Harris, Emmylou - Heart To Heart Lyrics

Heart to heart we'll hold together
Hand in hand we'll find a way
Oh, the storms of life may blind us
But with the loving vows that bind us

Heart to heart hand in hand we'll stay
Side by side forever and always
Day by day till our lives are done
This sweet love is ours to treasure
Far beyond all time and measure
Side by side day by day as one
The years cannot take what's between you and me
We'll stand her together for the whole world to see

Heart to heart there'll be no other
Hand in hand for our love is true
Oh, the words that we have spoken
Will be a promise never broken
Heart to heart hand in hand with you

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Harris, Emmylou Heart To Heart Comments
  1. chuck7

    its a pity emmylou did not record more songs she is one beautiful singer

  2. Neil Ladd

    52 years Aug. 12 th.

  3. Will Vermeer

    No one else can sing this like Emmylou Harris.

  4. Bill Roberts

    She is magnificent

  5. hotajax

    A work of art from a great lady. Her best album

  6. Denise Gray

    Had this played at my wedding, June 6, 1987.The day I married my soulmate.

  7. Campbell Brand

    Magnificent singer

  8. ozarkelmo

    The song my bride and I danced to for our first dance as a married couple at our wedding reception - June 20, 1987. A hidden gem, a classic love song.

  9. Kerry Evans

    Emmylou Harris in Dublin Ireland march10th2018
    We were honoured..
    We will never forget..
    She even did Boulder to Birmingham as her encore imagine....
    She is some woman for one woman still can create da magic still

  10. Freddy Coppieters

    Ongelooflijk mooie versie van deze song, ja Emmylou is inderdaad een fenomeen in de country muziek

  11. Rob Rhoades

    Our wedding song, almost 30 years ago. Beautiful.


    God bless you


    Same for us - June 20, 1987

  12. SC Kwan

    Emmylou no doubt is the Queen of country music. Her voice is simply angelic. Her complexion when young was majestically noble.

  13. fpngan

    I agree. Some of the most beautiful and heartbreaking music ever recorded. Dolly and Linda are wonderful here

  14. olddellxp

    Thanks for the memories JasonKT !

  15. Rick McKown

    And this is a beautiful love song.

  16. Jojo heartspaypay

    Her greatest album ...ever.

    Denise Gray

    Jojo heartspaypay Agreed. My favorite. And to think she said she struggled with writer’s block when she wrote it!