a Handel and Mozart-level genius.


    And everyone wants to sing with Emmylou Harris.

    Charlie 47

    Don't forget Emmylou very good too... From France.



  32. Glenda J

    Thank you ty ty for this outstanding video )0(

  33. Mark Patterson

    is that a Danelectro?


    99% yes. Pickups look like Seymour Duncan Lipstick, originally they were only meant to be used in Danelectro guitars.

  34. Andre Gutierres

    Slide guitar..I love it

  35. Voleti nekoga

    Great duet. A very special album. One of the best of both.

  36. Alex Varak


  37. Esther Gavillet

    Thank you so much! I love this CD, always in my car since almost 10 years!

  38. Toran Pandit

    Our Shangrila was the best one I think between them............Love them in the song............

  39. Сергей Окуневич

    Это просто праздник какой-то!!!

    Pere Bergadà Costa

    Unforgettable collaboration of two legends of contemporary music.

    Orion Z

    Сергей Окуневич Ещё в 2008 году случайно попался в магазине DVD диск с этим концертом, и с тех пор он один из фаворитов в моей домашней фонотеке. И большинство его композиций на этом концерте являются самыми удачными в исполнении. Есть ещё диск его концерта Night in London, 1996 года, тоже бомбовая вещь!!! Нопфлер рулит по всем фронтам!!!!!

  40. Marie José Lebreton

    Simply love this Duet between Emmilou and MK!! wonderful...

    Herbert Beuslein

    Dancing Queen - Emmylou

    Herbert Beuslein

    Dancing Queen - Emmylou

    Charlie 47

    Yes!!!! From France.