Harris, Emmylou - Like An Old Fashioned Waltz Lyrics

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Primrose is pale
On the velvet green hue
Warm summer days
Like cool water falls
Like music we hear
Those things we'll always hold dear
Like an old fashioned waltz

When the moonlight shines down
On the Hollywood world
And the heroine waits
For her love to return
And the violins play
From behind garden walls
Oh how I love to remain
With the silver refrain
Of an old fashioned waltz

And they dance 'round the floor
And there's no one else there
In the world is no worry
And is never a care
By the perfect moon
As the nightingale calls
With only the moon
And the nostalgic tune
Of an old fashioned waltz

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Harris, Emmylou Like An Old Fashioned Waltz Comments
  1. Paul Stewart

    a splendid rendition

  2. pdxsoapopera

    This is great, but so is this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPTfP6yonL8

  3. Spritewave 111

    First time I heard this song I knew I was hearing something amazing and beautiful...so glad to hear it again .

  4. ♥Eden 宇山♥

    What a song! Touches my heart ,......so beautiful voice.
    Thanks Ron . Enjoyed listening while tending my flowers!!!!!
    You are so awesome my friend. Love it. ♥︎♥︎♥︎


    The sweetest voice in Nashville.

  5. Marianne Menon

    I can only agree with Stephan...It's  a most beautiful song!! Thank you so much for the lovely share Ron...You're simply the best!!  


    You are very welcome Marianne.

  6. skipwaytube

    don't know how I missed this album!

  7. rimakuja

    Beautiful, beautiful song with lovely Emmylou :-) So very wonderful of you my friend to share with us this song from your vinyl collection!!! :-) Stephan


    Thank-you Stephan. Glad you liked it.