Harris, Emmylou - Goin' Back To Harlan Lyrics

There where no cuckoos, no sycamores
We played about the forest floor
Underneath the silver maples, the balsams and the sky
We popped the heads off dandelions
Assuming roles from nursery rhymes
Rested on the riverbank
And grew up by and by, and grew up by and by

Frail my heart apart
And play me a little shady grove
Ring the bells of rhymney
Till they ring inside my head forever
Bounce the bow, rock the gallows
For the hangman's reel
And wake the devil from his dream
I'm going back to Harlan
I'm going back to Harlan
I'm going back to Harlan

And if you were Willie Moore
And I was Barbara Allen
Or Fair Ellen all sad at the cabin door
A-weepin' and a-pinin', for love
A-weepin' and a-pinin', for love

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Harris, Emmylou Goin' Back To Harlan Comments
  1. dlphc oracl

    The defining album of Emmylou Harris' storied career. A masterpiece.

  2. Greg Scherzinger

    absolutely one of my favorite songs by her

  3. Kursebi

    The Original Kate & Anna McGarrigle version is great too. Also they sang this song together with Emmylou for Transatlantic Sessions, season 1.

  4. Ellis Castle


  5. Reine des Violettes

    I see one person doesn't like this song. What is there not to like?

  6. SpaceCowboyToo

    Great album, definitely, and this is just about my favorite song from it -- although choosing a favorite is difficult, because all the songs are outstanding! :)

  7. Vallin Vallentine

    This whole album is truly one of the greats. Thanks.

  8. robert christensen

    This is really good..the whole album..