Harris, Emmylou - Hello Stranger Lyrics

Hello stranger
Put your loving hand in mine
You are a stranger
And you're a friend of mine
Get up, rounder
Let a working girl lay down
You are a rounder
And you're all out and down

Every time
I ride the four and six street cars
I can see my baby
Peeping through the bars

He bowed his head
And he waved both hands at me
He's prison bound
And longing to be free

I'll see you
When your troubles are like mine
Yes. I'll see you
When you haven't got a dime

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Harris, Emmylou Hello Stranger Comments
  1. Josue2018

    Nicolette Larson. Loved it when she sang country.


    You’re running wild with Linda Ronstadt is another good one. Great harmonies.

  2. Betty Kubat

    I love her

  3. jef lynn

    Hello Emmylou Your no Stranger Just a friend of mine

  4. Ruth Boykin

    Awesome by both!

  5. Forrest Stanley

    Emmylou is the Queen!! Love it!
    Thanks for posting!!

  6. 1130196891 Segovia

    Yes yes emmylou harris excelent favorites Great country roots. 💃🎵💃🎸💃🎻🎵🎸💃🎻🎵🎸💃🎧😆👌🔥💣💥💥👍😆👍😆🎻(Diego Rockabilly & Country Rock) Argentina Ciudadela .

  7. attila podlussany

    Wonderfull! Well coposed creation. The harmony is perfect between Emmylou, Nicolette and the musicians. This should be tought to composers and bands; this is how a song should be composed and performed. Congratulations!

  8. bev Edwards

    Love this , reminds me of my dad 😢

  9. TJ Wash

    When I’d play this in the car I’d sing Emmylou’s part then replay it and sing Nicolette’s part. Fun sing along by my lonesome.


    Years ago I would play this tune on the stereo and my little beagle dog would howl along with the tune.

  10. Mary Plaidy

    Needs a man's voice.


    I don't think so.

    Mary Plaidy

    @pecvillian Of course it does. It was originally written as a duet for a man and a women. Have you not listened to the words? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8pwuk-Yc3E


    Actually, it was originally female voices, Sara and Maybelle Carter, who sang this, with some "bassin' in" by AP Carter. Another female version is by Hazel and Alice.

  11. Icarus Airways

    There was a time when Emmylou could sing, it has passed.


    I think she still sings pretty good.

    Frank Lilley

    Icarus Airways thems fightin words!

  12. bev Edwards

    Love this x

  13. Ronaldchi D

    i think i love her


    Me too.

  14. hedge421

    The old musical genius Alvin Pleasant Carter

  15. Joelle Cayron

    j'adore cette chanson

  16. Secret Squirrel

    I had this album on cassette tape. I plumb wore it out in about 6 months. Lucky I made copies.

  17. Richard Leonard

    RIP Nicolette

    Deborah G Flynn

    So sad such a great pair

  18. David R Bayez

    GeeHaw,Mule...Don't Git No Better'n,Emmylou...

  19. Gasparuccio X

    out of the states this kind of music it's not easily drinkable

    Dan Nájera

    What do you mean?

    Gasparuccio X

    well, country music , even the good one , wich is the music of emmylou ...it's not so popular, i guess is kind of strictly for the americans

    Pascal lemoine

    You Re right I m French and lived in the US as a teenager and and it seems to me that very few people in my country listen and like this kind of music. But I love it.

    Linda Baer

    Quand j'etais jeune, je chantais cette chanson mille fois pour les "gigs" avec un groupe de "Bluegrass." En 1979, il y avait beaucoup de personnes qui aiment cette musique, mais pas encore. Alors, il faut que je la chante encore une fois, avant d'etre trop vieille! Je suis americaine, et je cherche les moments a "parler" francais. J'en ai oublie trop...

  20. Frank Lilley

    There she goes again!!

  21. David R Bayez

    always,singin Purty....

  22. Kathy Snow

    This whole "Profiles" tape I had in college got worn out !

  23. boubaker ouldyassia

    the Best of country rock

  24. atheling1066

    I've always loved Emmylou, this is good, but I love Helen Carter's version best. By nature & nurture a true country star

  25. Vanessa Jo Gurley

    some people don't realize what's in front of them......!

  26. Heartboy1031

    OK, is that Nicolette or Fay Starling singing the duet with Emmylou?

    Ronaldchi D

    who cares, its beautiful

  27. Heartboy1031

    Emmylou and Nicolette sound so much a like on this track. Two Legends!

  28. BubblesPothowari

    Since 1978.... Quarter Moon in Ten Cent Town, + The Hot Band.....

  29. Parents Advocating in Maryland

    One of my favorite songs. The intertwining voices of Harris and Larsen sends chills up spine when I hear this song. I've listened to it 3 times this evening.


    It is a good one. One of my favorites also.

  30. Bill Petersen

    Nicolette Larson with Emmylou Harris


    Yes it is.

  31. Åsmund Olsen

    just amazing

    Ben Craft

    Åsmund Olse

  32. TheRoadtrek190

    Been listening her for years. She's just like an angel. Living in north-eastern Canada, I just wish to be able to assist one of her performance before I die.


    +TheRoadtrek190 The sweetest voice in Nashville.


    Is there a place were I can see her performance to comeTank's


    +TheRoadtrek190 http://www.emmylouharris.com/tour.html


    Tank you very much.

  33. Bubba Fmrusmcr

    Lovely & moving performance by Emmylou Harris & this great band behind her of this fine, old song by A. P. Carter!!

  34. Dan Nájera

    BEAUTIFUL song. I like how you bookended the covers of "Luxury Liner" in this video. The album that turned me on to Emmylou. Pancho & Lefty, She, Tulsa Queen. All great tunes!


    It is. Glad you liked the video.

  35. rimakuja

    Emmylou is just awesome ... I so much love this song among many by her ... from a fantastic album :-) TY Ron for a great video :-) Stephan


    You are very welcome Stephan.

  36. Pedro Oh Pedro

    My favourite Emmylou album, still have it on vinyl, and still play it a lot. This is my fave from the LP, along with Tulsa Queen :) Oh and Poncho and Lefty. Actually, every song :)


    This is also my favorite Emmylou album.

    William H. Baird

    I agree Pedro Oh Pedro.

  37. s cook

    As good as it gets.  You can't keep your foot still.

  38. Todd Davidson

    Her best!


    I agree.

  39. William H. Baird

    Love the bare bones purity and soul of the these talented vocalists harmonizing on this track!

  40. Jojo heartspaypay



    I agree.