Harper, Ben - Younger Than Today Lyrics

You and I were looking at old pictures yesterday
Sitting in disbelief at how time slips away
Both at a loss for words to say, who knew we'd never be younger than today?

Foolishness protected us from the world outside
They could never come between us but we knew they'd try
We remembered living as if there were a way to forever be younger than today

Never looked at anything you didn't care to see
I was the one who wouldn't let you leave
Even though it was a clear you couldn't stay
Had to try to be younger than today
Had to try to be younger than today

As we parted, you reminded me I'm alive
To remember when the stars danced just for you and I
May the shimmer of the summer always light your way and make you feel younger than today

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Harper, Ben Younger Than Today Comments
  1. david lepinay

    Vraiment la grande classe.

  2. Sergius Rex

    Un maestro Ben!

  3. Peephole Circus

    very nice track on an underated album

  4. Daniel Simão


  5. vipelere

    not by far I agree pink floyd are one of the greatest bands ever but ben can play all he want !
    this guy won a grammy award for a gospel album that he did after a reggae album and he recorded a very strong rock album after that .... he can also play all kinds of music

  6. 't Polder Cannabis Olie team

    All these albums I know well, I like Animals the best. You know ... in Holland we say that one can not argue over taste.

  7. Nicolás Cancio

    It's a friendly coment.
    It's impossible to compare Pink Floyd and Ben Harper because their music is very different.
    This is a great song, one of my recent favourites, but be honest, whish you were here, dark side of the moon, the wall...

  8. 't Polder Cannabis Olie team

    Well, if we are both sincere, we enjoy a lot of music. I sure like to hear to some Pink Floyd. Check out my UtubeRadio on my channel's favourites. Going to search some Pink Floyd. Relax man, irie situation ... and it is so.

  9. Nicolás Cancio

    Uffff, have you ever listened to pink floyd?

    I love Ben Harper but, Pink Floyd is one of the greatest bands ever by far.

  10. 't Polder Cannabis Olie team

    The music that Pink Floyd tried to play for so long, but never reached this level, not even by far.

  11. Wladimir Duarte