Harris, Emmylou - Icy Blue Heart Lyrics

She came on to him like a slow moving cold front
His beer was warmer that the look in her eye
She sat on the stool, and she said "What do you want
She said Give me a love that don't freeze up inside
He said, I have melted some hearts in my time dear
But to sit next to you Lord I shiver and shake
And if I knew love, well I don't think I'd be here
Askin' myself if I had what it takes
To melt your icy blue heart

Should I start to turn what's been frozen for years
Into a river of tears
These days we all play cool calm and collected
Our lips could turn blue just shooting the breeze
But under the frost, wee thought he detected
A warm blush of red, and the touch of her knee
He said you're a beauty like I've never witnessed
And I've seen the northern lights dance in the air
I've felt the cold that can follow the first kiss
And there's not enough heat in the fires burning there
To melt your icy blue heart

Should I start to turn what's been frozen for years
Into a river of tears
To melt your icy blue heart

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Harris, Emmylou Icy Blue Heart Comments
  1. Lee Dillon

    You have such a beautiful voice cut the music in half so people can hear YOU Emmylou Harris

  2. Ray Russ

    I was texting with a friend about certain special songs by artists we love and hold dear and realized that this is a perfect story telling compliment to Bruce Springsteen's 'Tougher Than the Rest.' Convince me otherwise. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRC2AcJDg9Y

  3. city zen


  4. Daniel Lucena

    Best version!!No doubt about it!!!Her magnificent and lovely voice!!!

  5. Richard Kimball

    great song by John Hiatt

  6. col nicholson

    IT doesnt have to get better than this......TWO GREAT TALENTS

  7. Ken Yount

    This is a great version of an incredible song, but my favorite is still John Hiatt's on American Music Shop, where he does the entire first verse with only his electric guitar accompanying.

  8. RorysStrat

    I love her tribute to John Hiatt here and her many tributes to others like Springsteen and the like.  Emmy is the best!

  9. RorysStrat

    One of the best Emmy records ever!


    You mean BLUEBIRD?

  10. Patricia Galatro

    Can't get enough! Love this!

  11. Paula Bradley

    One of the best that you don't hear enough!

  12. Chris. Vervloet

    The best version stays of course the one by John Hiatt himself...

    The Emmylou Harris Facebook Group

    No I dont agree, thers much more passion  and a Whole lot better vocals on Emmylou and Bonnie`s version

    Steve Reid

    No it isn't but credit due he wrote it. In essence this is the greatest single vocal of Emmylou's career.

    Raven Littlewing

    I Agree!! Even Though Bonny, Emmy and Ronstadt do Stellar versions.. John Hiatt's Voice reveals and translates his Story telling with gritty authenticity that is Alchemic..he Is the master!!! certainly enjoyed this tremendously though,

  13. Will Hart

    Bonnie Raitt and Emmylou Harris together is a rush.

  14. Christiane DESBORDES

    Cet album est excellent !!! Merci Emmylou. 

  15. Rachel Watkins

    I wish the two of those ladies would sing together more often. <3

  16. Marian Western


  17. Bob Wall

    I like this version, but I like Linda Ronstadt's version better. But both are great and of course it is a great song

    Constance Cruz

    can't help but think that a wonderful voice can diminish a wonderful song.